Are You Dating or Just Friends with Benefits

July 28, 2020

Relationships are of different types because it involves different types of people. Now you just have to know that in which category you fall? Are you dating with your partner? Or are you just being with your partner for your own benefits? There is a huge difference between these two. There was a time when there was no concept of dating or friends with benefits, but now-a-days, these types of relationships are the most common. Most of these casual relationships begin by talking on social media like FWB app, which is available to anyone, anywhere now. Every relationship’s most important content is “sincerity”.



When two people are not in love, but just pretend that they are in love with each other and continue their relationship like this. There are 100% chances that they are together just for the sake of their own benefits and their own needs. If world have bad people, it also has good people. So there comes, these types of people, who start to talk, become friends, become really good friends, then suddenly a point comes when they start to feel that they are in love! So they start to date each other, but not for benefits. This is you, dating with your FWB partner. Now let’s see which things are common in both of these relationships but in different manner!


Yes! Sincerity, a relationship with benefits lacks sincerity. But they pretend that they are sincere. Such are the people who are flirting with different persons at the same time. Because they just want them for their benefits. On the other hand, when two persons are dating after sincerely falling in love, they think of each other before doing anything because yes! They care for each other.

Outings, shoppings:

Another common thing! When you are in love with your partner, you go out with him/her so that you can spend time with each other. Nothing else matters. You two are together, that’s all what matters. Now on the other hand, if you are just friends with benefits, you will go out with your partner on terms and conditions before saying yes. Like you will say “Of course, I’ll go with you but promise me that you will pay” yes, and that payment will also include fuel! You take full advantage of your rich partner.


Now you will think how praising relate to these relationships. If you observe it yourself, praising can relate both. When you are in love you praise your partner because you like to praise him/her and you think that he/she deserves to be praised. But when you are friends with benefit, you just praise so that your partner will think of him/herself above all and give you everything you want. Just like this, you will get your profit!

The relationships in which partners are just together for the sake of their benefits never last for a long time. They start suddenly and end suddenly. These relations are more common now than those of the love relationships. The most common reason of these is “poverty”. We should use meaningful ways to meet our needs, so that we can fall in love and spread love as well!


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