15 Step Plan to Date a Shy Girl

August 24, 2017

Find the best way to date a shy girl you like in high school or at work. Follow this plan to know what to expect from her and how to win her heart.date a shy girl

Dating is tough as it is and dating a shy girl makes it even more so. However, dating a shy girl is equally rewarding as well because when a shy girls opens up to you then it leaves no doubt about how much she likes you. Every guy on some level has thought about dating a girl who gets naughty just for him and good in front of everyone else. Its kind of like the fantasy of the librarian and the stripper, the saint and the sinner. Well if you date a girl who is very shy then you can have that too, but you will need some patience. Luckily for you here I provide you with a little insight of how to date a shy girl and make her fall in love.

Start with getting acquainted

This is the first step for asking any girl out, but they hold an extra importance when the girl appears to be a bit shy. The process includes first letting the girl know you exist, than that you are interesting and from leaning in on you are interested to actually asking her out. These steps can happen in one go or it may take some time. However, my advice regarding this is not to rush into things but don’t go too slow that you end up in the friend zone.

Casual Hello’s

Casual Hello’s are just for letting the girl know that you exist in the world. It is also the best way to introduce yourself without freaking her out. It doesn’t necessary have to be the word ‘Hello’, it can be anything like if she did some notice worthy in office or in school then you can compliment her and at the same time introduce yourself. This way she knows who you are, so the first step is done and then you take it from there and follow the plan to date a shy girl.

Off Topic Conversations

Off topic conversations are just so she could get familiar talking to you. This is an optional step if you are going for the one go introduction and asking her out. Otherwise it’s better to have a conversation with her to know if she is interested or whether or not she is single. These topics can be anything except politics, religion or some personal stuff, you don’t want to delve in too deep at first go.

Hinting Conversations

This is the fun part as this is where you start with flirting and using double meaning sentences with sexual innuendos terms and conditions applied, of course. Terms are the girl should be smiling or at least comfortable talking to you. Conditions are as always light room, public place, quiet enough that you can hear each other and loud enough or busy enough that others can’t. So, bring out your ‘A’ game because it’s time to go hinting.

Ask Her Out

We have followed the steps to make her comfortable and now it’s the step to ask her out and date a shy girl you like. If you have hinted about asking her out then she won’t be that shocked when you actually do ask her. The thing with shy girls or an introvert person is that they take some time to prepare themselves just to get comfortable with the idea of going out with you.

Now for the actual moment I would suggest to keep it casual and remember not to do it front of a large crowd or she will get nervous. In fact try slipping it in a normal conversation when flirting. As I have said this could all happen in a single conversation or it may take a couple it all depends on how she react when hinting. If she is smiling or playing with her hair then she is okay with the idea of you two together if not then try again. But whatever you do, don’t force her and don’t wait too long to go for it as in both cases you may miss your chance.

Plan to date a shy girl

Dating a shy girl is going to be a tad bit different from other girls. You know the things you do that you think makes girl go crazy that impulsive kind, Yeah! That won’t work here. The reason is you want to make her feel comfortable around you, intimately. The goal is to make her trust you that she doesn’t freak out anymore even if you do something impulsive. In other words there are some barriers you have to go through to get what you want like everything else in life. However, here are some tips that you could use depending on how what kind of girl she is.

Plan Ahead

If you want to date a shy type girl then you should know to plan ahead. Shy girls like most other girls like to know what’s going to happen next but unlike other girls shy girls don’t like to be in suspense. So, if you plan ahead then this gives the girl low chances to back out of a date and more time to be mentally prepared. The best way is to let her know where you will be going and what you will be doing but don’t make it too obvious. Try doing it like “Want to go to Apple bees”. This way she knows everything in advance thereby making her more comfortable saying yes.

Active Dates

Once you have been on couple of dates then it’s time to plan some fun and active dates. An active date is the best way to open her up. The thing about active dates is that you two don’t have to talk, but you can if you want to. It’s not awkward like sitting in a restaurant with nothing to talk about or like in a movie theatre or a loud club where even if you want to you can’t talk. Try going for a walk perhaps on the beach, or jogging or cycling together. This way she will get comfortable around you and eventually start to open up.

Lazy Dates

The thing with shy girls is that they don’t always like to go out and have a blast. A shy girl sometimes would prefer a Netflix on her couch with you holding her over a big party with lots of people. Cooking dinner together while having a nice conversation makes her feel more comfortable then getting drunk at a party with hundreds of people around. So try planning some lazy dates as well.

Ladies Choice

Don’t be the planner of all date as it might seem like you are bossing her around instead let her plan couple of dates as well. This tends to open her up as you get to know her ideal date plan. Never be afraid to take charge if she falters as this will show her your support. As for letting her choose the place it gives her confidence in her and about dating you.

Intimate Dates

Having intimate dates strengthen your bond with her and are therefore very important. These dates can be having a walk on the beach while holding hands or you making her dinner at your place. Keep in mind that these kinds of dates need to be handled carefully and may take some time for a shy girl get comfortable for one.

Getting Comfortable With the Girl

This part is for you to hold on to this girl. One needs to understand that shy girls reserve their feeling in the beginning, but once they are in then they are in for the long haul. So you better start getting comfortable around her and do the same for her. Here are more steps to remember while you date a shy girl, else she would get away from you.

Genuine Compliments

Compliments are always good to hear whether you are guy or girl. So it’s natural that a shy girl would like them too and it is great way to make her feel confident around you. However these compliments have to be simple and should seem genuine. One should always try to compliment a woman choices rather than her natural appearance.

Like telling her she has great eyes is good but complimenting her on her dress, sandals or how she styled her hairs would be more beneficial as it might make her talk about it. The thing is there is nothing she can say about her hazel colored eyes it’s God given but her choices about dresses and other things she can talk about and that’s what would get her to open up. So just keep it simple and genuine.

Respect Her Space

No girl ever wants to hang out with her date all the time so why would shy girl be any different. Try to give her some space so it doesn’t seem like you are smothering her with love. That kind of smothering behavior makes her feel uncomfortable as she thinks you expect the same in return. Instead try giving her some space and you will notice that she will like you more for it. So the next time you text her and she doesn’t respond immediately don’t send ten more instead just let it be as she will respond in her own time. Respecting her space is what will make you different from all the other guys she has dated thereby making you the ideal guy.

Ease into Conversations

Most guys make the mistake of diving into the conversations head first by leading with the tough questions about family or politics or about why she is shy. This doesn’t leave any room or her to talk back instead if you could just ease into conversations and starting by something common like pets, food, restaurants which could then lead to some deep conversations. This way she is the one who bought it up and therefore is more comfortable talking about it. So remember to start by easy questions and let it develop into deep conversation.

Be a Good Listener

Key to be a good boyfriend or a date is to be a good listener. Most men talk all the time when on a date maybe because they are nervous or maybe because they are full of themselves. However, if you want her to open up than you need to stop talking and give her a chance to talk. This can only be done by you being a good listener.

Take it Slow

It’s obvious while there are some girls that like to take it fast almost all shy girls are comfortable taking it slow. The reason behind this is shy girl likes to feel comfortable and confident before making any sort of commitment and believe it or not dating is a commitment for her. So, don’t push her if she is not ready to take it to next level instead be patient with her and she will let you know when she is ready.

Sure, dating a shy girl seems a bit complication but then again dating has always been complicated. Never let go of a girl because she is shy as they are the best kind. Instead try to be patient and you will be rewarded. Lastly just remember the pointer given above and you will do just fine with any girl let alone a shy girl.

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