How to Attract Your Ex Girlfriend Back

February 12, 2021

Find the best way to attract your ex-girlfriend back to you again, even if she has moved on. These attraction tips will help you get her back quickly.

attract your ex girlfriend back

Yes. It sucks that your girlfriend left you. There I said it. Now what? You might consider bashing someone’s head in rather than face the fact. Some people even get drunk and stay drunk for days and eat crap, still moping around sitting in front of their television sets.

Don’t worry about all this; it’s pretty normal to feel a bit lost and do these kinds of things when you have to get dumped. But now, since you are here, I guess you still want her and are looking for a way out of this mess. If that’s true, then here are some steps you need to follow to attract your ex-girlfriend back.

What was the reason for your breakup?

First, let’s start with why you got dumped or why you dumped her. No, the reason is not she found someone else, or this or that. We are not going to play the blame game here. Instead, let’s start with some honesty and try to analyze what went wrong in your relationship—this way, we can do something productive like work on attracting her back to you. To give you an essential hint, here are some common reasons most couples break up.

Too Controlling:

Just like you need your space, she needs hers. Unfortunately, some men are way too controlling in this aspect of the relationship and put a specific restriction on their girls. However, it comes from a fear of losing her even if that is the case; what good it does if you lose her because of this. Remember that your girlfriend is not your property or a prisoner. She needs her space just as much as you, and just like you miss her when you are apart, she does too.

Clingy and/or Desperate

Would you like it if a girl keeps calling or texting you every half hour? It may be fun in the beginning, but it gets annoying way too fast. As I mentioned before giving her, her own space is way too important. You are not allowing her to miss you nor to think or feel about you. A person with some self-respect and confidence doesn’t need to check up on her girl every ten seconds, nor does he need that much attention. Instead, he lets them wonder if he is missing her or not, which makes her think of him and hence feel for him.

Insecurity and Jealousy

Jealousy and Insecurity are the worst green-eyed monsters in any relationship. A little bit of jealousy is okay, healthy even, as it lets her know that you care. Just don’t let these green-eyed monsters take over your relationship because they will ruin everything for you. If you are the jealous type, then keep in mind that she is dating you, which must mean “No one in her life matters more to her than you.” Secondly, don’t make her entire life about her; a secure man tends to have a fulfilling professional and personal life. Try focusing on them instead of the green-eyed monster.

Too Needy

A needy person tends to come off as annoying after a while. If you keep asking questions like “Do you love me?” “Do I look good with you?” then you have given her something to think about. This way, you are not coming off just as needy; you also make her doubt her choice of dating you. A person should have enough confidence that he doesn’t need to ask these questions. And an ideal boyfriend is supposed to make her feel good just standing with you. If you are comfortable with yourself, then she will be too.


I don’t think there’s any need to explain this point any further. You would know if you have been cheated on,

and you wouldn’t like to bestow than sting anyone else. Statistically, men cheat more than women but keep in mind that if she did cheat, it might be because of one of the above reasons. Cheating on your girlfriend says that you are asking for trouble where there is none.

Post Break-up Plan

Now that we have some idea of what went wrong in your relationship, let’s make a plan. This way, you can work on yourself in a way to attract your ex-girlfriend. Here is a well-laid out post-breakup or getting her back plan to give you some idea of what you have to look forward to. But keep an open mind about this, as getting your ex attracted to you again shouldn’t be your primary goal. , So instead, try making yourself better, your primary goal, and you will see the changes in you that neither you nor your ex thought was possible.

No Contact PeriodWork On Yourself

Before attracting your ex-girlfriend back, you need to try to make a better version of yourself. The best time to work on yourself is post-break-up during the contact period. This is one of those times where you have so much pent-up energy and frustration that if you focused it all on exercising, you would end up in the best shape of your life. And this keeps you busy and away from obsessing over your ex. There are a total of three aspects mentioned below where you can divert your attention to instead of your ex.


I don’t know what it is, but when men work out, they gain some confidence which can be seen in their walk. I am not saying that you will develop a nice “Dwayne Johnson” type body in just one month of exercise. All I am asking here is to take all that pent-up energy and frustration over the situation are what and why, and burn it all into exercising. This way, they can benefit you, and you don’t end up calling her. Also, keep in mind every girl is attracted to a guy with a good physique, so why wouldn’t she be.


To change someone’s personality entirely is a way too difficult task and going overboard for this situation. And I am not asking you to do that either. Instead, I suggest improving your bad habits, namely the very reason she dumped you. This way, when you do get her back, you might be able to keep her. Here, you can also pick some new hobbies or things you always wanted to do but didn’t. This way, you have something new in your life which will reflect on your personality.


I know this may sound a bit daft, but style does matter. It’s always better to have a bit of change in life, so why not start with your wardrobe. If you are the guy who likes sits in the same track pants for the whole week, then sorry, you need to get some style some panache in your life. A bit of formal wear with a proper tie and all or a good t-shirt and jeans with accessories like watches will do you some good. And it’s always helpful to have an appropriate haircut and combed hair when going out. So pick one of your best friends with excellent taste in fashion and assign him this task.

Have Some Fun

If you are going according to the post-break-up plan, then you may have gained some confidence in the past few weeks. Now it’s time to test the waters a bit. No, I am not suggesting going on a date with someone yet. Instead, try going out with your friends and have some fun. This way, when you are out, you will notice that if you have done everything right then, there will be some eyes focused on you. Yes, I am talking about other girls catching and even being attracted to you. This will give you the idea of how attractive you have become and, in turn, boast some confidence in you for what’s to come. And if you do end up going on a date with someone then, that’s fine too. It’s what we people call having some fun.

Make Contact

Once you are good and ready, you should make contact with her. But you should only do this after a month or so. Now, if you have been in touch with your ex due to reasons like children, work, and shared home, this comes naturally for you. You can start talking to them again, starting from small stuff to more and more every day. But if you have been off-grid, then I guess it’s time to use new technologies. Start with liking her picture on social networking and then leave her a message saying something nice. If not, then you can text her and let her know you are up for a talk. This way, your ex doesn’t necessarily have to reply to you back if she doesn’t want to, but she may.

The best way to ensure that your ex texts you or contacts you is to use familiar friends. Since you were a couple, you are bound to have some knowledgeable friends who will notice your changes and report back to her. Friends of her will tell her how you have changed, and this way, she will contact or reply to your texts. Once she texts you back, attracting your ex-girlfriend will become easier.

Just Friends

Initially, you need to be okay with being just friends. She is not going to see you and take you back. You are going to have to attract your ex-girlfriend again for that to happen. So, for now, be polite and patient and let her see that you are doing great. This way, you can get a clean slate for all the prior mistakes from your side and her as well.

Sooner or later, you will get the opportunity to get your ex back as she is still attracted to you. But before going through with it, look and see what you have accomplished so far. This has nothing to do with your ex; you did all the hard work.

Suppose if you fail, then remember you are just going to be okay. You have tried your best to attract your ex and if she is not interested, move on in life. And if you are successful in getting her back, then remember not to make the same mistakes again.

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