How to Ask for Forgiveness From Your Boyfriend

June 9, 2017

Find the best way to ask for forgiveness from your boyfriend or husband you love so much. These messages can also be used over text to make him forgive you fast.

This situation is pretty common in relationships when one of the partners commits some mistake which has angered the other partner except if a boyfriend or a girlfriend gives signs for cheating then it's way more complicated. It is that bitter moment where we realize that we have screwed up with our partner and that the fault of their anger is us and nobody else. And in spite of everything, we cannot think of how to begin to apologize. Let's see some messages to ask for forgiveness from your boyfriend with which you will begin climbing to the mountain of reconciliation.

Start with sorry

"I'm sorry, I did not know you'd feel bad." It is a short and simple message, off-road, it is valid for almost everything that is not obvious. You have to be a bit careful with it if your partner is very angry. In the case of major blunders, infidelities or very big anger do not use because it would produce the opposite effect than expected. It is useful for small things. A tight hug and a sorry is a great way to ask for forgiveness from your boyfriend and this makes him easily forgive you.

Tell your boyfriend how bad you feel

"Please forgive me, now I realize what I've done, it's horrible and I feel terrible." This is very Shakespearean and all a recognition of the bad person that you are. Highly recommended for situations of great depth with an obvious culprit that has no excuse of any kind. It is an ode to the unconsciousness of a person who has fallen into disgrace. Sincerity is important here and remembers that with this phrase you put everything in the field of your partner, which can punish you with all of the law. Recommended only if there are no nuances in what you have done, you are guilty and there is no explanation or excuse possible.

Make him an offer

"I'm sorry for everything, please let us fix it and do something together tomorrow, whatever you want." This is a great message to send. It not only seeks reconciliation but also makes an offer to fix it. If the next day you have to work, study or whatever then leave this note for your boyfriend. The intentionality of solving the problem, of assuming your part, and of trying to solve it together is a triple-action pill in this simple sentence. It is highly recommended in case of discussions on different points of view and the conversation went away. In this way, you take the first step by taking your part and seeking to close the matter by reaffirming the relationship.

Let him know that you love him

"This has helped me to know who I love with all my heart, please forgive me, now I know for sure what I feel." Okay, you did. You were unfaithful and now you regret it. It is a difficult situation because there are two types of damage to repair: the offense and lack of confidence that will generate the event. The former is easier to solve than the latter. But above all, we must show repentance quickly.

Do not wait a second. Send the message. Every minute is precious. Leave space for the future, make sure that the relationship will now be much stronger, that has been strengthened (by you). That you had doubts before, but that no longer, that now you know who you really want. That message summarizes your feelings. Commitment is one of the things couples must maintain; That's why if you decided to make a living with someone, take it seriously.

Bring some chocolates or cook something

"I brought you chocolates to show you how much I love you. Sorry". Giving away sweets to the love of your life is one of the options that always works, especially when you love sweets. Chocolate products often raise the self-esteem of anyone, since they contain an element that is linked to serotonin. It is the hormone that is responsible for making us feel pleasure. Always know how to take advantage of these opportunities. If the chocolate seems childish to you then cook his favorite dish because the way to a man’s heart even today goes through his stomach.

Let him know you don’t want to lose him

"I do not see myself far from you, I'm sorry for the damage I did to you." This phrase fits perfectly with one we've all heard in life: "you never know what you have until you lose it." When one person falls in love with another, he always imagines a future with that person. However, when making a mistake during the relationship, this illusion often shatters. Making your partner feel that life is not the same without him, is a good initiative to make him feel valued, respected, and loved once again.

Make him understand

"Do not let little things ruin our relationship." There are things that look insignificant in one's eyes, but the other's eyes are destructive. It is important for the couple to recognize that some mistakes, however small, if not forgotten can become harmful and can be fatal to a relationship. Tell your boyfriend that there will be mistakes done by both him and you, but for a happy relationship, you need to forgive. Doing extraordinary things will help you remember the beautiful things that you have experienced as a couple. It will serve to increase self-esteem and thus give yourself a new opportunity in love.

Show him sincerity

"My love for you is sincere, I did not want to fail you." When you love, you will not fail; And less when it is a sincere love. That is why, in order to win back your boyfriend’s trust, you should not just say this sentence but show it to yourself. Sincerity generates trust, and if there is trust there is love. Sincerity is a virtue that can be taken advantage of by leaving behind a little ego that allows you to act the wrong way. This value will give you the opportunity to become a unique being worth admiring.

Accept your behavior was not good

"I behaved immaturely, forgive me." This phrase applies to those who have not yet grown mentally and do not take the relationship seriously. Recognize before the love of your life that you still need to change and make your attitudes speak for themselves. This will make your boyfriend realize that you maturely accepted your mistake. This is a great phrase you can use if you are in your twenties to ask for forgiveness from your boyfriend. It must be specially used after a fight where you have said of a lot of stuff to your boyfriend which made him angry.

Talk about the future with him

"I want my dreams to come true by your side, let's get back." We all want to fulfill dreams and goals alongside the people we love. This phrase becomes powerful when the proposal takes firmness to materialize. If you promise something do it because you are sure to comply. The promise is an act of fidelity that your partner will value, in this way will be willing to share their successes and failures at your side. Showing him that you want a future with him is a great technique to ask for forgiveness from your boyfriend.

Apologize when you break a promise

"Sorry for promising you so much and not complying." If the breach of a promise was the cause of disgust, remember that recognizing mistakes is a good strategy to mend. Never promise something that you cannot keep, so you will avoid looking bad and disappointing the person who loves you. Deception will only generate heart pain that, the bigger it is, the greater the effort you have to make to regain it and regain your boyfriend’s trust.

Let’s start new

"Let's forget everything and start new." This phrase is one of the most romantic that anyone can hear. It sounds a bit cheeky, but fun at the same time. It is cool for couples who after a break want to reconcile themselves by doing different things. Launching to experience new things and getting out of the routine is feasible so that the past is forgotten and happiness begins to flow while pleasantly enjoying life with the person who gives you the best smiles: the love of your life.

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