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12 Tips to Get a Shy Guy to Like You

Find the best way to get a shy guy to open up, be comfortable and make a move. These tips and texting tricks will make him like you and ask you out in high school or at work.

get a shy guy to like you

Getting a normal guy to like you and ask you out is not that hard, but if this guy turns out to be a shy guy then you might as well bite a bullet. Don’t get me wrong shy guys are cute and they seem nice, but reading them and getting them to open up about their feelings is incredibly difficult. In other words they are a pain in the ass till the time they open up to you. If you really like this guy then my advice would be to have patience and take a look at the pointers given below. These tricks will help to get a shy guy to like you and open up to you.

Stolen Glances

Before doing something drastic we first need to find out whether or not the guy is interested. The truth about shy guys is that even when they do like you they never admit it. So, what we have to do is catch them in the act and that’s where the stolen glances technique comes in. According to this technique, you should look at him when you two are in close proximity like in a classroom or in an office.

Then once he matches your looks and you both make eye contact then in that exact moment you need to look away and loose a sly smile. This shows the guy that you were watching him and therefore you might be interested in him. Do this couple of times and then the third time instead of looking away you should hold his gaze and give him a blushing smile. This is the first step to get a shy guy to like you by making him to notice you. Hinting him that you are interested would give him the confidence to make a move. By using this technique you give hints and furthermore you can even make him like you to some extent.

Start with Small Talk

Now if this would have been some random guy I would have told you to go for the small flirting, but for shy guys I would advice to take caution. And therefore as a precaution first we need to start with small talk and then take it from there. However the small talk can’t be something useless as you do have to leave a certain kind of impression. So try starting with something like his clothes or about some office or school work. Talk about some of his hobbies and even compliments can sometimes be calculated as small talk. The truth is this step is just to test the field to see what kind of reaction we get so we can plan accordingly.

Body Language to judge shy guys

Body language is your best weapon when talking to a shy guy. Even though shy guys don’t talk with their mouth much they say a lot with their body language. A person who learned how to read body language signs is a person who is capable of understanding anyone. Therefore one should try to notice the guy’s body language when talking to better understand him. Any signs like open arms and open palms are good whereas other signs like pointing fingers and creating a barrier between you two using hands or anything similar is not good. Learn to read their body language and you will be able to understand him on a whole new level.

Respect his boundaries

Every guy builds their own type of boundaries and they expect others to respect it and the same is true for him. Learning what the boundaries are is tough even with a normal guy. So that doesn’t change drastically when the guy is shy. However, with a shy guy you have to be careful not to cross it because then he would just close down on you. So just to be on the safe side. We have started with the small talk and then with the help of body language we get an idea of what the boundaries are and how to get around them. These steps are important to get a shy guy to like you and not run away.

Use Social Media

The best way to get to know a shy guy is brought to us by technology. Social media and texting is the best and the easiest way to get to know a shy guy. The fact is shy guys are shy when they are in public and not when they are around family or as we say in their safe space. So, with the help of social media we can now meet the shy guy in their safe space and talk to them as much as we like. Once you start chatting with him on social media then slowly progress it to text messages and whatsapp. This way he will start thinking about you all day long and that will certainly get a shy guy to like you.

Start with a funny videos or a meme along with your introduction so he knows who he is talking to. Then try chatting with him about the things he likes, share jokes, light teasing and sometimes even flirt with him. Social media is one place where even the shyest guys turn into Casanova. However, you must not let the conversation drown out in a boring way. If you think the conversation isn’t going anywhere then end it. Remember to keep you chats short for like 10 minutes and have these chats three times a day. And lastly all this is to get him to open up for the next step which naturally is to talk to him over the phone.

Phone Calls with Shy Guys

Long phone calls with the one you like isn’t that something that all of us desire. So the gradual transition from texting to phone calls would be quite easy. You can be flirty if you want to be or it can just be that my hands are busy, but I want to talk to you so can you give me call. That’s it and you will have him on the phone in an instant. However the thing that you need to know is that phone calls are not like texting where you could take your time for a perfect reply. Here you have to be quick and be ready with a response in an instant.

But phone calls can be fun too, if you want them to be like you could talk about how the day went, how much you like some movies. Such things which take more than half an hour to discuss in chats can now be done in minutes. So try everything here, starting with light teasing and then sly flirting. See what he says next as he also has to respond quick. And lastly remember that phone call is not your goal, but merely a way towards your goal which is to get a shy guy to like you and to ask you out on a date.

Simple Compliments

Compliments are free so why not use them. Most shy guys (not all but most) are insecure or have low moral esteem on some level and the best way to lift them is to compliment them. This way they feel noticed and that could help them to gain some confidence maybe enough to even ask you out. So try to compliment a guy if he does something nice for you. Saying thank you won’t get you down, but it may lift him up. However, don’t overdo it because then they can tell that you are patronizing them and that would just ruin everything. Just try to be nice and acknowledge when he does something nice.

Damsel in Distress

This one trick can be used to show him how much you depend on him, how much you trust him and how much you need him. The trick is to ask him for help to be a damsel in distress in need for a knight in shining armor which is he off-course. You could just casually ask him for help with some studies or choice in dress or anything truly. Then say the words “what would I do without you” with a thank you at the end or some version of this. This is one of ways to make him feel confident and show him how much you like him without actually saying it.

Casual Hangouts

As I mentioned earlier phone calls are the way towards your goal and so is casual hangouts. When dealing with a shy guy it’s not going to be easy to get him to admit that he likes you. So you go around it by hanging out casually in the beginning to get a shy guy to like you and ask you out. The fact is the more you hangout the more he will open up to you. The more he opens up the closer he gets to admit it. So when talking over phone about a celebrity you like or he likes make plans to go see a movie together. If talking about some food then make an impromptu plan to eat together.

For an example, you can say something around “All this talking about food is making me hungry. Do you want to go for that pastry, right now?” this way he has only few seconds to think about his answer. But the impromptu thing should only be done if you are 90% confident he won’t say no, otherwise go for the planning version as it would give him more time to prepare himself for it.

Mild Flirting

Flirting can be a bit challenging with shy guys as it poses a risk of him not reciprocating it the way we hoped. However, flirting is also necessary and the most fun thing about the pre-dating scenario. So let’s make flirting fun for him as well. We can start with different types of flirting tricks like if you think he is not ready for your ‘A’ game then start with light flirting which to make him think about you sexually.

You can start of by showing some skin specially legs. Sorry if I am being too prejudice, but the truth is most guys love legs that’s why there is a whole instagram hash-tags and stuff for it. Other than that there are some simple things like biting your lips on one side when talking to him, invading his personal space while wearing your best perfume, etc. Flirting is suppose to be fun so don’t stress about it too much, do what come naturally to you.

Physical Contact

Physical contact gets you to another level of intimacy. For most shy guys (not all) getting that physical touch is all they are scared of as they over think about it being appropriate or not. So once you cross that barrier you can pretty much make them to anything you want. Start by casual touch like when watching a video on his mobile or just straighten out his hair a trick that most guys use. Then just hold his hand when walking into a restaurant in the lady style, not the finger crossing one. This way you could gradually work him up enough to finally admit that he like you and to ask you out.

Dating the shy guy

Getting a date is your goal from the beginning as it’s a clear indication that the likes you. However once you do get the date then you can’t just ruin all the things you have done so far. You still have to follow the above rule but now he will be more open to it. The other thing about dating is to take it slow, to match his pace but at time even push him just enough to pick up the pace. Keep in mind that making out in public is still going to take a while as he is still a shy guy for the world just not anymore for you.

If you got him to ask you out then you are in for a treat because nothing beats dating a shy guy who is not shy around you. Lastly remember to have some fun when dating and even pre-dating when you ware making him like you or rather making him admit that he like you.

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