How to Express Love to a Girl

March 23, 2017

Find the best way to express love to a girl with your actions and words. These tips will help you to make the girl realize your feelings without telling her.

Express Love to a Girl

Expressing love is something to be enjoyed and not feel stressed about. Many relations never begin or don’t last long because the guy involved doesn’t know how to express his feelings properly. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time using the L-word or the umpteenth time if you don’t show it. Once you know that you are in love with this person then you need to hold on to them. The best to do this is by expressing how much you love and care about them. Here are some ways to express love to a girl with words and actions.

Know your Feelings

Before going on and expressing your feelings to a girl, first, you need to know how you actually feel. So, take a seat and make sure you are in love with this girl and it’s not just an infatuation. Sometimes we don’t know whether we love a person, but the people around can see it and may even tease us a bit. So, if you are confused then talk to a person close to you like say family or a trusted friend. This way you may get some idea about your feelings. And if nothing works try seeing your life without her, sometimes even a day without her seems incomplete, so this will definitely give you an answer.

Make up your Mind

Once you know for sure that you love this girl then do you want to pursue it or not. Most people don’t express their feelings and expect the girl to know how they feel. Don’t do that, the girl is not a mind reader or a psychic that she would know exactly how you feel. Some of us try hiding our feeling out of fear for rejection. Don’t do this either, let the girl make up her mind about you. If you are not giving yourself the chance to love then why would she.

I say the best way to get out of this is to just tell her how you feel and let the pieces fall where they may. This way you would not end up scared of every move you make that might incriminate you. But remember you want to express love to a girl and not enforce it. This needs to be done with proper planning keeping in mind that the girl may need time to think. So, first you need to make up your mind on what you want to do. Finally, give her some time to decide what she wants to do without any pressure.

Choose the best time and place

So, you have decided that you are going to go ahead with it. Then the next thing is to express it at proper time and place. Planning how to express your love to the girl just increases the chances of reciprocation. Choose a place where you two can talk nicely without being disturbed. Select the time like after having a nice conversation over a meal or after a great romantic movie would certainly be nice, don’t you think?

Certain things to keep in mind when thinking about an ideal place would be, it shouldn’t be too loud. Never select a place where it is difficult to talk or too crowded where everyone can overhear you guys talking. A good place would in a nice restaurant, but even a takeout food at your place in a romantic setting may do the trick. And as for time is concerned then know that every girl likes to know that she is loved. So anytime of the day is perfect as long as you don’t do it after sex, while intoxicated or after an engorging argument.

Lastly, don’t just send her a text or an email saying that you love her. This is not the way to express love to a girl for the first time. Be a man enough to do it face to face and if not for her then do it for you. Make her feel special just because she is and you already know that you being in love with her.

Express your love and feelings

If you are thinking about expressing your love for the first time then you need to be honest with her. You don’t need to make it grandeur; just a simple gesture of kindness and love will let her know that you care. Forget what movies and romance novels tell you, just remember that this is the girl you love and you know what she really likes. So, do what makes her happy and this way you express your love through actions and then you can also do it by using the words. Here are some of the ways you can express love to a girl using action and words as well.

Express Love Through Actions

Expressing your love through actions means doing things that lets her know that you care. People after initial dates don’t take that much interest in actually doing anything which then leads to break ups. And as for first timers this is the time when you may throw hint about how you feel to notice her reactions. This way if she feels the same way then you can say the words as well.

  • Once a day: Every day take some time to show her how much you love her. If you show her that you love her once a day by making a small gesture like “Good morning, Love” or even just putting the dishes in washer after she has eaten does it. These are the things that help make your relationship stronger. Sometimes even an extra long and passionate kiss lets her know how you feel.
  • Physical Affection: Physical affection is one of the best ways to express your love. That said some people don’t like getting too much physical, but the best way to know this is actually talking to her. This way you know how she feels and if she is comfortable with PDA or not. But one should be comfortable with hand holding, hugging and kissing in some capacity.
  • Unexpected Favors: Just like you love it when someone cooks your favorite meal without any special occasion, she too would like certain unexpected favors. Doing this favors automatically expresses your love for her. This favors doesn’t have to be huge deal it can simply be a massage when she is tired and stressed from a day’s work. Keep in mind that you are not doing this for anything in exchange because that would just ruin its purpose.
  • Date Nights: Plan a date night every week or every other week, this helps to keep the relationship fresh. A date night doesn’t necessarily mean going out it can easily be a rented movie with take-out food on her couch after a hectic week. Date night actual purpose is so that you two actually spend some time together face to face and actually having real conversations.
  • Space and Time: After so much love it’s also essential that you give her some space to be with herself. You don’t need to smother her with love, just to express it and that can easily be done by giving her some space and allowing her to be with friends and stuff. When you know you are in love with her then you don’t need to be jealous or suspicious.

Express Love through Words

Another way of expressing love to a girl is by using your words. Just like you like it when someone says something positive about you, she might too. Using your words is a great way because then she doesn’t need to interpret things as you just said what you feel. Here are some ways you can express your love using words.

  • Use Synonyms: Using synonyms is just like saying the actual thing just with a twist and a teasing one I must say. Everyone likes to hear the L-word from someone they love and it’s something that’s expected as well. But if you also use some synonyms of it, then just makes them fall for you even more. Phrases like “You complete me” or “You had me at hello” from Jerry Maguire are classic example of using synonyms.
  • Show Appreciation: Showing appreciation or praising her for what she has done for you let’s her know that you noticed it. And if you noticed it means you were paying attention at her and that’s just the simplest form of expressing your love. Using words like “Thank You” and “Couldn’t have done it without you” are some common courtesy you can use to show appreciation.
  • Love after Fight: Every couple fights, this is not something to be ashamed of. In fact a couple that avoids fighting or have secrets doesn’t tend to last long. So, in essence fighting is good for your relationship just as long as it’s fair. Don’t start blaming each other for stuff that has happened and apologize even if you were right. Remember there is no ‘I’ in couples nor there is place for it.
  • Say it Out Loud: Believe me there is no better feeling then to say the words or to hear them said to you. So, say the three words that you have been holding back on for far too long. And say it as much as you want and say it out loud for the world to know that you love her.

Be Patient

Just because you said it doesn’t mean that she has to. Keep in mind that you have had days to think about how you feel and once you were confident then only you expressed your feelings. So, now she may need that much time as well to make sure how she feels about you. Just be patient with her and let her know that she doesn’t need to say it and that it’s okay if she needs some time to think.

And make sure to tell her that you just express it because you couldn’t hold it in any longer. Being patient shows her that you care about her feelings as well and are not going to rush her. If you need help being patient then read this phrase “You lose your cool, you lose the girl”.

Finally, just because you successfully expressed your feelings once, doesn’t mean you don’t have to do it again. This is not a onetime thing, it’s a lifelong thing. So, keep up the work and remember as long as you express she will be impressed.

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