How To Approach An Unknown Girl At A Party

March 11, 2021

Learn the best ways on how to approach an unknown girl at a party, club, school, gym, or office. These tips will help you confidently approach her without making mistakes.

Before talking to an unknown girl you become nervous, but after learning these tips to approach a girl in a club, party, or bar you will have no problem. Some mistakes that men regularly make are also covered so that you don't make those and confidently start the conversation with your ideal girl.

approach a girl in party or club

Anxiety from approaching a girl affects about 80% of the male population and the result is many of them are single and remain single until they can understand the best way to deal with this situation.

To paint a scenario, within a matter of minutes of arriving at a party or a club, an adorable girl and in many cases a lovely group of girls have been spotted by you. You desire to approach the females, however, you're shy and focus on rejection or perhaps maybe you just fear talking to unknown girls.

Just don't be anxious, conversing with most women at a party doesn't end up being so challenging and the thought is often a lot worse in your own head than the reality of what will happen.

If you wish to speak with unknown girls at a party, the only thing you need to do is start up a conversation, a friendly conversation without initial intentions, you should help them stay engaged and interested. If you are wanting to learn how to approach girls at a club, simply just stick with these simple steps:

  1. Once you see that she is not having a conversation with anyone, walk up to her and then simply say : "Hello" along with introducing yourself. Now inform her that you have walked over because she caught your eye and that you think she is extremely attractive and beautiful. It will be fairly easy to know instantly from her reaction whether she is interested or perhaps the most unfortunate situation, she is going to refuse, either way if you never try you will never know. If she says no or she is not interested then respect that and immediately leave, not many girls will dislike being hit on if you are polite, the worst case scenario is she will find it funny but the more you do this, the easier it will get.
  1. Whenever you notice a unknown beautiful girl you'd love to interact, let her eye make contact with you before you go to have a conversation with her and this is the best way to approach a girl, fish for that eye contact first. As soon as your eye makes contact with her eyes, make sure to retain the contact, maybe a little smile. Once you repetitively establish an eye contact with a person, it might be a signal that she is interested and be willing to start a conversation.
  1. A secret that came to my ears is that girls really like getting a love note. You can simply write "hi" on a tissue or a piece of paper along with your name. Example, "Hi, my name is Daniel, I find you so adorable", can we have a chat or you can write a good one liner on it. If she smiles go and approach her or you can even leave your number on it. If she shows the sign of not being interested leave her alone.
  1. Look at the girl and as soon as she catches your eye, immediately give back a smile to her. If she returns a smile then this can be a bonus for you. Even if she does not smile back don't worry, but this will make her ready that a boy is interested in her. Now gently approach her with a "hi". And I am constantly repeating that if she says that she is not interested then back off and leave her.
  1. One coolest tip is to approach a girl is to take help from the bartender at party, friends at school or some of the colleagues at office. You just need to ask them to go up to the girl and say that there is a man in this party who secretly admires you? She will definitely ask, who is this person? The bartender will point at you and as soon as she look at you give her a big smile. After the smile go to her with confidence and make an effort to keep a good conversation. Well, if she does not seem interesting, but you have tried a good trick on her and trying will improve the confidence in you.

Top 5 mistakes guys make while approaching a girl

  1. Entering the comfort zone of an unknown girl: Apart from a formal handshake at the time of introduction, never touch her or enter her comfort zone. Understand that she is totally unaware who you are so simple go with a funny and interesting conversation.
  2. Never approach when your are drunk: Going drunk to her can be sign that you are going to be dumped immediately. Never even think to approach her in this way. This all stuffs may be working in movies, but in real life there is no place for such an act. You will be either slapped or thrown out of the club.
  3. Having no plan to execute: A plan is important at the time when you are conversing with the girl. Suppose the girl signals you that she is interested and you have know plan how to start the conversation and how to finally get her number. Well, it is not at all necessary to have a plan, but this may increase your chance to get her number and later hangout with her.
  4. Perverting your image in front of the girl: When a girl is having a conversation, don't ruin the chance to be with her. Look at her face and eyes at the time you are talking to her. If you lower your vision to her breasts, she is definitely going to notice that. So avoid trying to be a pervert, instead act as a gentlemen because your first impression is the last one.
  5. Using pickup lines: Surveys with girls have shown that they are less likely to react to a person who uses a pick up line to approach her. Even relationship experts recommend to refrain from using such lines for your first conversation.
    So what you learn from these tips? Girls like confidence and you need to be a confident person before approaching her. Also remember not to make any above mistakes that can make her uncomfortable. So whichever tip you liked use it in the next party.
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