Difference Between Love and Lust

October 7, 2016

Find the best way to identify the difference between love and lust. These signs, quiz and test will help you tell the difference between the two feelings.

Difference between love and lust

A number of neuroscience studies have shown that lust and love are two different states, where two different parts of the brain are activated. The findings of the Stephanie Cacioppo team at the University of Chicago show that lust and love can mobilize different areas of the brain. When you feel a strong lust towards someone, the area of the posterior insula is activated which is used to control the sensation (such as pain) and when you want to express your love, the anterior island Insula is activated.

According to experts lust is based solely on physical attraction and fantasy, which dissipates when the real person comes to light. The true personality of a person does not come to light until they have spent at least months in the relationship. So you cannot say you love someone until you really know the whole person. So how can you distinguish between a real relationship and a relationship that can only bring you good orgasms? People usually don’t know the difference between love and lust. To clear your doubts, I will show you the exact difference between these two feelings.

Lust is superficial, love is deep

Lust is very close to be desired. Human nature is desiring: barely achieved a goal, you will want to go to the other, one that we have not yet reached. You can lust a lot, but love is not spread wide, but in the deep end. In ten years you may want thousands of things, but it is likely that you only love a few people, with a kind of intensity that it has on rare occasions.

Love is stronger than lust

Love doesn't change depending on how the person was in the day. When you want something, always think that your brain releases dopamine, what gives you the feeling of drunkenness. When you love someone, the feeling is fluctuating, because you can't always be in the state of drunkenness. For more lows and highs of hormones and chemical imbalances, if you love someone you know that this is strong. If you know how to handle each other well then it is for for life and that the relationship survives till death.

Lust is a goal, love is a journey

When you want something or someone, the ultimate goal is to get physical or get something in your possession. Lust is simply getting attracted to a particular thing and not wanting more than that. On the other hand, in the love we know that there is no goal in sight, but a journey that becomes much more enjoyable when it goes along with the person you love.

Lust is in the head, love is in the heart

You may want to get someone consciously, but in love there are many other mechanisms outside your control. Lust activates certain parts of our brain that are associated with urgency and motivation, while love activates the feelings linked to empathy and care.

Lust is quick, love takes time

Love is something you cannot explain in a second. It takes time to work and know each other well, and to get there must be something similar to the homing instinct. In case of lust, you see someone attractive and their beauty is all over your head. You think this is true love, but it is not. It has been proven that it takes time for the feeling of love to develop between two people.

This is because there is much more in the relationship than just sex. They are in constant process of knowing and sharing new experiences together, and this becomes much more important than just spending a night together.

In love you accept a person with their flaws

In love you know actual person with his positives and negative sides and want to be with him/her. With love, you tolerate the reality of your partner while this is not the case in lust. When you lust someone, you spend some time with him/her. Once you have satisfied your lust, you no longer feel to be with that person. While in love your goal is to spend your entire life with the guy/girl. Love is when you know the best of a person, and you like him/her for that. Love is when you know that person has flaws and still you want to be by their side. You know clearly what the shortcomings of the person, but still want to and stay together.

More differences between love and lust

  1. You know you're in love when you care more about your partner than by yourself.
  2. Love is very likely to start from the desire, but please note that in many cases, sexual attraction cannot be transformed into love. And this is often the beginning of the doomed. This is why we often say that finding a "right person" is such a difficult thing.
  3. Lust is more willing to intimate relationship maintained at each level of fantasy, but in love there is intimacy as well as true feelings are shared on both sides..
  4. In Lust people are very interested in sex or possession, but no desire to communicate with you. In love you have lots to talk about and often forget the passage of time.
  5. We lust a lot of people, love a few. You might lust your coworkers, famous celebrities, but there are only few people whom you love. Affections include a range of possibilities like appreciation, admiration, friendship, healthy competition, etc.


When you have a strong sexual impulse to someone, you are likely to mistakenly think that the romantic attraction is love. But for both of you, it is necessary to distinguish between these two senses. Just like there is a saying: 'Making love' does not mean you are in LOVE.

There is overlap between love and lust, there are differences. Both involve brain areas related to mood, motivation, and advanced thinking. Studies have shown that lust is not only an emotion, but also involves a number of high-level thinking process, and love will be reflected in the activities of the brain area striatum, which is the difference between love and lust. In short love can be understood by the desire of the people to keep each other happy.

The above points will help you determine the difference between love and lust. It can also help you deduce whether the person you dating loves you or it’s just his/her lust. These tips will help you better understand yourself and others and thus help you find a perfect partner.

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