How to Compliment a Girl On Her Looks

August 20, 2017

Find the best words to compliment a girl on her smile, looks, photo, dress, eyes, hair etc. These examples will help you to not look creepy and make this beautiful girl blush and feel special.

compliment a girl

Compliments are a way to a woman’s heart or at least that’s what I believe. A good compliment can make a girl smile, a great compliment can make her feel attracted towards you, while a bad one can ruin everything in just a moment. Some people believe that giving women gifts and taking them to fancy parties would make them feel attracted and it might be true for a night anyway. However, if you want a woman to be passionate about you and to be attracted to you so much that she just might fall for you then you need to learn the art of compliments. And for that here are some effective ways one can compliment a girl and make her feel special.

Compliment Essentials

I heard this story once about an ancient Greek philosopher Socrates and his Test of Three. In the story before talking about a rumor Socrates asked three questions as Test of Three to judge if the rumor was worth listening. The three tests are the test of Truth and helps us judge whether or not the information is true. The second is the test of goodness to judge, if the rumor is good or not.

The third is the test to filter of usefulness to judge if the rumor is useful to him. In the end if the person passed the test the rumor was worth listening to and if not then it was just a piece of junk like all the others. So I came up with a similar test to filter the good compliments with the bad. Below are the three filters one can use as guidelines to compliment a girl without looking creepy.

Be Genuine

First rule of complimenting a girl is to make it a genuine compliment and not some over the top kind bullshit. Girls are instinctively good at picking out compliments when the guy doesn’t mean it. So you have to be careful to when complimenting a girl or else you may end up just one of the guys who keeps nagging her with fake compliments.

Be Respectful

Second rule of complimenting is to make it respectful. The truth is lately some guys have been complimenting the way they comment on your facebook post. I mean at least have the decency to give a proper compliment, if not then why even bother with it. So try to keep it clean and be respectful when complimenting a lady.

Be Direct

Third rule of complimenting is to be direct. No one hates going round and round in circles more than woman. So when complimenting a girl, one must try to keep it direct and to the point. Don’t go all mushy on her like “Your hair is wonder made in heaven…” and all that horseshit. Instead just say “Your hair look great today. Did you do something different?” This way she will know that you notice her and that you care. Short and simple will get you more close to her than all that mushy stuff anyway so just be direct when complimenting a lady.

Tips to Compliment a Girl

Now that you have learned how the compliments should be we can finally look into what the compliments should be about. Here is a list of things that a person can compliment a woman on.

Her Smile

This is one of the most common things you can compliment a girl on. But as I said most guys either go overboard or they just don’t do as it is suppose to be done. Relax a bit you are doing something illegal, you are just complimenting a girl on her smile. Be confident and when the chance arrives like when she is smiling at something you said and then say “Oh! You just made my day with that smile.” or something similar.

Her Looks

Most girls spend a lot of time styling their hair, wearing beautiful clothes, applying proper make-up and much more just before going out in public. It’s not like us guys just getting up and going out in our tracks. So not complimenting a girls looks when you are trying to get her is the dumbest thing any guy can do. However, some guys just can’t get their eyes of her breast to even pay a proper compliment. Just relax, take a breath then look her in the eye and tell her “You look gorgeous” and that’s it. She will know that you mean it and she will remember you because of it.

Her Eyes

I wouldn’t usually recommend this compliment because this is not something she controls. However if you are going to compliment her on her eyes then try making it about her eyelashes, the way she has maintained them or the make-up that she has done around her eyes. Compliment her on something she controls will make her blush and would score you points for noticing.

Her Hair

Most guys never really compliment girls on their hair which is a mistake. The one thing that girl spend most of their time is arranging their hair. So when a guy finally notices their hair they are immediately attracted to them. Try complimenting her hair in a way that shows that you notice her and you care. Some guys comment on when a girl hair is not combed properly but won’t say a word when they are styled and arranged beautifully. Always remember to compliment a girl’s hair by saying something in the works of “That’s a gorgeous hairstyle you have there.” As this would just make her day and give her the confidence she needs.

Her Dress

Complimenting a girl’s dress is smart because that way you compliment her choice which in turn says that you two think alike. You may go for the usual like “That color looks good on you.” Or “That dress looks beautiful on you.” This way you will make her smile and provide her with some much needed confidence. The reason behind why this compliment works is that girls get a bit insecure when wearing a new dress or trying it out. So when a guy compliments it, they get that much needed compliments and the guy gets the points for noticing and caring to say something about it.

Her Accessories

This is a rarely used compliment type as most guys never notice or say anything about a woman’s accessories. In my opinion not compliment her accessories is a mistake because when you do compliment her on accessories she would know that you were paying attention even though you might come off at creepy or gay (no offense) sometimes.

The thing is most guys don’t know how to compliment a girl on her accessories, I mean, you can’t just say “I like your purse”. Complimenting a girl on this stuff is a bit different than normal but still is worth trying. You may say something like “Nice rings” or “Nice earrings”. However, remember not to overdo it and not to do it too often as it might make your seem a bit sensitive. Anyway noticing her fashion style once in blue moon will draw her towards you.

Her Charisma

The one thing you should always compliment a girl about is her charisma. Her charisma is what draws you near her so it wouldn’t be too hard for you to compliment her and it would be a genuine one. Some of the compliments you can use are “I love your sense of humor”, “I like your confidence”, “You make my heart skip a beat when your smile like that”, “Time flies when I am with you”, etc. These types of compliment are suppose to make her blush so look out for the one she really desires and take it home.

Compliment Delivery

A compliment won’t be a compliment without a proper delivery. Timing is everything if you want your compliment to have full effect. I mean you can’t just compliment a girl when she is arguing with her best friend now can you? You can compliment her before the fight and even after the fight but not during the fight. Secondly, you need to lookout for what she desires.

If she had been working day in and day out on a dress and then you don’t compliment it then you are a moron and if you compliment anything else on that day then you are an even bigger moron. You need to notice these little things like her insecurities, her passion, etc to be able to get the most out of your compliment. Lastly, don’t look away from her when complimenting her. Just make eye contact and say what you need to say and then give her a smile and if she smiles back then that’s a compliment well received.

Compliments are free and they make people happy. So why not pay compliments to everyone. The truth is, it’s not about you, it’s suppose to be about her, so keep her first and compliment her accordingly. Another thing is if she is not reciprocating the way you expected then just let it go. Instead of going overboard and piling up those compliment try listening to her a bit and soon you will learn a lot about her. This way you will know exactly what your compliment should be. Compliments are actually to make her smile and to give her confidence. So keep that in mind when you are passing the Test of Three and just do it.

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