How to Date Your Best Friend

May 24, 2016

Are you falling in love with your best friend? If yes, then these tips will help you make her fall in love with you and date her perfectly without losing your friendship.

falling in love with your best friend

Love is a sneaky little thing you don’t know when or where it’s going to take place but once you are in love then it’s pretty hard to get out, even if you want to. And friendship is the sweetest thing there is, because in friendship you don’t have to worry about what you say to this person because he or she is always going to be supportive of you especially when it comes to best friends. But the weird thing is sometimes when all this friendship is going on; love as sneaky as it is makes it way in your heart and stays there which leads to some problems and how you handle them is the tricky part but no worries we can help you through this tricky part and hopefully help you get to the good stuff.

Make her feel for you

To make your best friend fall in love it is very important that you first get out of the friend zone. It is better to take breaks while talking to her. Also, try to make her jealous by flirting with a girl to make her understand that even she has feelings for you. This is the best way to get out of the ‘just friends’ zone and make her fall in love with you. Remember that you need first get out of this zone and then go forward else you she won’t understand your feelings.

Long Time Best Friends

The best thing about best friends falling in love with each other is that when they finally do accept it they have already been through the hardest part of a relationship which is getting to know each other. Well, assuming that you both have been friends with each other for a long time then you already know each others secrets and habits and most importantly weaknesses. You see, when you are in a relationship with your best friend then you are completely vulnerable in front of them and so are they but that is also the good thing because then you don’t really have to lie or say anything for that matter they would sense it if something is wrongs because of your friendship.

Expressing your Feelings

First things first, expressing your true feelings are the key to start a relationship. In case you both have already said each other how you feel then you may want to skip this step but if you haven’t then you may like to take a look at yourself around her. You need to focus on small things like how you act in her company or when you flirt with her lightly how does she reacts and see if you both have some perspective of dating each other like if you have talked with each other or like joked about it as it is the positive thing. Just remember to express your feelings in a way that you don’t come off strong instead thread the water a little bit before getting into it.

Physical Barrier

When you were friends you may have touched each other on several occasions but always casually, like when grabbing her forearms while directing her towards something or some other thing like that. However, from now as you have come out as a romantic interest any physical contact is going to be awkward as first because she is in fact your best friend first and your date second. But for better or for worse you are going to break this physical barrier and it is going to be awkward and maybe hilarious at first but then it will soon turn to be a romantic gesture. You can maybe hold hands when going out or hold hands while waiting for food to arrive in a restaurant.

Take it Slow

You might be dating now but never forget that you are and always will be best friends first so you shouldn’t try to change yourself or pretend instead try being a little bit of gentleman with your habits and stuff. The good thing is that you both know each other very well to be pretentious and the best thing is that you both fell in love with each other just the way you are and not by pretending. And lastly, if you have already been a little bit intimate with each other then you don’t have to worry about a thing just make sure that you both are comfortable with each other out in the open whether it is physical or emotional connection.

Little Changes

You know that every person have some little thing that their partner is a little bit annoyed of and that’s the things which need to be changed a bit. In any relationship both the partners have to make some compromises for the greater-good and that’s the changes even you are going to make even if you are going in a relationship with your best friend. There are some things that you cannot talk about with your best friend as she is your girl now and the one thing that you cannot definitely share with her is about your ex or some other hot girl which earlier you use to talk about so casually but now for this sharing you need to find a new best friend. But when it comes to talk about your true feeling then she is your girl and that shouldn’t change at all.

Likes and Dislikes

This is one thing which gets complicated when you become best friends first and a couple second because when you were best friends it never bothered you that she doesn’t brush her teeth or she snores or other little and big things like these which you ignored or told her on the face because you were not afraid to lose her but now you are and that scare the shit out of you. Instead you should ask her what she likes and dislikes about you because she is feeling the same fear that you are which in turn leads to secrets which is not good for relationship so just be honest and ask or tell her how you feel.

On Calls

Everything you know about new relationships in their early phases doesn’t exactly fit right when you are starting a relationship with your long time best friend. You see when you start dating at first it is said to be a game of push and pull something like always keep them wanting more but when you are in a relationship with your best friend then that comes naturally like even twenty four hours a day wouldn’t even cover it and so the games of leaving them wanting more doesn’t really work in this type of relationship instead you can talk to her as much as you want. The main reason why the game is necessary in early dating with the stranger is because of the fear of falling into the friends category but in your case you have just got out of the friend zone to best friend and finally to boyfriend so the rules of a normal relationship and games it entail do not apply to you but you can play it if you want just for fun.

Act like a Couple

Sometime when you are transitioning from best friend to boyfriend it is very difficult because your first instinct is to help her when she is in pain but when you are in a relationship you maybe the reason of her pain and that kills you inside. And secondly, if you act as best friends even when you are a couple than that gets really irritating and confusing because you don’t really understand what is going on and how to react but don’t worry this phase will pass. And lastly, never forget to tell them how much they mean to you because some people when they do get the girl forget to mention how much they love her and act as they have just won something. But always remember that when you say “I love you” then you should mean it and once you have said it you are going to want to say it all the time and so you should.

You know people always tell you not to fall in love with your best friend because of the risk of losing the friendship, but I am told that it is and always will be worth the risk. In the end even if it doesn’t work out you will be able to tell each other that at least you tried and you may never know if you are lucky it will work out. Even if it doesn’t then too you can try to salvage your friendship as ex-boyfriend sometimes makes great best friends so maybe you can too. In any case, if you have feelings for your best friend and she does too then believe it or not you are going to lose the friendship one way or the other but it would be better if you upgrade the friendship to a relationship and believe me it is worth the risk.

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