How To Flirt With Girls Without Being Creepy

December 5, 2015

Find the best tricks to flirt with girls without being creepy and jerk. These tips will help you improve your flirting skills with the women you like.

How To Flirt With Girls Without Being Creepy

Guys often avoid flirting with girls they like because they fear that they might come off as a creep. And let me tell you one of the most popularly asked questions among guys “How to flirt with girls without being creepy?” Well, here is some good news for you brother you are probably not doing anything that might come off as creepy as far as girls are concerned but then too if you just want to make sure that you never ever cross that line than here are some tips on what creepy really means, how to flirt with girls without being creepy and what are the alternate ways.

Meaning of Creepy In this Scenario

I think it is better to understand what creepy really means when it comes to flirting in order to understand how to avoid it.

Creepy in this case acting out in such a way that it makes the girl uncomfortable or threatened. This can happen due to number of reasons like when a person is pushing his or her boundaries without considering the other persons wishes, having a conversation about sex when it is not welcomed and sometime even ignoring the indications that the person’s presence is unwanted. Sometimes, even the most casual people may seem threatening when they are backing you up against the wall or when they hold your hand for a little more than usual.

These are not all the possible ways a person can be deemed as creepy there are a lot more but if we try to get into all of it then we might never be able to learn how to avoid it during flirting. So for general purpose these are the most common scenarios that we are going to work with today.

Time and Place

First things first, going out and having a conversation with some stranger is not creepy because this is how you meet people and make friends. That been said, there is still a right time and place for everything and sometime it’s not right to start a conversation with a complete stranger.

So, if you want to flirt with girl without being creepy, then the first thing you need to know is ‘where’ and ‘when’ you are, as it provides a base for the conversation. While understanding the concept of time and place you also need to learn how to avoid making someone feel cornered or trapped. For example, meeting a woman at bar or a club and flirt with her might feel like the most normal thing in the world but meeting the same woman for the first time in an empty room and then try to flirt with her there can seen threatening because she has no way out to get away from you if she want to. She is most likely to feel more in danger as if she is trapped and the most famous example of this is an elevator flirting.

Once you understand the time and place concepts then you need to learn how to make yourself socially acceptable in these surroundings. Let’s just say some behaviors are more approved in some places then in others. People in a night club are more prone to physical contact then at the bookstore or a library. You need to stay socially acceptable because the more your actions are incongruous the more you seem like a creep.

Notice Body Language

Before you decide to go up to someone you need to make sure that, that person is in the mood to be approached. Normally people who are not interested or would not like to be disturbed often make a habit of signaling the same by their body language you just need to look for the signs. Suppose a person is sitting hunched back with her arms crossed and turning away from the crowd then it is obvious that she would not like to be disturbed. Some time people make it very obvious like they wear headphones or sunglasses to avoid eye contact but even then there are some people who doesn’t see the sign disturb these person by waving a hand in front of their eyes or by trying to take off their headphones and that is just borderline creepy so avoid doing that even if the girl you see may be the most beautiful one in the whole world.

Approaching and flirting with a girl

Now this is where the problems starts which is you start thinking too much like what do you do? What to say? Should you tap on her shoulder? Should you clear your throat to get her attention? When to go deep flirting? When to ask for her number?

Calm down, brother. Don’t get too amped up or you will not be able to think straight. Remember here your goal is to start a simple conversation and maintain it for a while, thinking about anything further than that will make you to freeze up and you will miss your window. So to flirt with girls without being creepy you need to make it fun and not sensual.

The best way to approach is from the front making sure that you are visible to her when you are approaching and not to startle her by approaching from behind. Coming from the front and facing her head on can help avoid being creepy and make her less threaten as she knows where you are coming from. And remember this is beginning so just to be safe you need to keep a respectable distance from her which would be at an arm’s length when you start talking. I have seen guys picking up girls by saying something stupid in the beginning but she took it as a joke and sometime honesty works like a charm like “You seem like a cool person so I wanted to meet you.” But remember never start a conversation directly from sexual thoughts or racial ones for that matter because that is just plain creepy.

The False Time Limit

One thing I have learned from experience is that people love to push boundaries so why not provide them with one. The false time limit is to say “Hi, I’ve only got few minutes before” and then say anything like “I have to meet with friends” or “I have to get back at office.” Or anything like these. This is a great strategy to flirt with girls without being creepy and leave a great impression on them.

To begin with this time limit reassures the girl that she only have to talk to me for only few more minute and then I have to go which acts as a non threatening agent. It also allows her to express herself if she finds you annoying by saying “Don’t you have to be somewhere” and it works for you as well in a case where you find her uninteresting after talking to her for couple of minutes. And lastly, it allows you to leave on a high note and leave her wanting more and much more likely to give you her number if asked.

Flirting without being creepy

Start off with a light conversation or a funny pickup line and once you get her attention then you can go for little bantering and flirting don’t go for the extreme ones just yet. Pickup lines must be funny and they work if they aren't rude. Use a pickup line like "Your eyes are beautiful, they told me everything about you, except your name.". Such lines breaks the ice and now you can flirt with the girl without being creepy. You can move in to double meaning sentence where you mean something nice but say it in a different way but don’t be rude. If you think you are near the line then compliment her and then again go for bantering, in fact make it a rule to banter her little followed by a compliment.

Now when it comes to deep flirting and topics like sex there you need to be really careful. Going in that direction can be tricky especially, if you have just begun. This doesn’t mean that sex is completely off the table as some people naturally have that sense of humor which runs towards that thought the minute you sit beside them. But never push this topic when it’s not wanted because that just makes you a creep. Try starting with some playful banter and then some naughty jokes this will tell you if she is open for this type of conversation and then go from there.

But What If You Make A Mistake?

So let’s just say you said something wrong or moved in a little too close or touched her for a while longer than usual. And now you think you have accidentally started to creep her out and you don’t know what to do? So here are some ways to make it right. Its simple all you need to do is take a step back and apologize. Like say “Hey, I am sorry, that came out wrong” or sometimes plain honesty works like “Hey, I think I may have started to creep you out a little bit and I apologize for that.” Always remember to apologize if you think you screwed up, big time because if you apologize than it is considered as a mistake and this way you will flirt and will not come as a creep.

Leave Her Wanting More

It’s natural to be wanting to stay as long as you can when things are going really well but then comes a time when thing starts to die down. But maybe it is better to leave now when you have had a nice chat and there is still a little spark there to remember you by before it gets really boring and she makes an excuse to leave.

In general it is better to leave the conversation sooner rather than later. Because if you try to prolong the conversation as much as you can than after a certain time it gets boring and that is not a good sign and it will show in her body language but if you still try to continue than that is just creepy. On the other hand leaving when things are going really well means that she will remember you in a positive way and you’ll be the guy she had fun with and wished if she could again rather than the guy who bored her to death by hanging around all day and wouldn’t leave her alone. Finally you can ask her for her number.

And now finally you have her number and a date with her. Just try not to do a victory dance before you are out of sight. If you want to make things easier and get greater success then you can take advice from advanced flirting guide.

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