How To Get Out Of The Friend Zone Fast

September 19, 2015

Find the best way to get out of the friend zone with your best friend. These tips make it easy to escape this zone fast and make the guy or girl love you.

get out of the friend zone

The friend zone refers to as the situation where a person falls for another for whom he or she is only a friend. This is the typical example of impossible love where you enter this zone and the output is complicated. The truth is that friend zone is quite painful when you're inside, especially since you're so close to the person and yet so far. Usually the other person has no clue about your feelings. In this state, both men and women have very less possibility of opting for a relationship with the person they simply see them as friends.

We often wonder how to get out of the friend zone as we are absolutely unable to tell that person how we feel. To get out of this cage you should not hide behind the fear of rejection or losing the friendship. This is not a true friendship as your friend attracts you, you love, you imagine other scenarios with that person and that is unlikely to change. To help you get out of the friend zone fast we unveiled the best tips to make your guy or girl think beyond friendship

Take care of yourself

Love and take care of yourself. You are trapped in this zone maybe because you fail to attract your friend. So it is very much important that you start looking good to make him/her think of you in a different way. Take daily baths, wash your hair and smell good. Wear outfits that you feel will look nice and this will boost your confidence. You don’t need to spend a lot, but just make sure that the clothes you wear are clean and ironed. This step will not completely get you out of friend zone, but it is just the first step of the plan where we make you look good and different in front of the man or woman you like.

Change your behavior

Behave like someone who flirts and be more sexy and not as buddy. If he or she is your good friend then she might not feel bad about it and if she feels bad then apologize. Next time do not go for shopping or a coffee, instead invite him/her to dinner, have a drink alone and acts as she/he is the person you are fallen in love. Give the other person a chance to see that you have qualities that can make you both a good couple. We all know how we behave when we are among friends and how we do when we love someone, why rate yourself and act on par with your feelings by just being unconditional friend. This will help you drop a few ideas in her mind that you can be a good partner.

Stop being submissive

Something that characterizes people in love and especially in one sided love is that these people adopt a submissive and complacent attitude in order to please the other person. However, these people don’t know that this nature is actually taking them deep in the friend zone and to get out later will be much more difficult. We tend to think that the other person will change their mind when you start acting too good, but the reality is that your friend will never make you her boyfriend or his girlfriend. So, let go this submissive nature attitude to get out of the friend zone quickly.

Don’t Fear

Fear will only sink your boat. It's not the end of the world, be encouraged to go one step further and try to promote a more intimate physical approach. Go out alone at night, invite him or her to a plan that could be a party and go dancing where you can encourage physical approach, touch, try to convey a sexual tension that exists and you want to break it.

The story of not wanting to lose the friendship is one of the oldest excuses in the world. Many friends fear executing a plan to get out of the friend zone only because they think that they might lose them as a friend. The fear of losing a friendship is sometimes the cause of not wanting to take action in a relationship, but also that there is an attraction which is not just friendship.

For this there are no rules, the only recommendation is that if you really love someone, start giving hints immediately and if you are already in this friend zone then have the courage to get out. The approach to first be friends and then make her fall in love is totally wrong and many dating gurus and psychologists are not in favor with this approach. Just be confident and work positively to escape this zone and finally make this guy or girl fall in love with you.

Stay away

Stop sharing much time with him/her to increase your value. Search your own space, group of friends and let them take your more time. Stay away from this painful situation that brings about a relationship that is not reciprocated. In your relationship there is lack of balance, since you spend more time with her/him than you need to. It's time to get away and leave him/her to make them realize that he/she could be possibly in love with you. Give your friend chance to feel your absence and miss you.

The aim of this step is to first try to reduce a little emotionality and feelings you feel about your friend. Take the opportunity to spend time with you other friends or make new friends. A possibility is that it may generate a reaction from the person you like and the person may finish realizing that he/she also has feelings for you. Who knows? In one way or another, the beneficiary will always be you. Maybe what you find is that you are not so in love with that person when you start meeting new people and you can begin to build a real friendship with her.

Go together on a date

If you want to really know someone and make them realize the love, you should ask him out on a date. Pretty simple, right? Well, it's not easy for everyone. People often hesitate too long to invite someone out or may even lack the confidence to do so. If you notice that there is a kind of attraction, do not hesitate to take the next step. You will not regret it. If you want to leave the friend zone and show him/her that you are not only good friends, dare to court him/her.

Express your feeling

Express yourself and confess your feelings. Stop being a passive actor in this story and take control. Before confessing your love, it is important to involve a mutual friend to first let the person know in advance that you are in love with them. Ask your mutual friend to tell him/her that “I think that (“your name”) is in love with you”. After this, behave a little flirty with him/her for some days and finally confess your love. After confession, if your friend will either says he/she do not feel the same for you and you we still stay friend. However, avoid this option of staying friends because this will only cause further problems. Avoid talking or any type of contact with him/her. In this contact ban some dating gurus explain that the guy or the girl will think of you more which may make them realize they are also in love with you.

Even if he/she rejects you, there is no harm because you were already friend zoned and didn’t lose the friendship of the person as you never thought of him/her as a friend. If you had not done anything to get out of this zone and not confessed your feeling then later in life you would have felt like a loser. By expressing your feelings, prove to yourself you have the courage to face everything. You will feel relieved and no longer embarrassed

More tips to get out of friend zone

  1. Start dating other people and seeking new friends in different social circles to show that there is competition for you. telling him/her about someone else, would make her/him feel jealous and this will make the person want to be with you. And if does not work anyway you are meeting new people, so you have nothing to worry about.
  2. Take the initiative and start choosing activities undertaken together, where they have a strong approach and that may incite you to see with different eyes.
  3. Stop calling him/ her a friend. If you spend saying friend, you are positioning in this zone in her subconscious which may not allow you to get out of the friend zone.
  4. Being flirty both physically and with words will get you to the next level. It ensures that the other person will begin to see differently and not just as a friend.
  5. The last thing you can do to escape the friend zone is to not look too needy and submissive. This will only make you go deeper in this friendship cage.

I hope you pass and make your best friend to love you. However, if you fail then the next time remember that start expressing your love from the start to avoid the friend zone.

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