How to Friendzone a Guy Without Hurting His Feelings

January 25, 2017

Find the best way to friendzone a guy nicely without hurting his feelings. These tricks will help you easily land him in your friend zone.

FriendZone A Guy

Friend zoning a guy is not something cruel or in humane. Just because you’re not attracted to someone does not mean you can’t stay friends with them and you can’t force love if it’s not there. So, stop worrying about hurting his feelings because you won’t, if you friendzone him properly. But before getting into that you must make sure that you definitely don’t have any feeling or any likeness towards the guy. Picture being in a relationship with him and if you are sure it’s not something that you want than go ahead and friend zone him. Some decent ways to friendzone a guy without hurting his feelings are mentioned here.

Act Oblivious

If a guy has feeling for you than one way or another he is going to try flirting and send some other signals. Now if you want to friendzone this guy then you have to act oblivious to his signals. These are the times when humor comes in handy as you can use it to change the topic or make him realize that you guys are just friends. No matter what you do never play along with his flirty comments o flirt back because that just sends mixed signal.

Refrain from sending mixed signals

Under no circumstance you are to show any signs of romantic hope towards him. Sending mixed signal will just confuse him further and might make him pursue you more firmly. If you genuinely don’t have any interest in the guy other than friendship of course keep this in mind. Sending mixed signals is not health and it might cause a lot of heartache and hurt feeling on both sides. However, some of us girls likes to flirt it’s just who we are but to them all I can say is just try toning it down a bit with him especially if you care about this friend.

Value of Friendship

One of the things that either motivates us or breaks us is fear. Here too fear can help us if you just knew how to use it. Try dropping several hints that demonstrates how good friends you are and this will show him what he stands to lose if it doesn’t works out. Once he truly understands what he is putting at risk then the fear of losing your friendship would be enough for him to stop. This way not only you are saved from turning him down romantically but you also get to know how much he values your friendship.

Don’t Get Overly Dressed for him

I know we all like dressing up but remember we don’t dress up to meet our family so why should he be any different. Just treat him as a friend that you want to be. Why bother to dress up for him if you are not trying to impress him anyway. This in any way does not mean that you can’t go shopping with the guy or anything. Remember he is the guy you are trying to friendzone, so if you dress up then it just might excite him enough to make a move. Just be casual around him as much as you can.

Pick your Words Carefully

Sometimes the guy gets the wrong idea when we are just trying to be good friends with him. This in the beginning can be easily straightened out by just picking your words carefully. Try introducing words like best friends even brother at times just to let him know how you feel about him. Sometimes just picking your words carefully would put him in the friendzone before he even thinks about making a move on you.

Tone down on Casual Hangouts

If both of you are used to hanging out a lot and are constantly in contact with each other either by texting then you need to limit these meetings a bit. Once you show him that you have other friends as well and are not completely dependent on him than its more likely that he won’t pursue you any further. If hanging out with you tends to make him want you more then it’s best to tone down these casual hangouts. But remember you are not to completely shut him off as he is your friend. Instead try going for group hangouts so there are people and he won’t make a move on you. And yes, every once in a while it’s alright to have a drink or a coffee with the bloke after class or work.

Compare him to a family member

I normally advise not to do this when you have mixed feelings for some guy but here this might be the trick to friend zone a guy. Start comparing him to your brother or any other male member of your family. If you say things like “You remind me of my brother.” This sort of thing is usually a great turn off but since that’s what you are going for this might do the trick. This way he knows that you care about him a lot just not in a romantic or sexy kind of way. Saying things like this automatically puts the guy in the friend zone.

Politely Refuse any Romantic Gestures

There may come a time when your friend would have gathered enough courage to risk it and make a move. But this is the time when you are really busy with family and any other stuff or so you tell him that. Even if you have done everything right don’t forget that he still likes you, so the urge to ask you out may come up from time to time. You don’t have to worry about that, but you have to be ready to politely refuse to these kinds of romantic gestures. It’s fine if he got you a gift on a special occasion but not when it’s a damn car or something really expensive because that’s a romantic gesture.

Talk About Other Guys

If you two are best friends or even a close friends than I am sure that you two at some point may have talk about other guys or girls with each other. If ‘yes’ then good and if not then it’s best to bring it up now. This way when you talk about other guys with him then he knows that you are thinking about someone else. This way he would not try to disrupt you. Just don’t overdo it, so as to crush his heart. Share just enough to let him know that you don’t think about him that way and there is someone else in your mind.

Talk Rubbish with him

Talk about all the rubbish things you can think of with him. These are the kind of things that family members do or two really close friends do. A friend of mine even went on to start burping and talking about bodily functions with a guy just to be less attractive for him. And when I asked why she did that, she said “He is my colleague from work. And even though I don’t like him, he is really nice guy and he likes me. But no one ask a girl out when she talk about crap to him. So…” See this way she just made it weird for him to ask her out since they were talking about poop.

Be his Wing Woman

Since you are such great friends you are qualified to help him out in that department. Just try to be his wing woman and help him pick up girls. Give him tips on how to pick up girls and how to approach a girl. And all the well pretending you have no idea that he is interested in you. If he thinks that somehow he was spared the humiliation of getting rejected by you then he will quit so no further damage is done. But by being his wing woman you can definitely help a guy out a lot. And by chance if he gets to meet someone he likes then viola you are the greatest friend in the world.

Be Straight Up

Sometimes guys are just too slow to pick up on things like these or perhaps he understood but chose to pursue you anyway. And after you have tried everything then I think it’s best to be straight with the guy and come clean about your feelings. So when he does make a move then you can tell him about how much his friendship means to him and how you don’t want to jeopardize it. Try to be straight up but not blunt so as to hurt his feelings. But do forgive him because in the end he is you friend all his mistake was that he like you more then you him.

I know everyone says that a guy and girl can never be friends but that’s alright in a movie but in real life there are lots of examples of just friends. It’s alright to friend zone a guy and just because you don’t have romantic feelings for him does not mean he is not a great friend. Remember good friends are hard to find and keep that in mind when you do friend zone him so you don’t hurt his feelings.

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