How To Be an Alpha Male

December 2, 2016

Find the best ways to be an alpha male to attract girls and make others respect you. These traits and tips will help guys to become a better version of themselves.

be an alpha male

Alpha male is a person others look up to. People who respect him and he himself is aware of his superiority. Alpha male is a man who is the winner in their social and professional circles. He is the man who is master of his own life and makes his own choice. Below you will find a complete list of things which will help you claim the title of alpha male. Most men are always looking for tips on how to be an alpha male in relationships, at work or in any other areas of your life.

If a man is asked, an alpha male is a leader, the leader of the pack, a warrior, someone who defends his ideals firmly. If you ask a woman, they may be the kind of man from before, when there were not so many (recognized) choices. Be that as it may, an "alpha male" seems to have a number of identifiable characteristics.

Traits of an alpha male

  1. He trusts himself, but not to the level of irritating. An alpha male knows what he wants and he knows he can get it. He trusts that he has the skills to do it, but not to the point of being intentionally exasperating. Think of Tony Stark (Iron Man) and how irritating he is, he's not an alpha male.
  2. Helps, but not making fun of others. According to popular culture, an alpha male is one who will help because he feels that this is his duty or that is his part or that he is needed to help. But not to make fun of those who need help or to say, without words "you are useless and that is why I have to do it so that it is done well."
  3. May or may not be self-centered. Here it may be a man who does not care about fashion, except when it comes to formal topics, labor or social events of interest. Others, however, take care of their appearance without reaching the point of metro-sexuality. It does not depend whether he pays attention to appearance or not because this does not do less alpha male.
  4. Proud, but not arrogant. Feeling pride in one's achievements is nothing wrong and it's even healthy. However, there are people who whether they are great or not, strut each other like peacocks telling everyone what they have got. Tell me what you suspect and I'll tell you what you lack, says the saying.
  5. Dedicated, but not obsessive. There are people who find something they like or want to do things and do it. While other men are partying or doing nothing, the alpha male is dedicated to it without leaving aside the family, work or their friends.
  6. Supportive, but not weak. We live in a complex world full of people coming from different families, that well in different cultures, living in different countries. An alpha male understands diversity, but he does not let himself be overwhelmed by it.
  7. He is humble. An alpha male does not come out to show all his fortune in the noses of his neighbors. His humility may not be material, in the sense of living in a little house with the basics and little more, but not always bring out his skills with great pomp. He understands that not proclaiming his virtues does not make him less skillful, and does not lose faith in himself.
  8. He does not abuse his strength, his power or his privileges. An alpha male and a macho ideal can resemble many things except this one. An alpha male understands that when a woman says no, it's NO, while a macho understands to "keep trying". A macho man uses everything he has on hand so that culture continues to favor him including violence. An alpha male is not afraid to support feminist ideals.
  9. Knows how to treat a woman. An alpha male understands that some women like travel and fun. He give high value of independence to a woman and he respects her space. Others may want to be mothers, wives and housewives, while those from beyond want an adventurous companion. An alpha male knows how to behave with the type of woman in front, even at the basic level.
  10. He can laugh at himself. The alpha male trusts himself and that is why he can afford not to always take himself seriously. Tell interesting stories where he may have screwed up or make fun of your surroundings.
  11. Has a purpose. There are people who spend their lives looking for themselves. The alpha male is busy building himself. Each passing day does something to get closer and closer to this goal which he may reach or not, but he will keep trying. This is the characteristic that best defines an alpha male.

Steps to be an alpha male

  1. The alpha male is comfortable with himself. If you want to become an alpha male, you should always feel at ease in any situation, at any stage of your life.
  2. The alpha male is always sure of himself. Want to become an alpha male? Develop confidence in yourself. Believe in yourself even in the moment when it seems that all of life is heading downhill. You have to believe in yourself constantly and to confirm the faith by their words and actions.
  3. Alpha male is a passionate person. In order to develop the qualities of a real alpha male and attract girls, you need to have passion in life. Passion can be anything like career, hobbies or dreams. All you need to know is the person who has a passion different from most of those who has no passions. In order to know how to be an alpha male, you need to know your passion in life. The person who is passionate about something in his life - his family, his career, his dreams is a man who is different from most.
  4. The real alpha male should be courageous to pursue their dreams and to turn them into reality, regardless of how difficult or impossible it may seem to reach them.
  5. He shows strength. Failures and setbacks in life are inevitable. In this case, you should never let them stop you in achieving your goals.
  6. Leadership is a feature of the man who leads and it is an important quality of alpha male. You have all the chances to turn into an alpha man, if you are genetically or consciously aspire for leadership. For some people, leadership is inbuilt while for others they acquire it through the experience of quality or time.
  7. Alpha males are not afraid of competition. If you think that too much about competition, you are not the best candidate for the title of alpha male. Alpha male will never stop until it reaches the victory and leave far behind all its competitors.
  8. Learn how to solve problems. If a person is able to solve the problem, people look at him with respect. Alpha male is able to solve problems not only for themselves but also for the people who surround him. It helps them to achieve success and overcome difficulties.
  9. Alpha male is not afraid to use physical force. You should not be afraid to use physical force if compelled to do so during any circumstances. Sometimes it is necessary to engage in a fight in a bar, to save a friend or to protect a woman from hooligans.
  10. Learn to express your own opinion. You should never be afraid to express your opinion, regardless of what the consequences of that expression. These days, many people keep their opinions to themselves because they are afraid of hurting someone's feelings, but the alpha male will never do this. Want to be an alpha male, don't hesitate to speak up if the situation requires it.
  11. Be optimistic. The constant complaints of destiny do not make a person attractive from any point of view. Alpha male is a man who never indulges in pessimism. Learn to see positive aspects in any of even the most hopeless situations, look for opportunities in every obstacle.
  12. Start saying "no"! Alpha male must master the art of saying "no" instead of be afraid that the consequences of such refusal will offend someone. The ability to say "no" does not make you selfish. Always say "no" about those things or requests that you don't like and you're not going to abide by them, regardless of what kind of the person.
  13. Don't be afraid to be different. If you are different from others, it is a reason to be proud of and not to worry. Alpha males always stand out from the crowd and are not afraid to show their differences. If you want to become an alpha male, accept your uniqueness and tell the world about it.
  14. Alpha male is not looking for the approval of others. You do not need to seek the approval of others, if you want to become a real alpha male. It is enough to trust yourself to know what you are doing right and wrong. That's all you need to be happy.

You do not have to be a stupid arrogant to attract a girl, but you have to have character. You have to like yourself, feel safe and be able to stand alone. Most women do not want a real bad guy, unless they are mentally unstable. They just want a guy that they can respect and who respects them. Surely girls like alpha male, not because they're cool, but because they don’t act like a doormat.

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