10 Characteristics of a Stable Relationship

September 18, 2016

Find a list of ten best characteristics of a stable relationship to live a happy life. These tips will help you improve your bond with your partner.

characteristics of a stable relationship

You are a couple which is known. What we do not know is whether that relationship in which you are is stable, of those in which both parties benefit from each other. Pretending a story like your grandparents may be somewhat outdated for these times, but having a stable partner is something possible. Pay attention to these ten characteristics of a stable relationship.

Make rules and respect them

It may be that you are in an open relationship, or you have agreed to something explicitly on the day that you have decided that yes, you wanted to be in relationship. If both partners either want to work or that one stayed at home and the other went out to work, or if they wanted to or not to have children. If those rules have been respected (may or may not change, but respect them, always), and feel comfortable with the situation, it is a good sign of a stable relationship. Respecting each others decision is a very important aspect of a long and healthy relationship.

One can spend time alone

A healthy couple knows that being in that relationship does not nullify them as individuals. Both need their own space and do not neglect the relations of friendship or family members, for example. A stable partner understands that the balance of life partner, family, work and friendship is something basic for the couple to continue.

Trust in the other

It may seem something so basic that I shouldn't even be mentioned, but it's not like that. Establish and maintain the confidence of both sides is essential in a healthy relationship. Conflicts are inherent in human relations, but if there is trust between them, it may be easier to solve them. Trust is like a piece of glass, once broken it is difficult to build. It is one of the most important factors for keeping your relationship stable.

Avoid jealousy

Related to the previous point: we are already grownups; we're not in high school. Jealousy doesn't show affection, but insecurity and even lack of respect for the other person. A bit of jealousy at both ends may be fine, but if you or your partner cross the line then this is not good for the relationship.

Good communication is key

Proper communication is a very important part when it comes to leading a happy marriage. This issue can be tricky, especially for boys raised in the old school of "men don't cry". If both partners can speak with sincerity of what they think and feel, not only will be able to communicate better, but the problems will be solved quickly. In relationship or marriage it is very important that both the partners share with each what they feel and this keeps the relationship stable. Knowing what he/she feels or thinks makes both the partner aware of their actions and thus avoid anything which can annoy the other.

They argue in a civilized way

This may take some time, let us not deceive ourselves. There will always be conflicts in human relationships, and the best thing that can be done is deal with it in a civilized way. The "go down to the file", or the blame always on the other, for example, it is not a good way to deal with an argument. If you want your relationship to be stable and healthy then arguments should be done in a correct way. Screaming, throwing stuff and violence in arguments starts building cracks in the marriage.

Share responsibilities

Here it is not just a question of money, but of other tasks and responsibilities in the couple. We as human make errors, but when the mistake was because of you both, both must assume their responsibility for the issue. It's not so much that I have a number of tasks you do less work. Daily tasks are distributed equally and this distribution must take place in agreement of both the partners.

Think about the future

A stable relationship includes people who believe in the future together and work hard to build it. If it is in a healthy relationship, the future looks much more promising, because both want it and look forward to being together. In some case one of the partner fears losing freedoms or is not interested in commitment which often leads to breakups.

Never let the passion die

From time to time, they act as if it were your first date. This is a simple way to keep the spark in couples who are holding hands together for a long time. The claim that they are coming out on her first date is a breath of fresh air in a relationship that it takes several years, forces them to show their best qualities, and to maintain a good looks and good health. This is one of the characteristic of a stable relationship because when partners follow the same routine they get bored which leads to breakup. Hence, the ones who want a happy relationship try new things for keeping their love and passion grow.

Feel liberated, not tied up

Stable couples express their opinions freely, and do not feel that the relationship is a burden. If it is a relationship of health couple, it will be beneficial for both parties, without judging each other. Sometimes, the partner may be the only angle of peace in the life of a person, especially in times of crisis.

These were some of the characteristics of a stable relationship. The three strong feelings required for staying happy together is love, respect and trust. If even of one of these feelings gets lost, then this can misbalance the relationship and make partners fall apart.

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