How to Find True Love?

June 10, 2016

Are you in search for a perfect partner or your soulmate? Here is the best quiz and tutorial to find true love and happiness in life.

find true love

True Love, everyone wish for it and some even get close enough to know how it feels to be loved but the lucky are the ones who gets a lifetime with their true love and everyone else just keeps guessing, if it was even true. Some even say that true love is a myth but in response we say “Those Grapes you cannot taste are always sour”, right?

I mean don’t you want to find out if there is someone out there for you and if you think not then be prepared to spend the rest of your life feeling lonely because no one really understands how you really feel inside, right? But if you really want someone to know how you feel you should be willing to take the risk and try to find true love and for that you should be ready to do anything including nothing at times but believe me it is worth waiting and worth fighting for. And just relax because sometimes true loves finds you, in any case read below to see the aspects you have to note when dating someone and expecting it to last as true love does.

Lesson Learned

I am sure that you have been in a relationship before but it didn’t work out, so we want you to examine that relationship with clear view and without prejudice just to learn what really went wrong. Sometime we go on a date with a guy or girl and even though we know they are a bad fit for you then too you go for the second date to see if anything changes and I am not saying that’s wrong as everyone deserves a do over but in some cases if that person is not really your type then maybe you shouldn’t get emotionally involved.

Secondly and most importantly we don’t really know what we want until we miss it or it passes by but that doesn’t mean it won’t come by again. So, just calm down and try to pin point the things that you want from a relationship you know if you want to be treated like a princess in a relationship then you also need to treat him like a prince then only you can be called a couple and the vice versa is true as well. All I am saying is take a seat and reminisce what and how you could have done better in your previous relationship like more or less communication, needy behavior and things that can help you going further.

Dream version to find true love

Every one of us at some point in life has imagined a perfect partner but has not yet found them. The reason is because we don’t exactly know what we want I mean we do have a rough idea about how he should look, how rich he should, should have certain kind of job and stiff like this but we never know the exact things that we need and so when we are in a relationship and sometimes when we are in trouble or in a fight you think that you start comparing your current partner with your dream partner and guess what your current partner comes up short.

And then you resent them for it because they couldn’t meet some invisible standard that you have set for them. I mean if you think for one second that you are not going to have trouble with your dream partner than you are naïve because any relationship which doesn’t involves a little bit of struggle is not a proper relationship because then it means that you both don’t really care what happens next instead you are just coexisting without even talking to each other. Well if you want find true love or someone close to it then you must first decide how your dream partner should be and for that here are two questions you need answered.

What You Want
This here is what you expect from a relationship and your dream partner to be. First of all we are not trying to tell you that two people just meet and fall in love and live happily ever after is not real, but it is in fact a fairy tale although in real life there are some steps in the middle and in the beginning which we need to make clear. So, what you want? This question can only be answered by you and so if you are free now than take out a piece of paper and go to place where you won’t be disturbed and start jolting down point wise what you want in your dream partner.

This will make it easy for you to find true love. You already know this things all you need to do it write it down and don’t be surprised if the list goes on for a while and it also include some let’s say intriguing things but note it down no matter. Sometimes the list include stuff like “He should like [a particular pet/movie/sitcom] and stuff like that, which is different but if you want it in your partner so that you could share some intimate moments together then you may note it down. Once the list is prepared then you may just go through it one more time to check if you have forgotten something, it doesn’t matter how long or short your list is or how immature it sounds you just need it for now.

What You Need
Now this part is to determine what is it that you really need and not just want in your partner. So try going through your list and ask yourself this question “Alone or with a man who is not [quality from list]?” And if the answer is alone then you need that particular quality in your list and if the answer is that you would rather be with a partner who doesn’t have this one quality than be alone than strike that thing of your list and then keep going until your list is done. Now comes the second part which is to cut some more things from your list by asking yourself that “All the qualities, check, [particular quality] not check. What to do?” Now if your answer is that you really need this particular quality to even consider getting in a relationship or you can live without and mark your list accordingly.

When you are done striking some points of your list then make a final draft of your list and you have “What you need” list in your hand. Sometimes these list can also include qualities like height or weight or religious beliefs and things which are important for individual person to be comfortable with their partner and there is no such thing as stupid when it comes to choose your life partner because it’s the only thing you allowed to choose because rest of it like family doesn’t depend on you, so choose wisely.

Love Oneself

Now, before you are in search to find true love, it is very important that you first love yourself.. It’s important and essential because how can you expect someone to love you when you don’t even love yourself. So, if you are embarrassed that you have done something wrong then try to correct it and if not then try to move on and if you have not done something wrong then too try doing something right just for the sake of it and you will see how much happy it makes you. Sometime all that is left between us and some corpse is that we still have the ability to stand up and do something about our life where as they cannot.

You can start by taking care of how you look, by taking shower, applying make-up, exercising, eating properly and all the healthy habit that a person should possess. You know a relationship is like a living breathing thing and it also need two legs to walk properly and so if you do not take care of yourself then your relationship is already limping and that’s not so far from falling apart. A proper relationship is in which both individuals involved take care of themselves and of each other with trust, humility and kindness of heart.

Show Empathy

Empathy is the least you can do for your current partner and your ex partners. Showing empathy for your ex is to say that you understand where you went wrong and to accept and forgive yourself and your ex partner. It doesn’t matter what he/she did when you were together because it’s not about them it’s about you and how you can be free of this anger.

To be at peace and find true love it is to forgive them and forget all the bad things that happened and focus on the good things that took place before all the bad stuff. And as for you current partner you need to show some empathy too because you need to understand his/her point of view as well and that is not to say that he/she is always right. But in order for a relationship to work you need to make certain compromise but if you are love and it is true love then your aim would be that both of you end up happy even after the compromise.

Sometimes it’s good to have a little bit of empathy even for our enemy and this is the person you think is your true love so a lot of empathy is also alright. But remember that he/she should also reciprocate your love the same way you are because if not then after a while you would start feeling used up and start resenting them so try making him understand how you feel by proper communication because it is the key to a good relationship. Any relationship worth fighting for need to be well communicated one because then you really know what you are fighting for.

About Sex

No relationship topic can be finished before talking about sex a little bit and so here are some things you may like to know. When you are on a first date and you feel like he/she is good enough or for any number of reason you end up having sex with them then you should know that you make a bond with them which cannot be broken for several hours, 48 to be particular in men and 14 days for women. So, think carefully before going there and ask yourself that would like to bonded with this person for say at least 48 hours or 14 days and if the answer is yes then go for it and if the answer is no or have no idea then it is better to take the high road and not do the deed. And in sex too, a little bit of communication would unlock the levels you have no idea about.

Take Away

The take away from this article is that if you believe in true love then you have to fight for it and if you don’t then why did you read this article which mean somewhere deep down you do believe even though you are not ready to accept it yet, but nonetheless. The things you need to know is that never stay in a relationship just out of fear of being alone because it is better to be alone then in a bad relationship which is lonely thing in itself or be in a relationship because of ego or self pride because in the end you are the one getting hurt. Secondly, know what you want and what you need to have a good relationship and a good partner.

Making a list doesn’t mean the man/woman should meet all the criteria but it is just a basic idea of what you seek and what you don’t want in your relationship so you don’t go down that lonely road again. And last but not least is to show empathy and have a nice communication between the two of you. And lastly, don’t have sex if you are not ready for the emotional bond. You see once you have done the following things you will notice all the potential partner all around you and now you just need to filter and get the one you need and want.

Thank You and Best of Luck in finding true love and have a happy life.

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