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How to Get a Guy to Ask You Out

Find the best way to get a guy to ask you out in high school or at work. These tips can be used in person as well as over text to make him to ask you out on a date.

It happens sometimes you meet a cute guy and start having a really nice conversation. You think you are hitting it off and then he just walks away. This kind of weird brush off leave you wondering if he was into you at all or were you just imagining stuff. The thing with these kinds of chance encounter where you want the guy to ask you out is that those first few minutes are very crucial. That being said there are few tactics one can use to keep the guy interested for just long enough that it increases the chances of him asking you out. Below are some of these tricks you might want to use in future to get a guy to ask you out and make him crazy for you.

Make Eye Contact

It’s kind of unfortunate that many women feel uncomfortable making or maintaining eye contact when they like someone. It would be a mistake not to make eye contact because that would make the guy feel uninvited or uninterested. It doesn’t matter if you know the guy or if he is a stranger and it not even matters if you are talking to him or just looking at him from across the room. In any scene making eye contact is a crucial thing and later drop hints to get a guy ask you out for a date. This way when you make eye contact, it tells him that you are interested and it’s okay for him to come and sit next to you. This way you can at least start a conversation by simply making an eye contact.

Dress to Impress

I think this is a fairly obvious point. If you want to get a guy to ask you out, you first need to impress him. So dress to impress works for you in this regard. It basically means that you need to be dress and look appropriate when going out. You don’t need to be fancy, just start by working on the basics and you will be fine. Well, this does include what you are suppose to dress but is not limited to that effect only. Dress to impress means that you have to look the part that you want to portray for that guy. So, clean yourself up, apply proper make-up and wear a pretty but normal dress and then you are ready to go out there.

Don’t Over Expose

When I said “Dress to Impress”, I in no way meant that you have to show a lot of skin. It’s fine if you have big boobs but shoving it in guys face when he is trying to make conversation is like over exposing. Yes, it’s true that guys like to see some skin, but you need to keep in mind about what kind of message you are trying to send. So if you are showing too much skin than you are sending a message that somewhat means “Easy to get” and if you covered head to toe in clothes or are wearing a nun type dress then you are sending a “Not interested” kind of message. So choose your outfit and how much you want to expose very carefully.

Sense of Humor

Sense of humor is the most important part of any conversation, or at least for me it is. If there was no humor in the world then it would just be a boring and dumb planet. Truth be told if I find a witty girl who can take jokes and is not afraid to make jokes at my or at her expense then I would feel more and more attracted towards her. Also, sense of humor can be the key for any tough situation you might get involved in the future. So learn to take a joke and deliver a joke as it is the best way to develop a certain amount of humor between the two of you.

Create Happy Bubble

In general sense people like the company of happy people and not of the miserable ones. Keeping this in mind you need to create a happy bubble. This is nothing but sort of a group hangout among friends where everyone is having a good time. So, a person who watches you having fun assumes that you would be fun to go out with and hence this will get a guy to ask you out. If not for nothing it gets you to laugh with your friends or friends and it also increases the chances for a guy to ask you out. So, all in all this is a win-win step for you.

Body Language Helps

If you are someone who thinks body language doesn’t help then just imaging the following scenario. So, you think this guy is totally a catch but he looks frustrated and is sitting there with a laptop. His hand is on his forehead like he is trying to think of something. Now in the above scenario would you approach a guy and ask him for a date. No, you would ignore him and look for some other cute guy who is talking giggling with the bartender.

So you see body language does help. As for you if you want to send hit on me signals then you need to cross your legs in the direction of the guy you want with the free foot facing directly towards him. It might help if you are playing with your hair when making eye contact with him and laughing or giggling with your friend when not. This way you send a receptive signal to him and he just might approach you and later this can get a guy to ask you out for a coffee or dinner.

On the other hand if you have crossed your arms, wearing specs and have a pony tail then this is just a signal shouting “Leave me the F**k alone”. So decide what signal you want to send and then send it using body language.

Confidence is Crucial

When a person is comfortable in their own skin then it shows in everything they do and that’s what confidence is all about. You need to be confident or at least appear confident for a guy to ask you out. So, carry yourself proudly with excellent posture wherever you go. If you enjoy something have a laugh and if you see something you like then show for it by a smile or by words. When you shake hands with someone new, remember to grip their hand firmly and make eye contact. If you appear confident even if it’s just on the surface then it will go a long way. I always say “Fake it till you make it” and works perfectly here, if you lack that kind of confidence.

Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem in Latin means “Seize the day”. This is the most important thing and not only pertaining to this topic but for your entire life. Basically it means to live in the moment and do whatever you feel like and worry about the consequences later. So, if you are in a bar and you want to play dart go for it or if you are in a karaoke bar and if you want to sing then go for that as well. In short it says life is too short so do whatever you want, because you might not have tomorrow. This might at the very least get the attention of the guy you want to asked out by. At the very best he would end up asking you out or at least start a conversation with you.

Control Yourself

Whenever you are outside, you need to control yourself or shall I say adjust to your surrounding a little bit. If for an instance you are in a bar and you have had way too many drinks then you are bound to be flailing a little bit. At the moment it would be best to call it a night and sleep it off maybe because either way no guy is going to ask you out on a date when you are not even in a position to stand up straight. All I am saying is you need to adjust to your surrounding a little bit to bring out your best or natural game.

Communication is Vital

Keep in mind attraction is only the first part of the two part equation whereas the second and the most crucial part is communication. If you are looking good and are sending all the right signals then the guy may come and sit next to you. However what comes next is not him asking you out, but him testing you with conversation to see if you two are compatible. So, remember communication is vital and in that sense of humor is your best tool but not the only one. If your conversation goes well, then this will definitely get a guy to ask you out for a date.

The Direct Approach of Asking Him Out

Sometimes it’s best to go for the Direct Approach especially when everything else does not seem to be working or you just want to get the suspense over with. I mean, why do I always have to wait for a guy to ask me out? I am a 21st century girl I can pretty much ask him out if I feel like it. So, if you feel like going for a direct approach then just go up to the guy and start chatting with him and if that doesn’t give him a clue then all there is left is to straight forward ask him on a date. This is sometimes necessary especially when you suddenly want to date a guy who has been a friend for a while.

Just Chill

Try your best to get a guy to ask you out, if he simply does not understand your signals then do for the direct approach. If he is still not interested then just relax, he may already have a girlfriend or he is not worthy to be with you. Remember he is not the only guy in world and probably not even in the club. Just look around until next one catches your attention. I am just saying dating and flirting is suppose to be fun, so just chill and have a laugh or two while you still can.

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