How to Deal With Your Angry Girlfriend

August 15, 2016

Find the best way to deal with your angry girlfriend after a fight. These tips will help you to cool down the girl’s mind, convince her and make her happy.

deal with your angry girlfriend

In every relationship there are always good times of happiness and bad moments. The differences in a relationship are healthy and normal, but the important thing is to know how to negotiate at that time without worsening the situation. Cooling down with your angry girlfriend is a challenge. She may be depressed, stressed or irritated with some of your habits or actions. Here are some tips on how to deal with your angry girlfriend.

For many men it is sometimes a little hard to understand their girlfriend and calm her down in these difficult times. If you are angry and not aware of the cause of this anger then this ultimately becomes a real problem. Therefore, here are some tips for you to learn how to recognize and react when your partner is upset with you.

Know the root problem

If you know the reason then fine, but if you don’t know why she is upset, do not ask: Are you angry? Surely the look you get will be unpleasant. Better observe a moment and try to think about the cause of her discomfort. You've probably done something which has raised her temper. If you are unaware then try to think what the cause of her anger is and what bothers her. If you really have no idea what's wrong then ask her directly. However, if she does not want to tell you, do not push hard.

Be patient

If she gets to mourn, raises her voice or reacts negatively, you need to keep calm. Do not react the same, it will only worsen the situation. If she is angry, the worst that can happen is that you bother too much and with it all you do is increase your discomfort and so you will fail to work things out. Stay calm and try to engage in dialogue with it without you exasperate.


If you know she is upset with you because of some of you action which you think has led to this anger then an apology will help you deal with your angry girlfriend. When you use the right word it means a lot. Perhaps a "sorry" is the best principle. Admit your mistakes. If you are responsible for her angry behavior, the only thing left to do is approach, admit that you were wrong and apologize. If you do and let your pride back, you will see that just a few minutes later, things have returned to normal.

Give her time to cool

Since, you are reading this I think that apology might not have worked. Give her time to vent and to calm down. This way you both can talk later, but no longer angry, so you have a chance to clear things up. Giving time is one of the best way to deal with your angry girlfriend as it helps in making minds calm. When minds are hot it is best to wait to talk and solve the problem. Take a couple of hours for her to relax and think exactly what you're going to say, because when you talk warm head, it is very likely to only worsen things. At the same time, having time alone as an individual is healthy and is a necessity for self improvement and cooling anger.

Touch gently or hug her

Hugs work for almost anyone and in any situation. Be firm, but gentle. The point is to make her feel loved, safe and protected. To resolve the conflict, tell how much you love her, you feel what happened and you never wanted to hurt her. This may be the best way for her to understand and calm down, then you can talk solve all the problems.

Don’t remain mute

The worst thing that can happen to a woman at that time is that her man does not say anything and this indicates that she is being ignored. On getting the feeling of being ignored she may even get violent as this is human nature. She wants your attention, so never ignore. Often anger intensifies when someone does not feel heard, appreciated or not getting attention. By your listening reflection, direct communication and reaffirming what your partner is saying will calm your angry girlfriend.

Make use of non verbal communication

Benefit from open body gestures. Every time dealing with an angry person benefit from your body language to display that you are indeed available to conversation. This could possibly make it possible for the communication to take place peacefully. It is important that you look at her and make eye contact and also nod in a while to make her feel that you are listening to her carefully. Lastly, never keep your arms closed while talking as it will make you look more tensed. Keep your hands open and sometimes use hand gestures with palms facing towards her. These are some best body language techniques you can use when you will be talking to cool down your girlfriends anger

Talk to her

Like other habits are formed, we can develop habits in how we communicate and respond emotionally. Making changes in the timing or the tone of your responses, the types of things we say and style of our communication. This can help to deal with your angry girlfriend and improve the emotional health of your relationship. Experts say that proper communication is the best way to deal with difference in a relationship. To handle differences and have a healthy relationship, it is important to let the feeling of anger in her evaporate and calmly discuss the issues.
Your girlfriend is your partner, your friend and your teammate. Do not act like her mom, do not talk to them like a child, nor scold. Share responsibilities, say kind things and enjoy positive activities together. Have fun, laugh, talk and smile.

Be on the same side

Outbursts of anger are often the result of a perception of unfairness, feelings of disrespect, or of seemingly overwhelming demands. Being reasonable, respectful and helpful towards your partner will reduce your girlfriend’s anger. If you really want things to work out, then accept if she is right. Take her side in this type of situation, is the best you can do to reassure a very disturbed woman.

These were some of the best tips to cool down your angry girlfriend. If you feel that it was not your mistake then first let things calm down and then try to explain your girl. Have a good conversation where both of you can discuss things that how you can avoid things which makes you both angry. This way you can live a happy life with few fights and lots of love.

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