How to Ask a Guy Out on a Date

July 25, 2020

Are you thinking to ask a guy out on a date then you have come to the right place. Here we will explain every thing you need to know about asking a guy out.

ask a guy out on a date

This things do not happen very often that a girl actually ask a guy out and so it seems a little bizarre. However, nowadays modern and confident woman wait for no man to make the first move because sometimes men are dumb or act like dumb even though they have been sent hints and given opportunities. But no worries, in this article you will learn everything from how to send hints to the guy, to pre-planning a date proposal, to actual date proposal and how to manage the best and the worst case scenarios.

Asking a guy out directly might be a bit premature instead one should give the guy a chance to ask a lady out first. So before asking let’s just try some things to show the guy that you are interested and make him the one to ask you out and let him handle all the pressure and the preparations to woo you and not the other way around. All this can be done by sending him some subtle hints, some casual outings, a little bit of flirting and he will get the message. So let’s see how this can be done.

Flirting Before Asking Out

Flirting, well if you have ever liked anyone then you know that flirting is an important thing to begin and maintain a relationship. Good flirting is like breathing fresh air because after a long day of people yapping all over you about one thing or another then comes a girl or a guy who really knows how to actually flirt which is a bit refreshing. For letting the guy you know that you think of him that way flirting can be really helpful as you can drop some comments and walk away leaving him thinking about what you really meant.

But the important thing about flirting is it works only when done properly and it not only involves speaking but when included a bit of body language can do wonders for you. If you have ever smiled at a stranger or made eye contact with a guy couple of times then you are already flirting as it is initiation of flirting.

If you could just involve a bit of body language with it like when you are telling something which is scandalous try getting close to him, touch his arm once at the end of the conversation and try flirting with your eyes, lips a bit because while talking these are the things that catches his attention. Lastly, try biting your lips slowly in the middle when he is talking to you as it will get his attention to your lips and he will start thinking about kissing you.

Drop Subtle Hints

Subtle hints involve flirting with him a little bit deeply and telling him things like “You are such a nice guy. Try staying like this and I might just fall for you” then laugh and leave as this is one of the examples of ‘Drop and Ditch’ flirting trick. This trick makes him think about you and him together which just might be enough for him to ask you out. You can also drop subtle hints like telling him that you have concert tickets to band and your friend totally bailed on you.

You would really like to go and let him be the one to ask you and if he is not a dumb person then he would take a hint and ask you out. Be sure to mention that it’s a date because than it might be confusion and you could end up in the friend zone.

So, when he ask or offers to take you to the concert then you could just say “Fine, it’s a date” and let him know that you two are going on date and see where it leads. Secondly on this date try to be a bit flirty and have fun, but remember to make plans for future dates if you still like the guy as this is the best time to get on with dating the guy.

Casual Outings

Now if the subtle hints don’t work or you were not able to execute the future part then you could just try the casual outings things. This presents a lot of opportunities for the guy to ask you while you are already on a date type thing. In this all you have to do is invite him to a garden party or a barbecue or a dorm party or some other group activity like hiking or anything that you think might interest him.

Then bring out your best flirting game with dropping subtle hints might just get the job done. But there are two things one should look out for when planning casual outings. First never take him on a family outing because that would just ruin the romantic mood. Second never invite your foxy friend to your casual outing as she will get his attention not you and then things might get out of hands.

Premature Planning

This here is to prepare for what you are about to do which is asking a guy out. And if you have done the above steps properly then the guy should’ve asked you out but in case he didn’t then either he is dumb or in a very tough spot. And by tough spot I mean it could any of the four things.

First, you broke up or he broke up with your/his best friend. Second, he looks at you just as a friend. Third his best friend already said that he likes you to him. Fourth he is very shy and is not able to express his feelings. Now he can’t make a play for you that’s to say that if he is not dumb then it’s bro code which is even more idiotic. So, knowing which one it is prepare to tackle it which will give you some confidence to go from there accordingly.

Make your Decision

This part here is for you to make a decision whether he is worth the trouble or not because if he is then you must go for it. In case he is not then just stop and give some other guy a chance to take you out on a date. In the end if you decide to go for it then you have thought this through and now you have the courage to do the right thing. To muster up extra courage let’s do some things to push him towards the yes zone when asked. First is to look nice because if you look nice you will have the confidence and he will be mesmerized by your asking him out. But don’t go overboard just comb your hair, put on some make-up and put on a decent dress and then go and ask him out.

Be Confident

When you are finally meeting him the day you have planned to ask a guy out you need to be confident that you can do this. It is difficult to appear confident when your nerves are not in control, but try to act confident which maybe a bit difficult. There are things which can help you to at least appear normal and confident and not a nerve wreck that you are right now. First is to appear nice, wear a beautiful dress, apply some make up and smell nice and if you look beautiful you are bound to appear confident. Secondly, remember you have planned every little detail for this moment so nothing could or should go wrong. Remember your excuses and use them if needed.

When and Where

Well these are two important things to think about when planning to ask a guy out on a date. Let’s see about the first one that is when to ask a guy. On the day when you are going to ask him out please check how is he doing, does he has any plans already. Also, try to take a sense if he is in a good mood or something bad has happened to him.

Now comes where to do it and so to answer this I would tell you to do it someplace where you could talk and hear each other but are in public. I know, it doesn’t seem to romantic but this works but never ask him out in front of everyone or where everyone could hear you. Talking as this puts pressure on him and you might not get the proper response. So just keep these things in mind when planning to ask him out.

Don’t Go Overboard

In this article we have already taught you about flirting so use that tricks to your advantage. And when the moment arises just go for it. Don’t back off now just flirt a little, have a few laughs and then ask him. No matter what happens don’t go overboard like start mumbling if says yes or no. Just take it with grace and use an appropriate excuse and get out of there. Once you are out of his sight and alone then and only then you can celebrate or curse if you want.

Just Do It

Just a little tip don’t go round and round the topic when asking him out because you already know what you want to say and what his answer is going to be and you are prepared for either so just talk about the main thing and ask him out the way you have planned.

In today’s world it is not that rare that a girl asks a guy out and it is not considered as to forward so when you want to ask a guy out just do it and don’t wait for him to come around instead drop some subtle hints to let him know you are interested and then when all fails just go an ask him on a date and in order to do that properly you will find that the above steps useful. Remember it’s nothing to be embarrassed about for a guy or a girl to ask or to be asked out.

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