How to Get a Woman to Like You and Secure a Second Date

July 12, 2016

Are you going on your first date? Learn the best tips to get a woman to like you and secure a second date with her and make her fall in love with you.

secure second date

When you meet a woman who seems like the one, the last thing you want is to get friend-zoned by her. You’re ready to go the extra mile to get her interested in you but don’t know how to make a good impression and communicate your intentions in a proper way? You should know that the secret of seduction, or rather drawing woman’s attention, lies in small details of your behavior. In this article provided by, you’ll find effective ways of making a woman fall for you. Also, read an article about the

Mind your posture

The way you move is the first thing a woman will notice when you approach her. Slow down your walking speed and straighten your shoulders. This will add confidence to your posture and make you more attractive. It’s very important to hold an eye contact and smile as you approach her or walk beside her. However, don’t walk too slowly otherwise, she’ll think something is wrong with you.

Reveal your talents

If a man is talented in some way, a woman immediately finds him interesting and even sexy. That is why don’t miss an opportunity to tell a woman about your talents or skills. You should do it in an unobtrusive and careful manner in order not to come across as a show-off. Just wait until you start discussing your hobbies or passions or any related topics, and mention that you, for instance, play the guitar or ride a motorbike without focusing your attention on it. Impression’s made.

Mind how you speak

Man’s confidence manifests itself in his voice so speak clearly and loudly enough as if you are with your male friends. Often, it’s hard to control the pitch of your voice in a stressful situation but some breathing exercises will help you relax and speak in a sure voice.

Focus your attention exclusively on her

When you’re in a public place or at a restaurant, don’t let anything distract you from your date. You should give her all of your attention in order to show that you’re interested in her and enjoy her company very much. Listen to what she says and ask questions to prove that you were listening. Don’t forget to maintain eye contact.

Banter with her

Being too deliberate in your speech will only create a tense atmosphere of your conversation and at some point, she may think you’re boring. You shouldn’t agree with everything she says – object and start a discussion. However, do it in a playful manner teasing her or turning it into a joke. Once a bit of humor and flirting is added to your conversation, any tension will vanish immediately. If you get her to laugh, congrats – she’s already attracted to you.

Be funny

If you want to secure a second date with the woman then never let her lose the smile on her face. A sense of humor is a great gift and if a man has it, he’ll have success with women who highly appreciate man’s ability to make them laugh. The ability to laugh at yourself is even more important in life and it will also help you melt your date’s heart. Tell her a funny awkward story that happened to you once. Apart from making her laugh, you’ll also show her that you’re comfortable with yourself and can see the bright side in any situation. This is what women often look for in men.

Tips to secure a second date

Now that you’ve created a nice base for your second date success, let’s talk about how to perfect your second meeting with a new girl. We often underestimate the importance of a second date and, consequently, ruin the entire impression we made during the first meeting. To avoid such awkward failures, here are some useful tips:

  1. Choose something different. Some of us may assume that restaurants and cafés are perfect for dates. Well, we have some bad news – these spots work only once. You need to be more creative to impress your prospective girlfriend on a second date. Think about such places as zoos, amusement parks, street food festivals, open-air cinemas. This is not even a tip of the iceberg. You may also plan a two-part date – you will have much more time to get to know each other. Just make sure your date doesn’t get too tired.
  2. Build a chemistry. Some couples click from the very first sight; others need some time to build a chemistry. Of course, it’s impossible if you have nothing in common. But if there is, you need to help it spark. Touches and soft brushes can enhance it. While flirting or spending time together, make sure you occasionally touch each other. Sit as close as possible (but don’t overdo it!), help her wear a coat, brush of an eyelid off her cheek.
  3. Use first-date information. You now have a great foundation for developing your relationships. Since you have already spent some time together, you have numerous things to talk about. Discuss all the feelings you associate with the first meeting including the mistakes, happy and awkward moments etc. It will help you build a trust and a mutual understanding. You will also reconstruct the connection you eventually managed to build. Why would you lose a chance to use the basis you created earlier?
  4. Avoid problematic topics. A second date yet remains in a risky phase of your communication. Since you do not know each other sufficiently, you may here and then make your potential girl blush and feel uncomfortable. To avoid this, omit such topics as exes, religion, and politics. If you don’t know much about her past – try to be careful with the topic of family.
  5. Take it easy. Girls are emotionally more sensitive. Therefore, your date will feel your nervousness. Relax and try to enjoy what’s happening right now. Don’t lie to make an impression. We also strongly recommend ending a date in the most sincere way possible. If you actually feel the connection, don’t act visibly indifferent – show your real emotions and talk about the impressions. But remember – honesty and rudeness are not the same phenomena!
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