How to Keep Your Marriage Alive

August 27, 2016

Find the best way to maintain happiness and keep your marriage alive and healthy. These tips will help to keep your relationship alive and passionate.

keep your marriage alive

The truth is that although there is no formula for happiness, there are certain points that can be improved to have a better relationship as partners. After a while every marriage comes to a point where you need to make an extra effort to not allow cracks of boredom to develop. Here we share with you this handy guide to strengthen and keep your marriage alive and happy.

Stay relaxed and positive

The key to happy marriage is in the way we handle our mind. When we are at peace, we find the center that will be reflected in the way we relate. Therefore, it is essential to find a moment of relaxation and peace to be with ourselves and fill our minds with positive thoughts.

Find an activity in common

Sharing an activity or project is a great choice. Each member of the couple may have their own interests and hobbies, but what is sought here is to decide at least one thing which you both enjoy. This hobby or activity can be anything like reading a book together, dance or walking on a beach. What is needed here is to give some romantic time to your marriage. Once you feel that you spent too much time on one activity, it is time to switch and this way you both can learn and discover something new together.

Cut the boring routine

Routine brings in the monotony and boredom, who are one of the great enemies of couples. When they enter in the relationship, it deteriorates and eventually destroys it. Stimulate desire and try new things to bring freshness that will keep your marriage alive. Think of new ideas and spend time on a vacation to find that much needed change. To break the routine in the relationship you can surprise your partner at least once a month. Gift something or prepare something special according to your personality and tastes. You can go to dance, dine and even out of town.

Surprise your partner

Maybe you cannot think of a new restaurant to go or other place to explore. There are other options for this. One might be surprise your partner with something as simple as flowers, a card with a love message or perhaps that new book he/she want to read long ago. Surprises are key to keep your marriage alive and never let the passion levels come down. There could be many examples, but I think everyone couple must discover for themselves like flowers, dinner, a gift, a love letter, make your favorite dish, etc. Do not feel cheesy or cloyed to do that sort of thing. Do anything that takes you out of the routine and give you back the illusion of earlier times.

Choose the right time to talk

It is essential to learn to say things in a good way and find the right time to do it. If you have a problem or want to talk about something serious with your partner, you better talk while walking or a moment of rest, at the end of the day when we are exhausted. Every marriage has different times where the couples share their feelings. Take a good time and clear everything at the beginning to avoid future problems.

Express your love

Some people are very affectionate and expressive, but others are little shy and don’t have the knowledge how to express their love. If you are the shy kind of person then remember to express your feelings to your partner. Also if you have any problem, it is better to not keep it to yourself. Sometimes we do not know how to express our love properly. We can become suffocated with our demonstrations and expressions of love not knowing how to express it at all. Even if years have passed, keep expressing your love. Flirt with him/her and this will keep the spice in your marriage.

Give time to your relationship

When someone says something hurtful, deal with it as part of their own pain and ignorance. When someone says something hurtful or mistreats with their words or their actions, it may be a product of stress and ignorance. When we are aggressive, it is a symptom that something hurts us inside and we are suffering for something. Compassion is the best antidote to this and for compassion you need to give time to your partner. It is often seen that as the marriage grows old, people spend less romantic time together. If you want to keep your marriage alive then spend time with your partner and try to have fun.

Do not criticize in front of others

Respect is the cornerstone of a good marriage, and a sign of respect is to not badmouth or ridicule your partner in front of others. We are sensitive people (some more and some less) to the opinions of others and criticizing in front of others can make us feel very bad. Watch your comments and do try to find the remedy to the situation.

Sexual interest

It is so obvious that it would be fine not to mention it, but the reality is very resistant to the obvious. Many couples as time passes start losing sexual interest and end up making sex into something sporadic and halfheartedly. Never let your marriage enter in this phase because it may be the beginning of the end. Keep the flame alive. Try new positions, new dress and new places and this will help to maintain the romantic interest in your marriage.

Plan new things with your partner

You can make a pact in which once a month you plan something that is different and new for both. Begin to list what you both like to do and each month choose an activity from the list. It may for example take dance classes, trekking to the mountain, visit a distant relative or just enjoy dinner by starlight. Going to the mall or movie has nothing different or new, so forget it. The challenge is to do something new so this refreshes your marital life and thus you both will never get bored. Love and imagination is the formula to keep your relationship alive and keep it growing happily.

Freedom and space

As difficult as it may seem, we must learn to respect the individuality of yourself and your partner. Individual freedom is the purity of acceptance and unconditional love. If we behave like police, we are willing to hold in our hands everything we love and that's unnatural for a healthy marriage. If hope to live in a happy relationship, both the partners must decide the boundary of freedom and space to not feel suffocated with each other.

Try to do things that removes you from your comfort zone. A pinch of freshness is required for maintaining the levels of love and passion in your marriage.

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