10 Tips to Attract a Woman Older Than You

March 14, 2017

Find the best way to attract a woman older than you and make her fall in love. These tips will help you charm women in their 30's or 40's with your words.

Attract a Woman Older Than You

While it’s common for people to be attracted to and fall in love with someone of their age group, it’s also not unheard of for couples with a wide age difference to become a couple. It’s all good as long as both partners are comfortable and the younger one is mature enough to handle the situation. Unfortunately, sometimes when a younger guy is attracted to a woman older than him, he starts acting weird around her. If this is something you are facing, then there is a lot you need to learn right now.

You see, the problem is not being attracted to a woman older than you; the problem is many guys don’t know how to attract a woman older than them. So they start feeling sort of inadequate in themselves to the point that they start acting weird around her. But the truth is it’s quite possible to make a woman older than you fall in love as long as you are willing to do whatever is necessary.

Personality Tips to Attract Women

It may be true that you have a better physique than your old counterparts, but this alone may not be enough to attract an older woman. A woman who is older than you probably has seen many guys like and quite possibly dated some of them as well. So, now when she is more mature, she won’t make the same mistake again. Hence, a better physique alone won’t make her interested in you.

Don’t get me wrong, having a nice physique will make it easier to get her attention but not enough to make you interesting. This is where your personality comes in. A proper physique to get her attention coupled with an awesome personality makes you the complete package. Let’s see some of the personality traits you need to attract a woman older than you in her 30's or 40's.

Show Confidence

Confidence is one of those things which you have to fake till you make it. If you have problems with this, then one of the best things you could do is show up because showing up is half the battle. And if you show up properly dressed with a clean shave and combed hair, then you look more appealing, and that’s a great boost for your confidence. Then you take it from there. Lastly, confidence is just showing that you are comfortable in your own skin. So, stop fidgeting and take the next step because that would naturally exhume confidence even if you are not.

Common Interests

One of the problems faced when trying to talk to an older woman is there are no common things to talk about. As a result, the things you talk about are for her may not interest her, and the things she would like to talk about might be a bit out of your league. The lack of common interest makes your conversations dull and kills the attraction between the two of you.

When faced with such difficulty, the solution is just as simple; you need to have some common interest. To achieve that, first you need to know what her likes and dislikes are, and that can be a nice conversation. Next are talking about books, music, movies, and many more topics, which are general in terms but are great conversation starters till you get to know her better. Finally, and the bit tricky but an important one is going for activities she is in. I know this might come off as stalking but not if you show genuine interest in the activity, even if it is something out of your comfort zone. This way, you get her attention as well as get to know her better.

Get Some Experience

We all have heard quotes like, “With age comes wisdom.” This is to say that you learn from your mistake, and the next time you are well equipped to handle similar situations. Now you don’t have time on your side, but you certainly can have some experience. The best way to get some experience is to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Travel doesn’t matter where to go somewhere you have never been before, and that does not mean to the lady's room. Enroll in different activities to meet people from different walks of life—volunteer at places where you can do some good. And even date some girls you normally won’t just to learn some things about women.

Be Mature

Maturity comes with experience, and it shows even when you are talking to a waiter or her. It may be a bit tough, but you have to do your best to impress the woman you like. Part of maturity is to control your feelings. You don’t let the woman see your emotions like anger or sadness. This is what’s called throwing a tantrum, and that in no way is acting like a mature person. Secondly, a mature person doesn’t complain about stuff, he fixes it, and if he can’t, he learns to let go. Lastly, you have to be polite to everyone around you as this is a genuine sign of being a mature person.

Get Her Attention

If you have done all the things above, you definitely have her attention, but if not, all there is left is to gather up the courage and ask her out. This way, you show your confidence, you have plenty to talk about, and either way, you get to show your maturity. But this shouldn’t be something that comes out of the blue. Instead, she should be aware of your intentions beforehand, perhaps when you two talked about a common interest. This way, you could start with common topics mixed with light flirting and then ask her out.

Dating tips to attract older women

Just getting a date with her is not our goal; the goal is to get her attention and to make her attracted to you. So, here are some dating tips that can help you get there.

Keep things light

This is one common mistake young guys make when dating women older than them; they try to act more mature than the woman. To impress older women, young guys try talking more deep stuff during the dating period. I mean, don’t you know, this time is to have fun and not for serious conversations. This is dating time; you take her out, have a nice laugh, and later go for deep conversations. It’s one of the reasons why she is interested in dating you in the first place as she doesn’t have to worry about all your baggage as well.

Age Advantage

Enough with the disadvantages of being younger than her, now let’s use it to our advantage. You are young, and the world is still waiting for you. It stops with the “I haven’t” and starts with the “I will.” Dating a younger guy filled with more enthusiasm and energy is much more fun than dating his old counterpart. A young guy is better in many places, like on the dance floor and “some other places.”

Be An Independent Guy

When you are trying to attract a woman older than you, you have to keep in mind that she may have a lot going on apart from you. This is to say that you need to give her some space because if you don’t, you appear to be clingy and too needy, which does not go well for attraction. And secondly, you have your own life to take care of your friends and stuff. So you have to do this to keep her interested, and it’s the best thing you can do at this stage.

Treat An Older Woman Very Nicely

A woman older than you may expect some immaturity from you, but you don’t have to give her that opportunity. Treating her nicely is one of the ways of showing her how mature you are and how much you appreciate her. This will help you attract a woman older than you and make her fall in love. I know this may come as a surprise to you, but an older woman will prefer to go on a date with a gentleman rather than an immature tantrum-throwing child.

Do all the things a gentleman would do, including showing up on time perhaps a bit early, dressed properly with combed hair and clipped nails, opening doors for her to go in first, and much more. Lastly, treat her nicely, including taking her to dates in proper restaurants and not fatty joints like burger king and stuff. All these things will impress and attract a woman older than you.

Passionate Conversations

This is one of the beautiful things a couple can have, passionate conversations. Every woman likes a guy who knows his stuff and is passionate about them, and if the things interest her as well, you two may have a nice conversation about it. On the other hand, if you read something that you know is of interest to her, talking about it can work. Talking about travel adventures always pumps up the energy in the room. All you have to do is talk about something you both like with a nice witty banter involved in it.

Caution: Avoid topics that bring up your age difference. I am not saying to ignore your age gap, just suggesting not emphasizing it as much.

Follow all these tips to attract a woman older than you, but don’t ever forget who you really are. You don’t have to change what you really feel but how you express it. But being your true self is just as important as being mature in this relationship, and don’t you ever forget that.

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