How To Find Someone on Tinder

April 29, 2016

Learn the best tricks which you can use to find someone on tinder. These tips can be used by both men and women to get the perfect match on Tinder app.

find someone on tinder

Oh! Yes, Tinder men’s best friend and women’s ego booster. Whenever a man want to hook up with a woman he can definitely rely on tinder to help him meet women and whenever a woman is down or feeling off, all those matches on tinder helps you up by an ego boost. But therein lays the dilemma, if you really want a best friend you have to work on it and the same goes for tinder.

If you really want to find someone on Tinder to hook up with, or go on a date with or well find that special someone to spend the rest of your life with you can use tinder as the ways to your means. In order to successfully find someone or just increase the chances of that on tinder you have to put in some effort and to show you the right way or some tips and tricks to maximize your potential here is an article dedicated to get the best matches and all the right swipes in your favor.

Now to get a positive review and by that I mean the right swipes from the opposite sex tinder offers you some chances which you can take it as a test and if you pass the test then you get the thing that you desire the most. Let me just list out the test for you and then we’ll go through how to get pass or around them in order to succeed.

First Step: Intriguing

“First impression is the last impression” if this quote works for any place perfectly than it is on tinder because in this app if the person do not like your first picture they are just going to left swipe and go for someone else, it’s not soul searching it’s a dating app. If the first image did not make the impact then no one is going to look for your second picture or your bio for that matter. We are human’s we like what we see and if we don’t than we don’t want to watch any more of it even though you have a great personality, you are not getting the right swipe, no offense. If you want to find someone on Tinder then you have to intrigue the person’s interest by an intriguing first picture and for that here are some things you might want to consider.

  1. This picture should basically give the person the general idea of how you look like with just enough intriguing factor that he or she notices it and want to see more.
  2. First I am going to tell you what not to keep as your first picture which is a group pictures, quotes, film posters, celeb posters or anything that makes the person looking at them a hard time to notice you. Like say if you are in a group photo then how is she or he going to know who you are? Hence you get left swipe and as for others, I think, its self explanatory that they are not you.
  3. Now for the perfect first picture you might like to try and get your face and hair properly and possible with a nice smile. Now for the intriguing factor you can include a pet dog or cat in the picture to get the attention because both guys and girls love a cute pet. And if you don’t have that cute pet then you can go for the mysterious look like looking away from the camera but still your entire face and possibly your body till your waist line is visible in the picture and try not to go for the selfie and even if you do just don’t make it obvious.
  4. First picture is suppose to be your first impression so try and project yourself in an image in which you think you’ll get the maximum matches and just relax because if you are not getting enough hits in this one then you can always try something else till it works.

Second Step: Hobbies and Interests

If he or she is watching your second picture then you have certainly got their attention and now it’s time to drive it home, so to speak. In the second picture you have to show them how adventurous you are and how fun it would be to talk to you and the best way to do this is to picture of yourself in some physical activity like trekking, rock climbing, nature, cycling, athletic photo would work as well. It tells them how fit you are and how much fun it would be if they are around you. Any photo that is not too gross like you picking up some insect or anything which could come off as creepy is a no (left swipe). And try to get your face and body properly visible in the picture just so it wouldn’t be difficult for them to see you. If you want to find someone on Tinder as a perfect match for you then make sure you correctly mention your hobbies and interest.

Third Step: Social Stature

This picture is to tell them that you are a respectable person and that you do have some social stature as it is said that “You are only as good as the company you keep.” In this picture you can go for a group photo at an office or in a restaurant or while on an adventure. It would be best if the people in the picture appear to be having fun because it tells them that the company you keep is happy and believe me everyone likes to be happy so it would be nice to have you in their company, if you know what I mean. The best picture is when you all friends have hands on each others shoulder or when you are gathered around something and talking and having a blast.

Forth Step: Formal Attire

Well till now we have shown them that how much fun it would be if they get acquainted with you but fun had to end sometime so in this picture we show that you are not only the easy going adventurous person but also a responsible working individual. This picture should be in a formal suit and if possible in your office or your company in the background to show them that you are a responsible adult. In other words this picture is to make them feel secure enough to talk to you and quite possible to set up a meet. Now in this picture try appearing a professional kind of guy like in your suit with your arms crossed and this can be your full body image rocking that suit.

Fifth Step: Humor

For men who want to find someone on Tinder, humor is very important. Now if an individual has reached this photo then he/she has already made up their mind and all you have to do now is make them smile about the way they are thinking because it’s quite possible they might be blushing. This picture only needs to include your sense of humor like you in front of table full food saying yum or anything that show that you have a great sense of humor. Remember not to do anything racist and don’t make weird faces because that’s just creepy. If you are not comfortable with humor then you can put another cute picture or a picture of your hobbies but a different hobby from the last one.

Use your right profile picture

Till now I didn’t mentioned anything about the half naked picture because for guys they are not that attractive because it just says that you are not shy and for girls it may say that you are a slut. This trick does work for some people. But guys if you really want to show your body then it’s better to use the indirect approach like wearing a half sleeves or sleeveless t-shirt and tighten your hand to show your cuts or you can try swimming for your hobby or humor picture. And girls if you want to show off those curves then you just have to act natural and give them a nice pout face and a full picture with the curves shape visible and let the guy’s imagination run wild because some things are best left for imagination.

Brief Biography

Even though you felt everything that you did till now was shallow I would just like to mention that it’s not that shallow it’s just human nature and once it sees something interesting it sticks with it. So, all you did till now was scratch the surface and got their attention and made them feel interested, so now they will dig in and that’s the reason you need a nice tagline which can tell something about you or you can use two words sentences like “Fashion Entrepreneur, Love Blues, Dog Person, Casual Anytime.” This tagline tells the other person all they need to know. So you decide what you want from tinder and make it work for you. And secondly it is more than okay to link your blogs or personal websites or other social networks username so that they can know more about you and they have more than one way to contact you.

Extra tips to find someone on Tinder

Going the extra mile is just another way of saying to take that extra effort to make sure that you have done everything you could have. So, what more you can do is you can broaden your horizon like say widen the area of search for the matches and secondly you can be a little bit flexible regarding the age as well. And still if you want you can be more active on the social networking websites and liking some pictures and tagging some friends into it. And lastly if you don’t give right swipe enough you are not going to get any, it’s the basic rule or let’s just say its like karma “What goes around, comes around”.

Everything you did to increase your matches and to find someone is to tell something about yourself but in a way that the world of tinder gets what you are trying to say. Like from the first picture to the bio and even when you went the extra mile so just know what is it that you really want to tell these people and then go for it. And for clarity purpose let me just say what we have said in these pictures “Hi, I am interesting, adventurous, fun to be around but responsible enough to maintain myself and have a great sense of humor” Anything that is left out is said in the bio and confirmed when you went the extra mile. If you do this the number of right swipes will increase and if it doesn’t then try switching up the pictures and even the sequence of them if needed.

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