How to Flirt with a Girl on Tinder?

July 1, 2016

Find the best way to flirt with a girl on tinder and impress her quickly. These tips can also be used while texting on whatsapp.

flirt with girl on tinder

In today’s world we have all type of technologies which we can use to impress the opposite sex. The availability of the internet and smart phones has given rise to a different kind of flirting game. Now guys are trying to impress girl they haven’t even met, but have known only through social media like facebook, twitter and other social media apps. And in them one of the most commonly used app which has replaced or should I say taken texting to a new high is tinder. Hence flirting has also been taken to a new level using these images and videos to impress the opposite sex. Let’s see how to flirt with a girl on tinder taking advantage of all its features to impress the girl you like.

Begin with Mystery

As with all the texting techniques been used, one thing remains common that you should always begin with mystery. This gives you an intriguing edge which forces the girl to pick up her phone and start texting back. It doesn’t need to be some long story it could just be a normal text like “Hey, How you doing?” or try a text which can't resist replying you back.

You could point out to something in her status or profile picture to get a response out of her and then you can start with you usual push and pull flirting. The beginning messages are suppose to be something that drives her towards cell phone and force her to reply even if you are in middle of something important. Simple example is the when you get a supposed message from your crush and how you react at that time is the response you are looking for in most of the initial messages.

Make it Funny

No one in the world would complain if texting with you is fun, so just try to make it funny. Now in the days of plain texting you could use some sarcasm or some funny PJ’s to make her laugh. You have tinder and so you could even send her a funny image or a funny video. Try not to send her a lengthy videos because then you would be waiting for her reply while she may be busy watching the clip you sent her. Instead send her the videos in the middle of the day or at the end of the conversations as a good bye present or just like a reminder.

Humor is very important when you want to flirt with a girl on tinder successfully. You know when you are talking about something there comes the need to say something funny like a dialogue in the movies or something. This would be funny if she would be able to guess the movies, but now there are images already available on the internet which you could use.

Don’t go on the internet surfing while chatting with her because then you would be making her wait and she might keep the phone down. If you have the image already in your phone then use it otherwise try it next time. But always remember the traditional ways of flirting still work and sometimes for the best approach all you need to do is upgrade them using current tech.

Compliment Her

Now would it not be fair to you if you got all dressed up and no one noticed or complimented you, then same goes for girls. So just compliment her every once in a while, you see, whenever she has updated her profile picture. She is looking for someone to compliment her and if you could be that someone than you have hit golden ball. But never overdo it because then it just appears desperate and awkward. All you need to do is praise her on how well she looks and focus on what she is wearing rather what figure she was born with, excluded as she worked hard to get it. Just compliment her on one of these things with a bit of flirting to make her smile and blush.

Make it Personal

When someone talks to you or about you using your name, you get somewhat of a personal feeling and because of that the person who used your name gets some respect from you subconsciously. So when you do the same with the girl you like, you are bound to make a personal connection. There are many other ways to make personal connection like sharing a secret that no one else knows or calling each other by pet names that only you two are allowed. But the best way and easy way to make connection and get respect is to use her name when texting her like “Hey Marie, How you doing?” as the first text or using it in some teasing tone will also do the trick.

Back and Forth Flirting

Once you are in comfortable zone then you can start testing the water by back and forth flirting. Remember to always to flirt when given the chance because if you stopped flirting then this texting just become something that you have to do and there is no fun in it. This is how most of the long-term relationships come to an end because they forget to have fun. To flirt with a girl on tinder or any other place always use perfect timing because everyone loves a good flirt, but always pay attention to timing as we don’t flirt with the widow at her husband’s funeral.

Simple way to flirt is to use the features of tinder like send her the picture of bouquet of red roses and then text her “Now don’t tell me that I never gave you flowers” this is definitely going to put smile on her face. Use this picture feature as much as you want but never stop texting your own words because your typing will have some personal effect on her mind.

Don’t be Desperate

This is just to remind you that flirting is a game and if you want to win you have to wait it out. Sometimes people take time to answer their text like half an hour or more. When you receive text after this long, never immediately response to it. Instead wait for at least 5-10 minutes before responding with a teasing message or sarcasm. Remember never get angry if the response takes too long, instead stop waiting around for response and start doing your work. You never know maybe she really is busy with something. Secondly don’t make any desperate moves or tell her everything, some people send text like every five minutes and tell her every little thing until she replies. I mean come on dude just chill and enjoy the ride while it lasts and don’t be desperate.

Show Confidence

Confidence is a key to flirting and hence to flirt with a girl on tinder you must be confident. Be confident the way you are and you are not going to change. Many people change their opinions about things while texting. They think the girl would like as they are already changing their opinion for her. This is not the way to look attractive on Tinder or in real. Instead if you take a stand with full confidence and are willing to defend it makes you appear more desirable.

At least you have a back bone and you can defend yourself when and if attacked. But again remember, if you take a stand then she has taken too and if you don’t want to move from yours then she might not want to move from her. Hence, show her some respect and move on from the topic as it is killing the mood.

Proper Texting

Proper texting is just to tell you not to use those long text where you describe what happened in your entire day starting from coffee in the morning. Tinder texts are suppose to be short and sweet like when she asks “How was your day” you can reply “Bit of fun, bit of bore” and ask her how was her day and wait for her reply. Secondly never make spelling mistake or grammatical mistake in your text and never ever use those shortcuts which can be confusing to understand at times. Instead write the whole thing or send her an emoticon or a picture of what you are trying to convey. And lastly keep the texting between on equal terms, like if you have texted 5 time then she must have texted at least 2-3 times before you text again.

Take Leave on a High Note

Leave on a high note is just to leave her always wanting more. If you chat for a longer period your flirting will reduce and then it will become a bore as you will run out if topics to talk about. So just cut it short before she does and leave on a high note and make her want you more. Always be prepared with some excuse to leave her wanting more, but if she asks you to wait then you may chat for a while and then leave when it seems fit.

Once you follow all the advice given to you in this article, you are bound to impress a girl. Finally, just remember not to be desperate and time your text properly. Secondly if you could arrange it somehow than try texting her late at night, so you are the last thing on her mind when she goes to sleep and also send her a good morning message and become the first thing on her mind when she wakes up. These two things along with all the other pointer will help you flirt with a girl on tinder or on any other similar app and impress her

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