10 Biggest Turn Offs For Girls

August 18, 2016

Find the list of biggest turn offs for girls which makes them lose interest in a guy. Learn all these turns offs properly to master the game of dating.

turn offs for girls

We easily fall in love; however it is difficult to find the right person which will hold our hand till the last breath. A person who is related to us, who share tastes, ideals, dreams, to support us, and especially that drives us to be better every day. Women need this from a guy. Even if the guy is very handsome and starts doing really strange things automatically the girl lose interest in him. If you're a guy who wants to conquer the girl of your dreams, then pay attention to these biggest turn offs for girls and stop doing things that make her lose interest in you.

1. Being egocentric

Women really hate egocentric guys. Those guys who feel that no one in the world is equal to them because they are the greatest will find it difficult to find true love. They are the ones who attract only girls who are interested in the money (if they have). Those guys open their mouth just to talk about how handsome, smart, rich, successful, talented and lucky they are. Do not do it, please! This is among the biggest turn offs for girls that make them lose interest in a guy.

2. Presuming his conquests

If something bothers women are the womanizing guys, and even worse when they presume to be. The qualities we want in a man are to be faithful, mature and who knows how to love one woman. He should not be an adventurer who walks from one side to another and finish with the first who crosses his path. A woman will never like such a guy who cheats, is dishonest and brags about his achievement about the number girls he has been with.

3. Want to know a lot at start

There are guys that since the first meeting want to know all about the girl. How is your life? How many boyfriends have you had? Why they have left? How was your last relationship? Who are your friends? It's like being put to a scanner to know everything about you. The problem is that he is questioning her a lot and has nothing good to say about himself. It is as if he wants to keep all his secrets to himself. Many questions are not just annoying, but when he is not sharing anything then it gives the feeling that he is hide something or he is fake. If you want a woman to open up her soul, you must also do the same.

4. Chauvinistic Comments

No, we are not feminazis, only we hate machismo. Yes, times have changed and gradually machismo is behind us, but there are still men who make comments that humiliate, denigrate or make women feel less. Do not do it, this really will take a couple of seconds for the girl to say you goodbye. If you pass any such comments saying the females to be weak then this can be an instant turn off for women.

5. Will have control

Never control the girl when you are going on a date with her. A relationship does not mean tying a person like a piece of cloth. A relationship is to be free and share your life with your loved one. A guy who wants to take control of our life is the not worth and we just say goodbye.

6. Having no topic for conversation

Women love to talk, and we can talk for up to two hours of cold soup restaurant we visited last week. But it is super boring to be with a guy who does not speak at all, or just have a single topic to discuss. If all the time talking about only work, football, cars or even his mother then this is one of the things which is instant turnoff for women.

7. Looking at her curves

A man looking at the curves of a woman is the biggest turns offs for girls. Don’t give the girl a impression of a creepy guy. They are very quick to notice how the guy looks at her. Apart from this, remember not to stare other girls in front of her.

8. Getting physical

We also love sex as much as you, the problem is that there are guys who do not understand this. From the first second you try to get too close and invade our private space. Many guys are too touchy and all this just makes girls uncomfortable. So if you're not a guy willing to worry about her space, she will move away from you.

9. Dishonest

We know that men tell a few lies to impress women, but really is not necessary. We love the guys who are sincere, so please do not lie. The only thing that men succeed with their lies is that making woman run. May be with your lies you may impress her, but when she comes to know about the truth then she will think of you as a dishonest person. After this, she will stop believing what you say and stop trusting you.

10. He lives a boring life

Do not misunderstand, we mean to have a life where he eats, works, sleeps and repeats this everyday. We love the brave boys and not the man who never dares is totally boring. Life should be fun, adventures with thrills. If the guy is living a boring life then how can a woman be happy with him.

More turn offs for girls

  1. It's OK to play video games occasionally, but every day and even when she wants to talk something important or want to spend time with you?
  2. It is true that women love wise and interesting guys, but they hate if you correct when she is wrong to pronounce something in front of her friends.
  3. Having dirty nails, bad breath or smelling bad is the biggest turn offs for women. A woman takes in to account the hygiene of the guy. In her first few minutes she will decide to stay or leave you.
  4. Your manners will have a great impact on a woman. If you don’t know how to behave with women and elderly people or you don’t have proper manners at eating table then this will disappoint you as she will lose her interest. Guys who abuse and have bad manners are also a major turn offs for girls.
  5. Never ever start the conversation of your ex and past relationships with a girl until asked. This is a interest destroyer thing which many guys do and thus spoil to leave an impression on the girl.

Before learning how to attract girls, it is really very important to know what turns them off. Go through all the points step by step and avoid doing the things and thus leave an unforgettable impression on the girl.

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