Can You Be Friends With Your Ex?

October 13, 2020

Many people, after a breakup, have one question: can you be friends with your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. Take this test to know if it is possible in your situation or not.

 Can You Be Friends With Your Ex

Much is said about this topic, and many say it is not healthy or desirable to remain friends with our ex because there are chances of relapse. There is also a possibility that one can harm the other. Hence, some professionals say it is better to cut ties with your ex because it can lead to complications in both people’s life. On the other side are those who think differently and argue that a person with whom you've hit it off can continue positive things while being friends. So can you be friends with your ex? For that, you need to take this test to find out what your situation is, and you can remain friends.

Get over your ex

Never stay friends with your ex if you have not overcome your breakup; you will only hope that you both can get back together someday. Unfortunately, that hope is not suitable for you, and you will not progress in life. Even if you do not even feel anything, it can happen that your ex does have intentions to return and feel hopeful about this new friendship that will prevent the two from moving forward. The heart needs time to heal, and that is why you should avoid becoming friends with your ex immediately after your breakup.

It certainly takes a lot more strength and commitment to continue alone. But avoid being friends with an ex is the best option.

Moment of peace

You should face loneliness on your own and spend time with yourself to find peace within yourself. The fear of being alone may make you make the impulsive decision to remain friends with your ex. But it would help if you thought you were not doing friendship with a good intention, but the fact of not feeling alone. You must be able to cope well with yourself and only then can you enjoy a friendship with your ex.

Is this decision mutual

However, contrary to what may seem, being friends with your ex is not a hopeless situation as mature people can assimilate the situation and adjust to avoid conflicts or disruptions. In most cases, friendship with an ex is only possible when the separation occurred amicably by both parties. If the breakup was excruciating, it is better to get away and be without seeing the person for a while. If an approximation occurs, the amicable settlement will only be possible if both parties have overcome the breakdown of the relationship. If both of you decide to stay friends, then definitely there can be friends with your ex.

There should be no feelings

On the other hand, we all know that a relationship is over does not necessarily mean that love is over. Sometimes it is challenging since one can still have feelings for the other person, and friendship would be impossible.

A breakup changes everything about the dynamics of the relationship. Your broken relationship cannot be loving as before. If any of you still have feelings, it will be a discomfort for you until both manage to overcome the situation. This will feel hurt if they come out with another and still have feelings for your ex. You should be concerned if it is worth sacrificing your peace of mind for friendship with your ex.

Was your relationship toxic

Among the main reasons we can mention is that if you had a toxic relationship, you shouldn't remain friends with your ex. It is a person who does nothing positive rather like sinking you into a sea of problems. In the context of toxic relationships, a severe case is one in which there has been some abuse.

Better stay alone than badly accompanied. Your ex is passed, and now you can try to make new friends or resume contact with your relatives. This is even more remarkable if they were the ones who made you cut ties with family and friends. If this is the case, you have left a toxic and abusive relationship, and there is no reason to be friends with such a person.

Does this affect your current relationship

One of the best arguments to cut a relationship with a former partner is to avoid conflicts with a new one. Suppose anyone that can make your partner jealous is your ex. The current partner sees former boyfriends and girlfriends as a source of temptation for you. If your current partner is not ok and shows too much jealousy when you are with your ex, this can lead to a breakup. It’s now in your hand to whether be friends with your ex or not.

Love to friendship

Why do people need to keep in touch with a former partner? Researchers at the University of California have determined the three fundamental pillars on which a relationship is based: sexuality, love, and loyalty.

After the breakup, sexuality is not a factor to be considered, and all that remains is love and support. At this very moment, it is when you begin to forge a friendship based on sympathy and trust. Therefore, many people choose to keep their old love, as they still feel love and affection for that person. They believe that despite not staying together as a couple, they may do so as friends. In this case, being friends with your ex is entirely understandable.

According to psychologists, they can explain this phenomenon: sexuality is an exclusive feature of romantic relationships. However, the care of each other is a factor of friendship, and sometimes you tend to choose charity over sexuality.


Relationships are complex because humans are complex beings. Furthermore, each human is unique, which tends to make each relationship memorable. Also, every couple is different, and depending on the situation and its actors, it may be good or bad to stay friends with your ex. Now, I have shown you everything, and it is your decision if you want to remain friends or not.

In the end, keep in touch with an old partner is a personal decision that has risks and can lead to conflict, but it can also be a tremendous substantial wealth and happiness, although it may not be from the same place it was before. Without having a standard, you have to be innovative and, considering some of the circumstances that I have told you and others; you should consider making the best decision.

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