12 Best Flirting Tips for Guys

June 3, 2017

Find the best flirting tips for guys which can be used while chatting, texting or in person. These techniques can also help a shy teenage guy to flirt using words as well as body language.

Flirting is a way to meet people with the potential to be more than two strangers. It is not something exclusive to the human species, it is common when some animals want to find a partner or company to reproduce. In the case of humanity, flirting is quite identifiable. Flirting can be done with words, with a dance, with eyes or with body language. Here are some of the best flirting tips for guys to master this seduction technique. These tricks will help you confidently flirt with the girl you like without being cheesy.

Flirting is an art

The very first thing you must remember that it is an art which improves with experience. It is like a delicate dance that, if executed well, can reach interesting sites, whether or not they are planned. It requires thoughtfulness, courage, memory, observation, time, patience and subtlety. If you do not follow the flow, it is better to withdraw the flirting.

Few tips for flirting unknown girl

  1. Never just go to a random girl and start flirting with her. This will make you look very creepy and she may show no interest in you.
  2. Avoid pickup lines which are too direct or which can make the girl feel offended.
  3. Start with a compliment, introduce yourself and start flirting with a touch subtlety. This is one of the flirting tips for guys which if done correctly will make the girl impressed and will be charmed by your personality.

Never flirt with nervousness

Despair is felt, and leads to anxiety and nervousness. Someone who tries to flirt but has reached the point of despair gives inappropriate and nervous touches. Being a bit nervous is fine, but not to the point where you cannot think and execute your plan properly. Forget what they say in the pink novels and romantic movies. Let me inform you that most women in surveys and researches have been attracted to confidence. So, just fake it till you are confident enough to flirt and impress any girl with your words.

Initial subtlety

Not every single woman will be attracted to you and not every girl will be charmed with your flirting. So, here we utilize the step of initial subtlety to test the grounds. We initiate this step first to see if there is any chance and whether the target has interest or not. If the girl is showing interest then we proceed further else wait for the next girl that attracts us. The benefit of implementing this step of subtle flirting is that it prevents us from looking creepy, desperate and making a fool of ourselves.

Never includes violence

Many films and series give the idea that sometimes you have to make (women)understand that they are flirting with them, and that their duty is to respond, whether they like it or not, in a positive way. Using violence of any kind (physical, psychological, economic, social, etc.) is not flirtation, it is aggression. It is a warning signal for many girls which makes them flee from that person.

Eye contact

They say that if someone looks at you for more than five seconds in the eyes is because they either want to kill you or is flirting with you. Never underestimate the power of eye contact flirting because it is one of the most powerful ways to arouse attraction. If you have a penetrating look, the effect is much more noticeable. It says "you got my attention" without a word. This can also be considered as an initial step of subtlety where you start providing hints to the girl. Once you establish an eye contact its time to approach her and talk to here. This is where you use your power of words to impress the girl.

There is not a single kind of flirting

An important flirting tips for guys is to remember that you cannot use a single flirting technique on all the women. Each person is different from the others, and what works for you may not work for your co-worker, for example. You can flirt by laughing, or by using mystery, sophistication, there are those who will feel comfortable with you only after the third cup of coffee. So, first evaluate the comfort zones of the girl and guess what kind of flirting will she like and if she shows interest continue or change your technique.

Remember details

One way to make those around you remind you is that they relate to some kind of feeling or memory. If you are that person she remembers for something that you did or said, and uses it to have some detail with you (a small gift, some phrase or recommendation, etc.), the objective will be completed. Think of some gift which she may keep near to her and whenever she sees that, it will make her think of you. This is psychological flirting which can be done to arouse the feeling of love for you.

Break the touch barrier

Touches are the most powerful way of flirting, but for that you first need to build some comfort. Never, never, go and touch her erogenous or sensitive zones. The flirtatious touch is soft and is made like one who does not want the thing, sometimes brief and sometimes prolonged. What you want to achieve is that the contact feels natural and comfortable, and if the person to whom you flirt shows discomfort, you should withdraw and apologize.

Body Language Chord

The body language of flirting may be somewhat different in men and women. For example, women while flirting often will play with their hair, bite their lips, while they will point with the torso towards what interests them. A woman will point her feet towards where her target is when she is interested in the guy. If someone does not cross arms over their chest, be it male or female, this means they do not want to put a barrier between the two.
One of the flirting tips for guys to remember is to first maintain a confident body language and then use some of the attractive body language skills to flirt with the girl.

Flirting while chatting or texting

Flirting over chat or text is the most simple way as you don’t have to face the girl and you also have time. However, the only thing you need to remember here is to follow the right technique where you don’t look desperate of turn her off. An important note is to not send too long messages, avoid spelling mistakes and don’t send multiple messages when she is not replying. And to make your conversation interesting you can make use of different emoticons. Emoticons are emojis are great way to add more fun to your flirting.

Flirting can have different goals

There are those who flirt naturally or the ones who research and master this technique. However, this technique is not just used to impress a girl. There are those who do it to be able to sleep with the girl, or to achieve a discount or better offer in a commercial transaction. There are also people who do it to feel important, or those who really have an interest in a serious relationship and want to find someone with the same goal. Here the list does not end, they are only the most common reasons. So, depending on your goal choose the right technique to flirt and remember to do it with confidence.

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