How to Attract a Scorpio Man

March 11, 2021

Find the best way to attract a Scorpio man and make him chase you. These tips will help you better understand the Scorpio zodiac sign and thus get his attention and make him fall in love.

attract a Scorpio man

Scorpio man may come across as a bit shy or even absent sometimes, but then out of the blue he is the one everyone is talking about. It’s things like these that confuse a lot of people on how to approach a Scorpio man. But if you knew how a Scorpio thinks, what their traits are and what they crave then you wouldn’t be that surprised.

If I am to understand that you like a guy whose zodiac sign is Scorpio. I would say it’s no wonder that you are here because with them it’s always confusing yet adventurous and fun. One moment you think you are in the clear zone and the next he does something unpredictable which sometimes annoys you. However, this is the thing that makes you attracted to him. Now that we know you are attracted to him, let’s see what makes this zodiac sign tick, so we can attract a Scorpio man to you as well.

Scorpio Personality Traits

Before going all in with a Scorpio man you need to know all that he brings to the table and if it satisfies you or not. You would agree that to attract someone you actually need to know a bit about them. So here are some things that you need to know about Scorpio men in general.

A Scorpio man likes to be in control and get things done. Once he decides that he wants to do this then it’s really difficult to make him give up his quest. They are also fearless and won’t let failure bother them much. One of the good things about Scorpios is that they are very well balanced between being too emotional to being heartless and also between funny to plain old stupid. It’s one of the traits that make them good long term friends. And lastly for the positive side is that they are very intuitive so decision making is sort of their forte.

As it says “You have to take the good with the bad” so, here are some Scorpio traits you need be aware of. Scorpio men are big on not sharing. They are good listener which makes people enjoy their company, but most of the time they don’t reveal anything about them. This would be good if you in CIA, but for a relationship it is not. Secondly, they are the true passionate kind and would do anything to get what they want.

This would be good for a career and stuff, but in a relationship they can go overboard at times and may come across jealous. And beware of Scorpio’s sting because they are the resentful kind and a master manipulator if you let them be. But these are the extremes for a Scorpio Man as in general they avoid it as long as you don’t draw the first blood.

Relationship Expectations from Scorpio man

To successfully attract a Scorpio man, first let us discuss “What do you want from him?” You can’t just make a Scorpio man fall in love with you and then say “Hey, it was just a fling. No offense.” This will make you a target for anyone’s anger, but only this one has the focus and determination to make you miserable.

So, if you just want a fling with him then just be upfront about it. This way you attack two of his personality traits. First is, honesty, a Scorpio guy is very intuitive and so he can see a lie from a mile back. But when someone is upfront with him, then they earn their respect and trust. And secondly, you play on his ego as in a challenge. Since you just want to have a fling and not a commitment then you definitely present a challenge for him.

But if you want a relationship with him, than that’s a bit tough because they require a lot of up-keep. Scorpio Men are like playboy, egoistic and proper man like we see on television. This is all great if you want to hang out, be friends or have a casual fling with him but when it comes to a commitment they can be quite tricky. First of all they are secretive so you don’t know what they are thinking; you have to pry it out of them.

Secondly, they don’t do bullshit, they are man of their word and they expect the same from you. Third, they like to be in control and they are good at it too but in a relationship it is something to be shared and so you have to fight for it. And lastly, they get bored too easily so if you are no longer a mystery then you’ll see them fading away real soon. See, I told you they require a lot of upkeep but there is an upside of it too.

As a relationship with them is unlike any other because it’s going to be more passionate then you can imagine and once they are in they are all in, it’s make it or break it for them. So, if this is something that you desire then here are some things you can do to attract a Scorpio man and make him fall in love.

Meaningful Conversations

Guys under this zodiac sign are the philosophical kind, they generally like to have deep meaningful conversation. A person who only cares about her make-up then what day it is then she doesn’t stand a chance with this guy. They like to have intellectual conversations with their partner and learn what other people think about a particular subject. And they judge you on your thoughts or the lack there off.

So, if a time comes when you don’t understand what he is talking about then don’t just wing it instead be honest and ask him about it. Scorpios are very intuitive, so they know when you are winging it and it’s kind of a turn off for them. But if you will be honest about then they will not only be impressed by your honesty, but also intrigued. This way you will present a mystery for him, which will you attract a Scorpio guy and keep him interested.

Tease the guy

Having meaningful conversation is one thing, but Scorpio men like any other men are visual. So, you will need to look hot and sexy for him as well as have a good mind. It’s like we say you need to have brains to be attractive for him.

Secondly, teasing goes to another level for Scorpios than any other. It’s something he could fight for and that’s what you want from him. But remember that there is a difference in being a tease and teasing him, you don’t want to be the former. If you want to tease him then wear a skirt, show some skin, but while doing that don’t stop him from approaching you too. You need to play hard to get but not impossible. The difference being that once in a while you should give him a win just to keep things interesting. This way he can talk to you, have meaningful conversations with you but not have you. And this way you get him to reveal a bit of himself as well.

Share Personal Secrets

Sharing personal secrets creates bond between you two that takes it to a whole different level. Scorpio men are men of their word, so you don’t have to worry about him spreading your secrets when he promised not to. This not only binds you two, but also makes him trust you more as you did with him. Just don’t share all your personal secrets in one go because that will just make him run for the hills. By this trick you gain the trust of the guy and to attract a Scorpio man you need to make him trust you.

Let Loose

Scorpios, along with philosophical talks craves for adventure and mystery as well. So, it would be fun if you could make every meeting with him a bit adventurous. I am not saying that you should mountain climbing or diving on every dates, just trying different cuisines would do. And don’t try to plan each everything you two do together instead try to let loose and have fun when you are together. All this will make him stick around because it’s too much fun for him to let go.

Speak your Mind

Some people love it when a person agrees with them, but it’s different for Scorpios. They would rather have a lively debate then an empty approval. So do speak your mind when you disagree about certain philosophy of his because he could spot an empty approval from a mile away (Scorpio Intuition). This also helps to keep the mystery of what is you going.

So, if you disagree or if you don’t know about certain aspects of the conversation then be honest. Speak your mind to impress Scorpio men as they love a good challenge as well as honesty.

Date Plans

Date plans with Scorpios are always fun because here’s a guy who would love to talk to you about anything while hanging out with sharks (Just Saying). Scorpios have an opinion on everything and hence are pretty good at having conversation if it’s intriguing for them. Conversely they like adventures and challenges as well. So when planning dates you need consider getting him intrigued and involved. Planning dates like going dancing or having a dinner at a nice restaurant both works for him as long as you can keep him interested. Dates like dancing would work for teasing him and help break the physical barrier where as dinner dates with lively conversation would get him close on an emotional level. You just need to balance these dates accordingly for him.

Know when to stop with Scorpio man

This one is for both him and for you. Scorpios by nature like to be in control and this will show in relationship. So, you should know when to stop him from taking complete control of your life. And conversely they are secretive as well, so you should also know when to back off if situation calls for it. This, here it is tricky to attract a Scorpio man and be in a relationship with him. They love you and your resistance, but at the same time would wish to control you. This constant fight between and when to pry and when to stop is what makes Scorpio men attractive and at the same time that much hard to date.

Scorpio men are a force of nature. If they want you they will make it happen. And just like that if you want one you should do the same. Just keep the above things in mind when doing so.

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