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12 Ways to Build Attraction With a Woman

Find the best way to build attraction with a woman both physically and emotionally. These tips will help you trigger the feelings of love within your female friend.

build attraction with a woman

If you just want a one night stand then lust would suffice and if you want a fling than lust and a bit of chemistry would do just fine. However, if you want something long lasting then you will need to have mutual attraction and that’s exactly what this article is all about. So, let’s take a look at how to build attraction with a woman.

Attraction Killers

Before we get into how to build attraction, let’s learn about what kills it first. Some of the known attraction killers are bad hygiene, I mean no one likes to stand beside someone who stinks let alone be attracted to them. Then there is bragging, too much enthusiasm. Signs of low confidence like no eye contact, talking about politics, ex-girlfriend, sex, etc. and lastly getting drunk. So these are the attraction killers that you need to watch out for when trying to build attraction with a woman you like.

Self Improvement is key to build attraction

If you want to build an attraction with a woman first you need to improve the object of their attraction which in this case is you. So to learn how you could improve yourself and be more attractive to a woman, here are some tips that may be of some help.


I know I said that lust alone cannot lead to long lasting bond, but it can definitely give you a nice head start. You are going to need everything you got if you want to win the game of hearts. Having a good physical appearance is never a bad thing, so let’s hit the gym and get in the best possible shape.


Emotional stability is important as well when going into a relationship. No one likes a guy who is still hung up on his Ex or has some other kind of emotional issues. On the other hand an emotionally stable guy with good sense of humor is quite attractive. So get yourself together and have some fun.


Socially active guy is a lot more attractive than a socially awkward guy. It’s not that being socially active is a necessity, but it helps when a guy can get along with the girl’s friends and family very well. On the other hand a socially active guy is fun to be around and a lot more adventurous which all helps when building attraction.

Attraction Builder

Now that we have seen what not to do and how to improve yourself, let’s see what we are actually suppose to do to build attraction with a woman. We will first trigger the intense physical attraction and then move towards emotional attraction.


Well if this isn’t obvious I don’t know what is. Confidence is the key to anything you do in life. If you are not confident about your goal then I bet you won’t be able to accomplish that goal. The mere illusion of confidence is enough to get things going so imagine what it would feel like to have actual confidence when talking to a woman.

However, the one thing that every one of us should remember is that confidence is attractive and admirable. So start with the little things that give you confidence and build it up like we are doing with attraction. In the mean time try acting confident because as I said even the illusion of confidence is quite admirable.

Eye Contact

Holding proper eye contact is very important when talking or even when approaching a girl. This shows that you respect her enough to maintain a proper eye contact as anything less would be unworthy of her. Another thing it does is it makes you appear more dominant in her eyes which then makes her feel more feminine around you. This is as the women say ‘I only feel this way around him’.

I mentioned about maintaining eye contact when approaching, that’s just to let her know about your intention of the approach. So it wouldn’t be a surprise for her. The other thing about the approach is that it should always be done from the front or the side where she can see you. This should be dome while maintaining an eye contact as this increases the chances of acceptance a lot more than usual.

Fun Loving

Every woman likes a guy who is adventurous and fun to be around rather than a guy who is a couch monkey. So be a light hearted, fun loving guy who is easily approachable and always has a positive attitude about everything in life. Making a plan with her for an outdoor date like trekking or camping is going deep into adventurous zone but if she likes it then it will definitely help to create a bond between you two. On the other hand if you don’t want to go that deep you can always go for subtle fun loving guy who like parties and group hangouts. Just always be a guy who is always fun to be around.

Compliments and flirting

Compliments and flirting help you stay away from being friend zoned and are a way to a woman’s heart. However, only the right kind of compliments would help to fulfill your desire whereas the wrong ones would just drive her away. There are two types of compliments when complimenting a woman. The first is about her eyes or about her looks or anything else that she has no control over whereas the second type is about how she dresses or things that she has chosen and has absolute control over.

When your compliments are of first type then it’s of no use as you are giving your game away and getting nothing in return for it. However if you second type then you will not be so obvious as you are not saying that she looks amazing instead you are saying that the dress is good. The difference between the two is that you still have the edge in the second type and you have paid her a compliment as well. Lastly, the lady would not have any compliment for the first type whereas the second can be used as a great conversation opener. So always remember to compliment a person’s choices rather than their looks and you will do just fine.

Sense of Humor

Sense of humor is an important part of any relationship. If two people are not afraid to talk about their feelings or tease each other or play pranks on each other then they two will definitely develop a long lasting bond. Having a great sense of humor is the quality that every woman likes in her man because it means that she can talk about anything and the other person won’t be offended. Other thing about sense of humor is it gets people to open up a lot quicker then they usually do.

Creating a strong bond with a woman

In order to build attraction with a woman you first have to bond with that woman on an emotional level. Bonding is an important process as it helps two people to get to know one another in a deeper sense then they usually would. So if you want to develop an emotional connection with her then you need to bond and for that here are the two things you need to do.


Listening to what she has to say is one of the secret to a successful relationship. Most men like to brag all the time thereby talking most of the time instead you should listen to what she has to say. This way you could learn a lot more about her and the conversation would be a lot more interesting. Another thing that you should know is pretending to listen but actually day dreaming does not count. The reason being, if you actually listen then you would learn some things about her which could be used later to gain affection from her.


Asking questions is not a crime but asking no questions or too many questions is. Remember in order to have a proper conversation you may have to ask couple of questions. Too gain affection from a woman a man should know which question to ask and when to stop asking them. Lastly, if you ask a question any question to a woman then her answer would show you the way the conversation is suppose to be. If she gets defensive then drop the topic and talk about something else or if she blushes or smiles then tease her continue the conversation. This way you will learn a lot about her and using this in combination with listening to her would make you seem more attractive to her.

Body Language

Learn to read body language sign as this would help you know if a woman is interested in you or not. The truth is that people lie all the time however their body language always gives it away. So if you could learn to read these signs then it would make it so much easier for you to know what her position is on certain things. Some of the scenarios are like if she is not looking at you while talking to you and is scanning the room then she is not interested. The other good signs are if she is maintaining eye contact, smiling, laughing at your stupid jokes, invading your personal space for various reasons like taking selfies and even public display of affection counts.

Building attraction with a woman depends on a genuine attraction from your side as well. It’s true that you might be able to manipulate a woman to be attracted to you, but that kind of attraction doesn’t tend to last long if left unreciprocated. So, yes all the stuff above can help you develop a lasting attraction with a woman, but only if you want them too. Some people look at all the thing negatively and are never able to develop a lasting attraction with a woman. So try to look at life with some positivity and have some patience and you will get whatever you want every time.

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