10 Signs to Know if a Girl is Secretly in Love with You

March 8, 2017

Find the best signs to know if a girl is secretly in love with you and fears to tell you. This will help you recognize the true deep love of a woman.

Signs to Know if a Girl is Secretly in Love with You

Women and men express themselves differently. Either in the number of words, in the expressions they use, or in the way they say something. There are times when something obvious to a woman goes unnoticed to a man. A girl may be providing you with hints, but you fail to recognize these signs. Do you want to know if she has feelings for you? Then look at these biggest signs to know if a girl is secretly in love with you.

  1. She seems drugged

    No, it's not a joke. There are women who are seen as if they were drugged, with a drug that makes them smile too much. The most obvious is when the object of your affections enters your sensory field (sees you, hears you, smells your perfume, etc.). This is due to the large number of hormones released by the concept of that "special person" in the early stages of falling in love. A woman in love may laugh loud even on the silliest jokes of the guy she likes.
    The girl may be more expressive around the guy she loves plus she is either shy or radiates her confidence and is more communicative. She is never tired when it is something related to the guy. Inevitably, she is doped with serotonin, the hormone of happiness.

  2. Copy some of your expressions

    When you are interested in attracting or being more liked by someone, you begin to imitate them unconsciously. It is in some expressions, in use of words or in the form of action. It is much more obvious sign to notice when a women is in love. Well, it is her subconscious which is making her to do this in order to attract the desired person.

  3. The way she looks at the guy

    The look does not deceive! A woman who looks at her man with wide-eyed eyes, who smiles her eyes as soon as he speaks, no doubt, she is a woman in love. The intensity of the gaze betrays emotions and feelings. If you are not in relationship and she simply has crush on you then remember that she may be staring at you when you are around her. Looking at you makes her feel good. If you catch a woman staring at a guy then it is one of the sure signs to know if a girl is secretly in love with you.

  4. Remembers your details

    Not that she has a good memory to remember that your mother likes the honey cake, or that in that high school year you won a provincial medal in long jump and some of the most important details about your life. She remembers that because she is interested in remembering it. You find it interesting and you want to know more, so those pieces of information for her are worth gold. If this is the case then this woman definitely is in love with you.

  5. Understand you and knows what moves you

    Each person has a different motivation for their actions. If any girl is taking interest in spending time and knowing more about you then this is a sign that she is interested in you. If a woman is curious to know more about you, and tries to understand you, that interest may be because she is in love (or because she is simply curious, but let us be optimistic). Maybe she is in love with you or not, but one thing is clear that she likes you and seems to be very much interested to know you.

  6. She gifts you what you like

    When you give a gift to someone, you are telling them what you want them to be. If you like to paint and she gives you a set of professional paintings, or a book with the biography of a painter you admire, she is telling you that she hopes you will do well in that which makes you happy. Although she does not likes gaming much gifts you some game. She is attracted to the idea of seeing you happy, she gives you what she knows you will like.

  7. She is jealousy when you talk to hot girls

    Love has its reverses. A loving woman is also very possessive and jealous. If she is jealous when you talk to other girls then this is one of the easiest signs to know if a girl is secretly in love with you. She may monitor you, track your facebook profile, keep an eye on you in college, monitor your text messages and your call records. If she is already your girlfriend or wife then she may definitely you know that she feels bad when you talk to certain women. She may not express it to you directly, but it can be felt from her actions, facial expressions and body language.

  8. Change in her behavior and appearance

    A woman in love is a full-blown woman, and this can be seen in her attitude when she is around the guy. She's a sparkling woman. She tries to make the guy feels good. She reconnects with the carelessness of the child and feels incredibly mild. She has the feeling that everything succeeds and sees life in pink. She smiles all the time, laughs at everything. In short, love gives wings and the joy of living. She may be confident, but when she is talking you there is a change of behavior. She seems to become shy and over expressive.

    A loving woman is a woman who seeks to please and takes care of her! Therefore, if you see changes in clothes, shoes, makeup, hair, you can be sure that there is a man in her life and that she is trying to attract him.

  9. Question about you

    Sometimes a woman asks about another person because her job is interesting because she was attracted to something she said, or because they may have some interest in common. And sometimes, that can lead you to discover something that you like, a lot. If you ask for more than one topic of your existence (ideology, career, work, marital status, etc.), you may be interested as more than "interesting person".

  10. Interested in your interests

    Related to the previous point, to understand you better and to know more about you, she will see what it is that attracts you so much. She will try to participate in activities which you like. Well, this is a major symptom to recognize if a girl is secretly in love with you. She does everything to make her darling happy, not hesitating to write sweet words on the fridge, offer small gifts or cook his favorite dish.

  11. Conclusion:

    The woman in love thinks of the future with the guy like the one we see in movies or fairy tales. She has a lot of imagination, daydreaming at her desk, seeing herself in 10 years, with children, a beautiful wedding dress, a dog, a house. Well, this maybe hard to recognize what she is dreaming about, but if you are a woman reading this and you this symptom then ma'am you are definitely in love. Ask her friends and they may let you know if she secretly loves you.

    If the girl is sure of her feelings plus a confident woman then she may say it to the guy directly. While the definition of love varies by culture, if you say it in such a way that it is understood to be more than just words, it is very likely that she is truly in love. Pay special attention to her eyes and tone of voice and you will understand the feelings she has for you.

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