How to Be a Good Kisser For Guys

September 16, 2016

Find the best way to be a good kisser for guys even if it’s your first time. These tips will teach you the tricks which will help you while kissing a girl.

be a good kisser

The way you kiss is like the personality which makes each person different. It's one of the forms of non-verbal communication that shared by two people in love. It's supposed to be good to get some theory on this subject, so that you don’t fail. Hence, we have come with some important tips to be a good kisser.

Before the kiss

Lick your lips: It's not nice to kiss a couple of cracked lips. Not only it feels unpleasant to the touch, but that won't slip and won’t be enjoying. It takes a lipstick of cocoa butter or similar, or, if you don't have then, better lick your lips to make it moist.

Always carry mints: Choose the brand you prefer to have the fresh breath. Bad breath can ruin the mood of kissing. Also, mints can be used after the kiss to freshen up the mouth.

Forget the movies: Don't expect your kiss to be like that of your favorite movie, because it won't be. Even if the other person is very romantic, that kind of magic is not in reality. Avoid trying too hard, let it flow naturally and this will help you be a good kisser.

During the kiss

Come slowly: Don't rush the moment, go slowly and let the person know that you are about to kiss. That anticipation speaks for itself. Rushing in it can make her feel that you are desperate and being too aggressive can make her feel suffocated. So go slowly and steadily.

Tilt your head: Position your head in a way to avoid bumping of your nose, glasses or similar stuff and come closer to reduce the space between the two. As long as the two bow head in opposite sides, of course, it will allow to deepen the kiss.

Breathe: Alternating your nose and mouth, in such a way that you don't stay without breath during the kiss. This is a very important tip you must pay attention in order to become a good kisser.

No tongue at the start: A beginner's mistake is to go directly to the tongue. Kiss her lips slowly, like asking for permission to enter, before you try to go for more. Then once you started over the lips, you can then use your tongue. Don’t rush as once you begin, things will flow naturally. You just have to stay confident and that’s all.

Analyze their reactions: If she tries to get away, stop immediately. Staying in a situation like this can be something violent. If on the other hand, the girl is moving towards you, then continue. You are going in the right direction. Use your hands for touching her body and notice how she reacts. If she negatively then stop. Being a good kisser depends on testing different things which helps to know what works and what not.

Mimics her body language: This indicates affinity in non-verbal way which is something that attracts us. Synchronization within the couples is a very positive sign and during the kiss in can turn her on more quickly.

Start over the lips: If you're a boy and kiss a girl then you should know that the size of the mouth and the tongue is different in each one. You can lick her lips slowly, and only if she opens her mouth, you can start with french kiss.

Use your tongue: A good french kiss doesn't involve so much use of the language as she thinks. Use your tongue and explore new ways to make yourself a better kisser. If it’s your first time with the girl then pay attention to how she reacts. If she is comfortable then go ahead, else wait for few more kisses with her to use your tongue.

Kiss more than her lips: If she shows no signs of discomfort, you can try to kiss other parts of her body, such as the lobe of the ear, neck, or jaw. Do it slowly, paying attention to how she reacts. This can take your kiss to the next level.

Leave her wanting more: It is better to leave her wanting more, in time they retire because you've followed for too long. For becoming the best kisser you should also know when to quit.

After the kiss

Step away: Move away slowly and at a distance not greater than that of your extended arms. Place your hands on her shoulders or in any other part of her body, such as your arms, waist, to tell her without words that you're there and that if she wants to leave, release her.

Learn what you like (and what he likes): You can try to kiss her in different ways, until you find what you both like. So, try to take note so that you improve and be a good kisser.

Talk about it: Don’t ask anything this way, "just to know what you like" it is not feasible unless it is in a romance novel. Talk about the experience, ask yourself things, you will find your own answers. And don't use the generic questions like, "what do you like?" but something similar to " do you like it when I do (such a thing)?".

These were some of the theoretical tips to be a good kisser, but in order to master you need to also have practical experience. Also, each girl is different and what one may like may be disliked by other. As I told you above that testing, exploring and talking will help you know what she likes during the kiss. If you know what a girl likes then this can help you become one of the best kisser in the world. So, just pay attention and learn from your experiences.

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