10 Facts About Eye Contact Flirting

January 10, 2017

Please find a list of ten facts about eye contact flirting, which gives you deeper insights into building attraction using body language.

facts about eye contact flirting

Eye contact is one of the most critical factors that determine how two people face each other. So it is not without justification that eyes say more than a thousand words. We will show you how to interpret eye contact and provide you with ten facts about the most important non-verbal communication form.

Eye contact always triggers a movement. In addition to touch, eye contact is the most intensive way of being close to another person. As soon as we have eye contact, facial expressions and gestures react to their impression. In the face, individual mimic facets form a movement. This movement lasts for more than a fraction of a second in most cases.

During this time, the face takes on a new expression that reflects the viewer's inner reaction. An eye contact thus represents a complex information exchange. Together with flirt interest or when exploring a flirt interest, this becomes much more intense. A repeated conversation of eye signals with an unknown person means that you are ready to make contact. How to initiate it properly remains a question. Still, if one has already begun to communicate with the eyes and maintain the exchange of views, the rest of logistics and an embarrassing meeting is rather unlikely. With these facts about eye contact flirting, it may be easier to interpret and build attraction.

Fact 1: Look no longer than 3.2 seconds in the eyes

Researchers at University College London have tried to find a precise second-to-second time for perfect eye contact. Their result: After an average of 3.2 seconds, the subjects showed discomfort, which usually leads to a termination of eye contact. The reason for this is usually not in antipathy but shyness. This is why an expert psychologist advises: "You can practice these situations by consciously engaging with people in everyday life like in the bus, the restaurant or the metro. These are typical situations in which strangers can get in touch with each other."

Fact 2: Dilated pupils arouse desire

A dilated pupil expresses sensuality and sends the signal to the other that they are excited. But, of course, the women knew this subtle flirting technique a few hundred years ago. In the sixteenth century, they drank the juice of the mad cherry into their eyes to artificially dilate the pupils and work more covetously on men. And the advertising industry also makes use of this knowledge. In the image processing of advertising, marketers are increasingly focusing on pupil enlargement and lengthening of the eyelashes in female models.

Fact 3: Looks can reveal liars

Whoever wants to confess his innocence often keeps unnaturally prolonged eye contact, who is ashamed, turns the look away faster. A particular sensitivity and attention at the date for this behavior sometimes betrays more than a thousand words.

Fact 4: Women show subdued gaze while flirting

Eye contact is one of the ways to flirt with someone subtly. In the archaic subconscious mind of the woman, a reflex occurs during a flirtation, which sexual research describes as appeasing behavior. Surprisingly, submissive gestures are part of the flirt behavior. On the look, this behavior can be observed when someone often looks downwards, for example, on the shoes of its counterpart. One reason for this could be that the woman instinctively leaves the man in control or will not resist any other approach. This primal behavior occurs more frequently in the first minutes of the conversation.

Fact 5: Not every smile is real - eyes betray the truth

A smile is a good sign because it expresses happiness and comfort. However, this is not always the case. This is where the entire facial expressions come into play. A laugh that quickly falls off again is an expression of disinterest. Women laugh at the date, even when they feel uncomfortable or nervous. That is why a comparison with the eyes is indispensable to know if it is a genuine smile. If the eye part remains unaffected and only the mouth moves, it is probably cynicism or mockery.

Fact 6: Triangle view signals kiss interest

The triangle view is a classic of flirtation. The eyes wander between the eyes and the lips. If one can see this in the other, one may assume a kiss interest. That is why the triangle is a beautiful way to make a kiss. First, it is essential to catch the eye. The "proximity at the moment" ensures that the following consideration of the lips is also perceived by the other. Next, the gaze moves on the lips.

Lip-looking is like an imagined touch. Now the mouth becomes the theme of the moment. Will you kiss now or not? It is wise to look back at the eyes. Will the eye contact persist? Do the sights, excitement, or other positive feelings radiate? Bingo: "You can kiss the bride now." If the other breaks the eye contact at the end of a triangle, one can conclude that the opposite does not want to kiss.

Fact 7: Eye contact is a sign of self-awareness

The experience shows that anyone who fights for a job in a job interview or as a speaker wants to inspire his listeners convinces with an interesting facial expression and an intense look. If someone dares to look at us openly and honestly, we interpret this as a self-confident and convincing appearance - so also when flirting.

Fact 8: The "third eye" supports the flirtation

In far-eastern wisdom teachings, the forehead area above the middle of the eyebrows is assigned a special meaning: Here sits the so-called "third eye." Here a man receives divine inspiration, inner guidance, clarity, intuition, or telepathy. He thus sees what is outside the material world. Do you believe in the third eye? Of course, you do not have to. But, even without believing in something, the third eye is where the eye can rest without interrupting the "nearness at the moment" on a date.

Fact 9: Common blinking indicates disinterest

Blinking is necessary for the regular wetting of the eyes. Nevertheless, blinking not only performs a physical function it also sends signals. We can tell you how you can interpret the blinking in eye contact: very fast blinking is often an expression of nervousness or insecurity. On the other hand, frequent blinking is again associated with boredom or disinterest.

Fact 10: Each eye contact creates a new reality

For the French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre, the ego constructed itself. And also, the other gets through eye contact, a being that is created at this moment. In other words, a new self-image of two persons is created during eye contact. According to Sartre, one recognizes the other. With each eye, a new reality is made between two persons. You can compare this with a white canvas drawn to the easel only by non-verbal communication. What remains after a flirtation on the canvas remains to be seen in the course of the date.

Now you can use these facts to impress your crush and make them fall in love with you. Remember that body language plays a vital role in attraction, and with eye contact, you can flirt with the girl without even saying a word. So keep these facts in mind, and this will help you subtly flirt and attract someone you like.

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