How to Avoid Awkward Silences in Conversation

December 17, 2016

Find the best way to avoid awkward silences in conversation with a guy or girl. These tricks and questions can help you carry a conversation and overcome silences with your crush on a date.

avoid awkward silences

Choosing the venue, a good topic of conversation and leaving shyness at home are some of the techniques to overcome and even avoid silences in a romantic date.

The first dates with a possible couple are moments that are remembered with affection for being very special. Often, during such appointments whether by nervousness, the tension of the moment or by not having much confidence with the other person, there are moments of silence. These moments are uncomfortable and that can completely spoil the evening. If you want to avoid awkward silences on a date or preventing them from occurring is easy if you take into account some factors.

Before the meeting your crush

The keys to overcome these types of moments are simple, it is enough to encourage situations that give rise to laughter and conversation. The important thing is to know how to choose the right place and time and how to open the other person. Although ideally the topics of conversation arise spontaneously, it is also possible to carry some general topics. These general topics can be the things we would like to know about the other person or simply about what he/she likes.

Avoid situations that produce silences

The place of the appointment is important for its romantic connotations. It also determines the behavior of both during the encounter. Visiting an amusement park, a flea market or an art exhibition will provide spontaneous conversation themes that will surely lead to confidences and moments of complicity. Quoting on a lonely beach or an intimate cafe is very romantic for a meeting, but inadvisable. If you do not have many topics to talk to the other person yet then avoid very romantic places.

During the conversations, it is important to know how to listen to the other, but also to let him/her know that we want them to know us. Responding with monosyllables can end very quickly with the conversation and turns out to be the trigger for most silences on a date. Asking everything we want to know about the other person, remembering that old school anecdote and offering information about our lives, tastes or concerns will make the conversation running the whole evening.

Have confidence and control your thoughts

We are our worst judges and we need to keep in mind that we have friends who value us. The other person has agreed to have a date for something interesting in us. So think positive and fill yourself with confidence. According to a research, almost all singles consider a first impression to be vital and this is usually given in the first 30 seconds of conversation, so be careful.

It's not a matter of being sold, but of being aware that those first moments are very important. If a person who faces a first date is loaded with those thoughts, it is transmitted and it will appear as it is.

Tip: Stand in front of the mirror and practice your presentation. You have 30 seconds to give your best.

Break the ice

Okay, you know what you want and you've booked a table, wow what to say? Do not worry, we have the answer. Smiling and showing interest in the other person is always part of an excellent cover. Afterwards, it is not uncommon to comment on the place where you have gone on a date. If you are the guest, comment how cool the place is. If you are the one who has chosen it, explain why you did it.

The trick is to be proactive to avoid uncomfortable silences. Once we have broken the ice verbally, give some warmth to break the ice also in a physical way. Look, there are people for them physical contact at first meeting is not pleasant. Hence, keep your touches simple. It's something that becomes a safe bet once you're feeling more confident.

What am I talking about?

Once we have broken the ice, it is necessary to pull repertoire so that the conversation flows and here too we must be alert. No matter if you are a professor of theology, professional footballer or the very president of any country, avoid talking about religion, football and politics, as they are issues that can lead to controversy. Do not even talk about your ex-partners, no matter how bad they are and how bad you are.

It is best to talk about neutral topics, which do not cause the first date to end bad rolls. For me, it is best to ask key questions to get to know the other person better. For example, rather than knowing what happened to your ex-boyfriends, I would be interested to tell you where you would travel, or spend a million dollars. It is fun and allows you to know the person and know what the guy or girl wants in the future.

Uses silences and non-verbal language

Although there is silence in a meeting, it is important to know how to control yourself and not end up talking about issues that are not recommended. Talking about ex-partners or complaining too much about one's own shortcomings is not good topics for conversation. Also, explaining to the other person the age at which we want to marry or the number of children we want to have are conversations are topics that deserve to be treated when the relationship progresses and trust between the two is greater.

Silences can be used as a strategy at any given moment when a certain level of intensity arrives. Far from being uncomfortable, it can be very useful to empathize and get closer to the other person. The gesture, the posture of the body, everything accompanies that this silence can have a lot of meaning. So, take it when you are given the opportunity and it is not because you have no subject of conversation.

Questions to avoid awkward silences

Say goodbye to uncomfortable moments, it's time to spend an unforgettable moment and make the first date work great. The first date is always disturbing, mainly because we do not know much about that person. The anxiety and the nerves can betray us and can cause awkward silences in conversation. If not handled properly, it can make this appointment remembered as one of the worst by both.

To avoid silences on a date and prevent yourself from nonsensical questions or moments that become annoying, we offer you a list of questions. These questions you can ask to get to know the person better and thus you will be able to learn more about each other.

  1. What do you enjoy most when you're not at work? : Knowing your tastes and hobbies can lead you to know similar tastes and be able to take the talk on a good course.
  2. What plans do you have for the weekend?: This question could be making concrete what would be a second date.
  3. What is your favorite drink or food ?: Talking about these topics will always be a good point to open up the conversation and in the future you will know with which dishes you can conquer your stomach and your heart.
  4. What is your favorite book?: Well, many people love reading books, so it's a good idea to ask about their literary tastes.
  5. And your favorite series?: Maybe they match your answers and can talk about your favorite chapter.
  6. What type of music do you like?: Music can make you discover part of the essence of your date and could be on the way to the concert of your favorite band.

You can use the above questions, pick a point and stretch it for avoiding silences and running your conversation.

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