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How to Approach a Guy You Like

Find the best way to approach a guy you like online on facebook, over text, in school, at gym or at work without seeming desperate. These tips work even when you have not talked to this guy.

approach a guy

Do you like someone or in general have thought about approaching a stranger across the room but didn’t? Don’t worry; it happens to every woman at least once in her lifetime. I know its old school for today’s generation, but I generally meet guys in workplace or at parties or even at bar at times. But what’s not old school is that today a girl can approach a guy and no one would judge her one bit. So to all those fellow girls out there who sees and likes a guy across the room just stand up and approach him. And if you don’t know how to go about it then just follow my lead and you won’t seem desperate.

Build Confidence

First things first, to approach a guy you need some guts and a lot of confidence in yourself. You see you can’t just wait around for the perfect guy anymore because the chances are that dumb perfect guy is approached by some other bimbo out there. Secondly you can’t just approach a guy and then start acting all shy and dorky. So you need a lot of confidence to do this. But not to worry the things that a girl need to feel confidence or just pretend to be a confident woman is right down here.

Dress Sexy

Nothing makes a girl more comfortable in her skin when she knows that she looks hot. It’s a well known phenomenon that when a person knows they look good they tend to relax a bit and in doing so develop a sense of confidence about themselves. So for you to get some confidence why not start with looking great. Secondly how you look is utmost important as it is going to be the first thing anyone looks before getting to know you. So clean yourself up, wear proper attire, put on nice sandals and lastly have a nice fragrance on you. Once you know you look good your confidence will increase and you are ready to get out there.

Feel Sexy

When you look good you feel good. As you have dress sexy you may as well feel sexy. Just loosen up a little, don’t take yourself too seriously for at least some part of the day. Feeling sexy is all about being comfortable with just who you are and enjoy a little. If you are comfortable showing some skin then do it if not then don’t. Just do whatever makes you feel good accept going to a party or a bar in your sweat pants, I mean there is a limit to everything.

First impressions before approach

First impression is all about getting their attention and creating some attraction between the two of you. And if you have done the above two steps to feel confident then no doubt your first impression would be good enough. Let’s see how we can use more of this first impression to approach a guy you like.

Eye Contact

Once you have picked a guy you like then the fun starts. First make eye contact with the guy and if you are not in his visual range then get in it but don’t do something drastic. Believe me after the first impression there is certainly going to be some eyes on you. So pick one and stay with it. Making eye contact is fun but don’t linger for too long just take a peak and then look around the room and go back again. It’s like pinball you make eye contact and then look away.

Sly Smiles

After making eye contact a couple of times its time to combine it with sly smiles. What you do now is that you look at him and as soon as he looks at you give him a smile and look away and then back at him again. This is what a sly smile is and the way it works is that guy knows that you were looking at him and that you are interested and that smile was an invitation for him. Doing this a couple of times would be enough to make him approach you.

Different Methods to Approach a Guy

Sometimes it happens that a guy is shy or not confident enough to approach you and that’s when you have to do it. If you like a guy then just go for it, there’s nothing wrong with after all it’s the 21st century. Guys today are so into technology that they have actually forgotten how the games works. But now that you are a confident woman you don’t have to wait around, you can just go and approach a guy online or in person at work, school or at party. Now before doing that learn the three different kind of approach mentioned here.

Simple Approach

Simple approach is where you get a friend to make the introductions or you just go by yourself and have a nice chat with him. This doesn’t necessarily means that you are interested and gives you plenty of opportunity to back off if you find out he is not that interesting. Another way of simple approach is when you take your friends along for the chat. This way it is not awkward anymore. But I recommend you go by yourself and let him see you coming so he is ready. This way he knows that you are interested and have a chance to open up a bit more.

Damsel Approach

Damsel approach is a bit more classic or dare I say vintage. In early day women use to drop their napkins to show that they are interested and the guy who picked it up would be considered as interested as well. We are just taking the principle of that time and using it as an approach. Ask a guy for a drink suggestion or asking a guy for directions or something obvious that you can figure it out yourself. Sometime I even go for the vintage one in its pure form throwing a handkerchief down to see if there is gentleman around. These all damsel approach start their own type of conversations and then you take it from there.

Bold Approach

Now this is getting serious. Bold approach is calling a guy out on how attracted he is to you. Two ways I use this approach, first is when I send a drink to the guy who is making eye contact and smiling back at me. And second is I ask the guy for a dance. Of course I find out beforehand if a guy likes to dance or about his ordered drink from the bartender. Although bold approach may seem a little out there, but then again the chances of success with bold approach are also that much high. If you are confident and it seems that the guy is also not very shy then use this method approach a guy you like.

Conversations matter

Once the approached the guy and you two have started talking, now is the time for the reality check. I mean if you like him enough to date him or just want to get it over with. Some guys look great from a distance, but once they start talking they are as dumb as a bunny. So have a nice conversation and try to get the lay of the land properly I mean, check his sense of humor and attentiveness. And to do that here are your two tools, verbal flirting and visual flirting.

Verbal Flirting

Some of the girls I know get freaked out during the flirting period. They gather up enough courage to approach a guy, but don’t know how to take it any further. Just chill this is the fun period there will be a lot of serious conversations later, this is suppose to be easy part. If you don’t know how to go about it then just mirror what he guy is doing because he is probably flirting with you. Have a good sense of humor, tease him a little and don’t take anything too much seriously. If all else fails then use your laughter as it always works.

Visual Flirting

Verbal flirting is all good and fine but when it comes to visual flirting it needs a bit of focus. Apart from focus, it also needs a pinch of shy and at times bold. Visual flirting is to draw the guy’s attention where you want. Like if you want him to kiss you then make him think about it. While listening to him bite your lower lip on one side just a little. Doing that will immediately draw his attention to your lips and guy being guy would start thinking about kissing you. Similarly, if you want him to look at your face then gently put curl of your hair behind your ears. If you want to draw attention to your legs then rub it while looking at them and then back at him again. A guy’s eyes will follow yours anywhere it goes, so use it to get what you want.

The end of conversation

After having a conversation if you think the guy is not for you then leave him by making a simple excuse and even if the guy is your type leave now. You see after a nice conversation you need to leave before the conversation dies down and you two get bored. Always remember to leave on a high note. This way you leave him wanting more and that gets you a date or at the very least another crack at it. Just make any simple excuse and leave. The guy won’t really try to stop you as he doesn’t want you to know that he is interested just like you are. But this gives him a chance to ask you out and if he doesn’t that you might as well go for it because the chances are you may never see him again.

Lastly all I want to say is if you like someone go for it. Don’t wait around for the perfect guy to come around because life is short. Just say to yourself “30 Seconds” that’s all the time you need to approach a guy and say hello and then you just take it from there. The worst that can happen will be if the guy would say no. Well, there’s plenty of other guy then this douche bag. Just remember this 30 seconds rule and you will be fine.

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