How to Build Trust in a Relationship

June 23, 2016

Learn the best way to build trust in a relationship and never let it break. These tips will help you even when you are in a long-distance relationship.

build trust in a relationship

Trust is vital in a marriage, and this can break very easily. However, infidelities are not necessarily the only way to end the trust in a marriage. Adding a person to your life brings several changes and adaptation processes, and sometimes it's easy to lie about unimportant things for fear that your partner will be angry.

Over time these small 'white' lies begin to add up, creating a stack of deadly traps for your relationship. Stress increases, and pressures become more palpable until everything explodes. Once trust has been broken, if not reparation, it is a matter of time that the relationship is over forever.

Being a couple is not easy, everyone knows. We fight daily for factors like economic, family, children, and others. But there is a common factor in marital crises, which is mainly infidelities and mistrust. So today, we offer you some tips to build trust in a relationship and avoid a possible problem-or breakup.

Understand that nobody's perfect

When we fall in love, we tend to idealize our partner. In this idealization, there is no possibility that they can do something to hurt us, something to lose our confidence. But, unfortunately, it is precisely for this reason that our partner lies broken so much, and doubt starts arising for the person who until then was perfect. To avoid this tremendous disappointment, remember that you are also wrong, do not expect more than another being, as human as you can give, and accept the fact that your partner comes with good and evil.

The sooner you accept that your partner is not perfect, the faster you'll be happy. For example, if your partner has trouble telling you where you spend the money and therefore lies to you, find another alternative. Ask him to write in a document expenses he has done, so you do not have to give explanations and confront him. Try to accept what you cannot change and place your goals to change what both can and should for the sake of the relationship.

Encourage communication

If you want to build trust in a relationship, then communication has to work. With regular talks, one can erase some of the biggest misunderstandings and thus never let distrust enter your marriage. Communication is one of the foundations of a well-built relationship; trust and respect are the other legs of the bank.

People that previous relationships have damaged are more suspicious than others, and they need to trust their new partner, or the relationship would eventually fail. So take some time and talk to each other. Let me tell you that this is a great stress buster; you and your partner can share all the good and bad things with each other and get relief.

Also, communication helps to keep misunderstandings away and helps to clear everything. Clarity builds trust in relationships. Doubts and fears are not only a threat to your self-esteem but also the relationship. Doubts and insecurities can kill the relationship and trust.

Trust yourself

Before you plan to build trust in a relationship, first of all, we must rely on ourselves, taking care of our self-esteem and valuing our points of view, leading to a climate of trust where we can project our relationship healthy and in a constructive manner without leaving room for distrust created by previous bitter relationship experiences.

Perhaps the root of your suspicion is that you do not have enough confidence in yourself. Sometimes we "mirror," and we reflect our needs on the other. Take a good look if your anxiety comes from the relationship or yourself. Having trust in yourself first will genuinely help you in building confidence in your relationship.

Be clear and honest

If we address the relationship from a sincere and assertive approach, defending your ideas clearly and making your partner reach so that no frustrations or misunderstandings can lead to friction points in your marriage. In English, there is a saying that says, "Follow your guts," it is nothing but "Follow your instinct." Close your eyes and feel what your heart tells you if there is an alarm sounding, large or small because a signal emitted by your partner is not favorable. If you think that he may be cheating on you, then it is better to take some action and check yourself. This is because if you feel that your partner is cheating on you, you will never be able to stay at rest. Clear your doubts, but don’t let your partner know about them.

Be also empathetic and sympathetic

Of course, it is also essential to be empathetic and understanding, not getting carried away by the expectation or our unique vision of dealing with things, considering ourselves in the place of others, and try to understand their views to build these joint agreements based on our confidence. We are dealing with love, and respect for both partners is essential for trusting each other. This will help you to cope positively and, above all, stand united. So, you know, opt for an 'I love you and a constructive way of looking at life rather than by a reproach.

Get involved in your relationship

Create joint projects and feeding routines with initiatives by both sides, not always carrying that burden on a single person in the relationship. This will possibly lead to an inequality that sooner or later will create a point of conflict.

If you do not love or do not know enough to express it, this can create a rift of distrust in the other partner. The couple is a universe that feeds love and small details, tiny rituals that seem unimportant, but they are the grains of sand that form a whole.

Before complaining about your partner about what bothers you, first thank him for something, they have done for you. But don’t stay silent on what disturbs you. Instead, be honest and compliment them about what you like and complain about what you don’t like.

The commitment of both as a couple is required to build trust, love and thus grow your bond. Therefore, do not be afraid to declare your feelings or pretend to hide.

Don’t get caught checking his/her phone

It is a temptation, almost an obscene provocation, when you hear the sound of the phone of your partner, especially the time when you doubt them for cheating on you. The first thing you ask yourself is, "Who is calling?". But never, never, break this implicit respect, that confidence, and go to check, not even touching the phone the other. One of the essential points of the confidence you need to develop or strengthen is to be sure who you are and what you stand for the other.

Why would they hide something if you are what they love most? And if not, he is free to go, is not it? So if your partner is at your side, it's because they want to. Check cell phones, computers, or private mail is a direct link to the privacy of another. If you have a strong feeling that they are cheating, check it, but don’t get caught at your own risk. If they come out to be clean and you are caught, it will take some time to build trust again.

Within each pair are operating rules, implicit negotiations, or those established explicitly seeking purposes like good understanding, respect, and individual fulfillment of each of its desires with the support of the other. This is how love should be. If you want to live one of those stories we believe and expect it to be for life, trust is key to being treated.

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