15 Signs to Know if a Guy is Using You

August 14, 2016

Find the way to know if a guy is using you for your body or money. These signs will help you know whether the guy is playing you or he actually likes you.

know if a guy is using you

Many times we are so in love that we do not know if guy is using you and is not actually interested in a serious relationship. Open your eyes ! We know it is difficult, but you must notice any of these signs in your relationship and take action to avoid being hurt in future.

They say that love is blind, is that sometimes people who are in a relationship cannot see the reality of it and get stuck. If you doubt your relationship, because sometimes your guts tells you then try to open your eyes. Put things on a scale and see if really the person is with you because he loves you or because he is using you.
Generally if you doubt your guy is because there is something wrong and your inner voice has started giving you hints. Those guys make us believe that they are falling for us, but give us very clear signals by which you can know if a guy is using you or not.

He just wants physical love

Do not misunderstand, kisses and being a romantic is great, but relations must be based on something more than just physical love. They have to have moments of fun to talk and know each other better. If your boyfriend is not interested in doing fun things, do not kid yourself more, he does not want anything serious with you. If he constantly forces you for kisses and more than he is just using your body. This sign clearly shows that the guy is using you just to satisfy his physical needs.

Gives you less importance

He prefers to be with his friends all the time instead of you. Sometimes it is definitely fine if he wants to enjoy with his friends, but if he most of the times sidelines you then be attentive to this warning. If you go to a party together, he leaves you alone to chat with friends or even flirting with other girls. It is a clear warning that he is not interested in you and in sometime will break your heart.

Try to make you do things you do not want

If you really want something or want to not do something’s then that guy if he loves you will respect your decision. However, if he tries to force you for something all the time like for physical benefits or money then leave him. You should not want to do something if it is against your principles. You definitely should breakup because he never respects your limits.

Avoids meeting your friends and family

He will be happy to spend time with you alone, but if a guy starts with excuses not to visit your parents then who knows if he is serious. Well, if he is shy then he might make some excuses, but at the end he will meet your family. If a guy is using you then he will avoid meeting your parents because he does not want to commit. He may also not introduce you to any of his family members as he is not serious and has already planned to leave you one day.

You always pay for him

We live in a slightly more modern society and there is nothing wrong to split the bill, or that women pay from time to time; but yes, occasionally. If instead you are you the one who always pay, he never has money and he seems not to care, you should put a stop to this situation. If he demands expensive gifts from you then be alert.

This is one of the common signs to know if a guy is using you just for your money and that he has no respect for you. Whenever he gives excuses that he forgot his wallet or it is lost and you end up paying for all the stuff then get attentive. One thing you both must do is to divide the spending. If he asks you for money or you end up paying for all his expenses then he is with you just for your wealth.

Avoids commitment

Never introduces you as his girlfriend, and to top he still speaks to his ex, or worse, gets to flirt with as many women in front of you then honestly he is not worth it. You must not waste your time on a guy like that. This point is tricky as many guys today have commitment phobia. He may love you, but fears to commit. However, if your inner voice feels he is using you then pay attention and dig deep until you get your answer.

Only available when he needs something

If every time you want to make a plan with him, he is busy; every time you call, he is busy. He is never available to make plans, however when he needs something, you're the first person who he calls and there if you have availability and time. It is a clear sign to know if a guy is using you and is not interested in anything else but his needs.

Never gifts anything

This does not mean he has to give gifts all the time. When people are in relationship, they give gifts that although are not expensive or large, but enough to make the other person happy. Gifts can be anything, just a flower or card or any of his hand made craft because there is a possibility that he is financially not stable. Expensive gifts are not important, what is important is to show that you are special and important for him. But when the person does not shares any details with you, it is because maybe you are not special for him.

More signs to know if a guy is using you

  1. That person is not natural in dealing with you, he seems somewhat artificial. This guy does not transmit good energy. You're not entirely comfortable in his company.
  2. There is a fair feedback in the relationship. You get the feeling of giving more than you receive. When you need the other person, he always makes excuses not to stay or talk to you.
  3. Some close friends have warned you about the negative intentions of that person. Please note the observations of people close to you that you really love because they want your good.
  4. Flirts with other girls or looks at other girls in front of you then it is a sign a guy is playing you.
  5. If the person subjected you to some kind of manipulation or emotional blackmail, you have to check away for your own good.
  6. He ignores your texts and calls. Comes late, cancels or usually never shows up on some plan you made together.
  7. He never shares anything with you and you are not part of any of his important decisions. He does not share his feelings, but comes whenever he needs a favor.

If you noticed all these signs in your boyfriend, you know what you have to do. Do not be afraid of loneliness, because it's not forever. Better stop wasting time with someone who will eventually leave you alone anyway and decide for yourself that you deserve better.

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