How to Break The Ice With a Girl

October 31, 2016

Find the best way and phrases to break the ice with a girl you like in school, gym, over text, facebook or tinder. These tips will help you approach the girl confidently.

break the ice with a girl

Starting a conversation with a girl you like is not easy. You know the other person is going to examine you for a few seconds trying to guess your intentions and no one likes to feel under scrutiny. The best way therefore is to minimize this tension. It is an approach that feels natural and fun and let the conversation flow immediately normally, what is colloquially known as "breaking the ice". If you do not have much practice here we suggest some phrases to break the ice with that person you like.

Pretend that you have noticed her

"Have we met?" Of course, we know that is not the most original phrase world. But that does not mean it cannot be effective. Actually, the key is everything you add later, because if you say "Do we know?" and nothing later then you are going to fail. Instead to break the ice with a girl, you need to have some information about that person - which today is very simple thanks to the social networks. You can add details that can make her truly doubt that she has met you somewhere before.

"I see you at the Library". "I didn’t see you at the party University this Saturday?" Even if you have not set foot in a library in your life, or on Saturday he was at home sleeping because you had no plan, he or she has no way of knowing. They think that you are possibly telling the truth and it may not seem unpleasant to her to talk to you. Also, you can talk about the class or canteen if you want to break the ice with a girl in college.

Pretend to know her

"You're a friend / or ..."– This is a good technique to break the ice with a girl, but be confident while performing it. You've asked, you may have noticed, or even you've spied, so almost certainly you must know something about her friends. But the good thing about this phrase is you not even need to know who her friends really are to bring about a rapprochement. You can use one of your own or even invented one. "You're a friend of Laura, right? What do not know any Laura? Why, because I know a girl named Laura who has a friend and point at her.

As you see it is very effective for a first approach for breaking the ice, but you need to have prepared a second part to string this first sentence with a conversation. Else run the risk of getting failed and the woman will turn her back and leave. And if you do not, at least you use your most charming smile. Still, with a little luck, it is enough to get herself to continue the conversation.

Try some good line

"Too bad we do not have any friends in common that can introduce us" This is only for lovers with lots of confidence, because you run the risk that she answer you, "Yes, it's a pity" and turn around leaving you with idiot face. But if you dare to take risks, you might get it right. Courage is highly regarded in an approach. So, if only she likes confidence then maybe she will introduce herself and the conversation can start.

Ask for her opinion

"I need the opinion of a woman, about something that just happened to me with a friend ..." This phrase is perfect because you provide a justification before which no one can fault it. It is known that men and women think and see life in very different ways. So seek the advice of someone of the opposite sex is something that in principle does not give away your intentions.

Yes, better than the story you have prepared is minimally coherent, something that does not necessarily have to be negative. Many women love when they are approached for giving advice. You can also use this trick in a mall and ask for the opinion of the woman on a product. If you realize that it is a gross excuse to lock conversation, it means that you have a chance.

Ask for some location

"Do you know where there is a good coffee shop nearby?" Roll "I'm new in town" always work, so ask for a nearby site where you can have a good coffee. Exchanged a couple of opinions about what kind of coffee you like, if the bitter coffee, cappuccino or Irish coffee. Also ask her to tell you about her preferences. Grab that opportunity and invite her to have a coffee with you. "Hey, how about if you come with me?"

Be cool

"Do you like the sincere compliments? Great, me too, you begin." In this case are two sentences, a question of introduction, and the witty phrase that gives it meaning. Between the two, it is supposed that there must be a "yes", on her part which in a way, has its risks, because you know that the plans rarely go as you expect. But if you're lucky enough that responds in the affirmative, the second sentence will draw a smile. And who knows? Maybe this can help you get a date with her.

Admit you are trying on her

"Sorry, it was to break the ice" If you're a little clown this might be the perfect phrase, but of course, need to know that is accompanied by a previous trick that is what makes it so effective. Step up a soft drink, or any drink that is served with ice. Come closer, take one of the cubes and throw hard against the floor. Your first reaction is probably to surprise or scare, but when you immediately head toward her with the phrase "I'm sorry, was to break the ice. My name is ... "everything will make sense and probably get a good laugh on their part, which is the best start you can imagine for a cold rapprochement.

Causal approach

  1. "It's hot, right?". Many people think that talking about the weather is only for people who can not talk about something else, however, if you have nothing in common with that person, this little phrase it works, either way!
  2. 4. "I love your dress!". Is there a better way to interact with a girl? Start with a compliment and keep the conversation flowing.
  3. "Wow, I love that book" or "What are you taking?". You will give the opportunity to the other person to interact with you and you can comment, go for it to use!

Steps to break the ice with girls

  1. The first step to approach the girl of your dreams is to gain confidence and relax. No one will feel confident with someone who is too shy and nerves do not allow him to say a word.
  2. The best way to start a conversation is with casual and common themes, without being too obvious, perhaps with details that have in common, such as agree on a specific class or a sport.
  3. A point in favor with the girls is humor. A charismatic and outspoken person captures the attention of people around. No bad jokes or childish attitude as it can make you look immature and uninteresting. It is best to be original and always avoid the taunts of others.
  4. After breaking the ice it’s now time to move to a conversation. You can include topics such as music, extracurricular activities, friends in common or fashion. Try to include topics which can make her interested.
  5. Always ensures that the first impression is the best, but do not want to appear that you dress for a gradation day. Simply looking presentable is also fine.

Now that you have these tips, be encouraged to break the ice with a girl you like and move over the shy and introverted boy to a confident one. Dare to get your first date with her and never forget that respect and confidence can be a weapon useful to make it possible.

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