10 Steps To Make a Guy Want You Badly

January 4, 2021

Find the best way to make a guy want you badly in his life. These tips will help you conquer a man's heart and make him fall in love with you forever.

make a guy want you

There are few things that help to unlock male psychology and make him want you in life . If you think you go diva to be more successful among men then you're wrong. They like the beautiful and sexy girls, of course, but do not want dolls or goddesses to be admired. Like you, they seek a mate. But besides being natural, there are other aspects to consider to go slowly earning you the heart of the guy of your dreams. Here are 10 keys to make a guy want you and get obsessed for you.

  1. Look Accessible

    You can hardly conquer a man if he does not decide to take the step of approaching you. To do this, it is best to seem approachable and confident. If they see you as arrogant or stuck-up they won’t approach and if you show too timid, many will abandon the idea for the alleged difficulty to impress you. So show yourself safe, but making it clear that you do not consider yourself superior to anyone. This is the first step to make a guy want you and fall in love with you.

  2. Show your female side at all times

    A guy never likes when a woman talks and behaves like a guy, but if you do, they will see you as friend nothing more than that. They would like you as a friend only, but not want you as a partner. If you like football or cricket it is fine, but do not act like a guy because they want real women. Femininity is what really drives them crazy. The more feminine you are, the more men will try to win your heart.

  3. Choose a costume that suits you

    It is best not to go to extremes. No baggy clothes that hide your body, but do not go always super tight marking curves, because it is more likely that you put the label of teasers. Sexy but not provocative clothing is most appropriate to make a guy want you or initially to make him notice you. You of all people know what your best weapons and what clothes let you show without being too outrageous. If you have large breasts, forget about necklines, even going to the neck covered will get them noticed. If your strong points are the ass and hips, a good jeans will suffice to make them notice, no need to wear a miniskirt. At last it is what makes you comfortable and look beautiful at the same time.

  4. Let him know how amazing he is

    If you want a guy to feel comfortable with you, talk as much as you can out of everything that's good. It does not matter if it is a physical attribute as if it is their intelligence or trait of his character. The men love to be admired and that a woman makes continuous mention of his virtues is a great strategy for wanting to be with you. This is not to lie, but to focus on highlighting their good things and minimize their flaws. Having someone on his side which makes him feel good will want him to look for your company at all times.

  5. Do not worry too much about your appearance

    That doesn't mean that you don't have to dress up, but do not make an obsession with physical appearance. If he finds that the thing you care about too much is how you look then it doesn't make any grace. A man likes when his girl gets pretty, but does not seek to be with a model full time. If you're worried about your physical appearance to the point of having to be made up and arranged 24 hours, he'll think you have a serious problem of self-esteem. Also, make your makeup look natural as in a recent study it was shown that men prefer women with more natural skin then tons of makeup over face. So dress well and look good, but don’t make it look that you are obsessed with it.

  6. Be understanding and loving

    When a man feels sad and depressed they also you need a shoulder to cry on. If you are able to win his trust and if he chooses your shoulder to cry then it is definitely a sign that there is connection between the two. If when he tells you his problems you respond with a yawn then he will forget to take you seriously as a possible partner. They want a woman who will listen and support them, which is shown loving and sympathetic to their concerns. This will make a man want you as he believes that you can be great partner to whom he can share all his problems.

  7. Pay attention to small details

    Always identify the details as samples of man's attention to the woman. But, who said that the other way around they don't like it? Maybe they don't appreciate a flower or a pendant as can you do it, but if you make him a pizza, popcorn or ice cold beers when he goes to see a game of his favorite team on TV, you'll be his goddess. There are other details, but the background is the same. Show you are caring and like to take participate in his interests and this will make him reciprocate and take part in what you like.

  8. Do not hide your sensitive side

    Even if you are an independent woman sure of yourself, you should let your sensitive side comes to light when you're with him. A man likes his girl express feelings, whether of joy or sadness. What they hate is a woman with a piece of ice heart. Do not cut into mourn when you see a movie together, or to seek protection if you feel scared. They love to feel like the prince who rescues the princess. So, if you want to conquer and make a guy want you then it is sometimes good to ask his help to solve your problems.

  9. Do not be afraid to take the initiative

    If you think a woman should always wait patiently for the man to ask out, it is that you have not yet learned that live in the twenty-first century. Today, women can and should take the lead on certain occasions. This serves whether you are single or not. If you want to make a guy want you and he is not taking the first step, nothing should prevent you to take the first step. Why wait until you can get in the mood? If you feel like it, heat it up! This will make you irresistible to the man. If the guy is the one very popular then it is better to give subtle hints instead of directly approaching.

  10. Talk with moderation

    One of the worst things is when women who do not keep silent and don’t listen. It may be that you love to talk, and you will always have something to tell your friends, but when you're with him, don't forget to listen and don't just pretend to have all the attention. A man can admit a situation of equality with the woman, but rarely will feel comfortable in a secondary role. So even if you have lots of things to tell, speak 60% of the time and let him talk the 40%.

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