10 Ways to Keep Text Conversation Going

February 26, 2017

Find the best way to keep text conversation going and talk with the guy or girl for a long time. These tips will prevent you from running out of topics and never let your conversation die.

Keep a Text Conversation Going

With the rise of technology, text conversation has evolved as the most used form of communication by people of all ages. Having a long text conversation helps to strengthen your relationship and can be a good thing. This way you can get to know each other a lot better than you normally could. But this all can be quite difficult if you don’t know how to keep a text conversation going. If this is the one difficulty you are facing as well then here some tips and tricks that can help you keep text conversation going with your crush.

Open Ended Questions

Open ended questions are the best way to get the conversation started and can also help to get the continuance if used as a topic changer. These questions can be anything that can get you the response of more than one word like k. or yes or no. For an example, you could ask something like “What do like most about your job?” instead of “Do you like your job?” This way you can get a conversation started and can also provide you with various sub topics which can help us keep the conversation going.

Common Interests

Everyone likes to talk about what they are passionate about. So, if you both share similar passions than this gives you a wide range of topics to text about. Like say if you both like football or you both share the same class than you can talk about something like an upcoming match or an exam or something. This way you will keep the other person interested hence prolonging the conversation.

Say what’s on your mind

Sometimes the easiest way to get the conversation going is to say whatever comes to your mind. It doesn’t matter if you’re over excited about something or frustrated or simply stressed out. Just sharing what’s going on with your life like when you are facing a complicated situation or something similar that you need a hand with. This also helps to get close to another person as you are chatting about something personal.

Conversation Threading

Conversation threading is the techniques where you take one sentence and split it into multiple parts and use each part as a new topic for prolonging a conversation. For example, if a reply to your open ended question about vacation was “Goa was amazing went to so many beaches, ate Indian food and went parasailing.” Now from this you can start new conversations about Chinese food, beaches, parasailing, Miami, Dubai etc. This way, just from one sentence you get so many things you two can talk about.

Turn the Tables

It’s one of the most used and successful trick in the book when having face to face conversation and can be used for texting as well. Since most people love talking about themselves, why not turn the tables on them and let them talk about their hobbies, their interest and stuff. This way you can get to know the other person a bit better while prolonging the conversation further.

Few rules for text conversation

Always keep in mind that even though you are not communicating face to face, you still are communicating and so say what comes to your mind. Having a text conversation when done with blurting out whatever comes to mind adds some authenticity to eat and keeps both party interested. Keep emoticons and text jargons to a limit and try using actual sentences to express what you think. This way, you would be able to prolong the conversation more instead of say a simple “LOL” text.

Focus on Happy Thoughts

Do you ever want to talk about something depressing or just plain negative, think about it? Similarly every person likes to talk about something that is funny and can make them laugh. Try focusing on happy and positive things, this way you both will enjoy talking to each other a lot more. And keep in mind if you both are having fun texting each other then prolonging conversation would not be a problem.


Just like everything else in life here too there are some precautions that’s need to be taken beforehand. Certain things to avoid and some things to look out for when considering a prolong text conversation. Here are some of the things you need to keep an eye out for when thinking about having a nice long text conversation.

No Small Talks

If you have already decided to have long conversation then why are going for small talk. If a time comes when you both are out of things to talk about then instead of small talk, just cut it short. This way you insure that all your hard work will not go to waste. Continuing a conversation even when you have run out of topics just because you don’t want to stop will make texting feel like tedious work. When in fact texting is suppose to be fun, and if you cut it short, especially when you both want to talk then you live the other person wanting more. This way they will always be excited to have a text conversation with you.

No Controversial Topics

Try avoid all the controversial topics like say politics or religion. These are the topics best reserved for when you do know the other person a lot better. When texting these topics can turn negative very fast if you both have opposite views on topics such as these. So, just avoid controversial topics instead talk about something fun and light.

Read it Out Loud

Always remember to read your text out loud before sending it. This way you can hear yourself and know if that is something that you would actually say in a face to face conversation. Besides this is also very helpful when checking for grammatical mistakes and also lets you know if what you are sending actually makes sense and won’t be confused with something else.

Leave them Wanting More

This is the most important point in what to do and what to avoid. In order for there to be a next time you need to leave them wanting more. So, if you think that after certain number of text that there can only be down from thereafter than it’s best to leave on a high note. This way you don’t keep on texting just for the sake of it and in the end it becomes some tedious thing.

Keep in mind, when you leave on a high note, your partner wants to text for a while longer but can’t. And on the other hand if you continue after the high note then after a while you will run out of topics and it will get boring for your partner and for you as well. But now you also miss out on an opportunity for there to be a next time as no one likes to continue an already boring meeting. So you see it’s always best to leave them wanting more this way they will hurry back to chat with you.

Topics Selections

If you are a beginner or a bit nervous about what you are going to talk about with this person then topic selections are your best way out of this mess. Sometimes you know someone but have never chatted with them via text then it may get a bit confusing. It’s always safe and better to have some topics at hand to talk about so it won’t be awkward when texting. To overcome this obstacle here are two ways that may be of some assistance.

Follow up on previous conversations

This is useful if you have talked to person at least once like when you exchanged numbers. For me, this works a bit more as it tends to help me start a conversation with a stranger. But if the person is not a stranger than check out what you have been talking to each other and continue where you left off. This way it could be like you two never stopped. This way you are just making it as you go along and has an edge to it.

Prepare topics in advance

If you are nervous that you won’t have nothing to talk about or if you are still afraid about how to apply conversation threading then this is best for you. Preparing some topics in advance like say your hobbies and some other things about you can help to start the conversation. After this you have to go for open ended questions to prolong the conversation as long as you want.

Practice will make you perfect

Now, just because you know all the steps on how to keep text conversation going does not necessarily mean that you would be able to do it. Remember that practice is everything; so, try these tricks first on someone you know and see how it is working. Once you get the basic idea of this then try it whenever you are having a conversation doesn’t matter if it is by texting or face to face. This way if you practice these trick for a while you will get the hang of it and soon you won’t need to think about how to prolong your text conversations. Keep in mind that “Practice makes perfect” and get on with it.

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