How to Make a Girl Jealous

April 10, 2017

Find the best way to make a girl jealous and make her try hard to impress you. These tips will help you to create extreme jealousy and thus attract her.

Make a Girl Jealous

Look you didn’t get here by accident so just stay long enough to know how to use jealousy and then decide whether or not you want to use it. Here, you will learn what jealousy is, what are its benefits, how you can use it and what to avoid when using it. Yes, it’s a bit out there to get the girl. But one should use everything they got to get what they want. Anyway it’s like the famous quote said “Everything is fair in love and war” and jealousy is love and war at the same time. These tips will help you learn on how to make a girl jealous and get her attention. Let me just say this beforehand that it’s not for fainthearted or kindhearted people.

What is Jealousy?

If I am to be direct than jealousy is playing on girls insecurities. Know that jealousy is born when a girl is not sure if she is the one you want. This makes her doubt herself and so she gets mad at herself and at you too.
Once you understand how a girl feels and what her insecurities are then you can use this to make her jealous. Making her think that she is not the only one, that you have got lots of options is what jealousy is all about. But keep in mind that playing with insecurities is dangerous. This can also end up hurting her badly and lose her forever if not used properly. Now let’s see what the benefits of using jealousy are.

How can Jealousy be useful?

First and foremost the best benefit of jealousy is; it lets the guy know if the girl actually cares. If she doesn’t than it wouldn’t matter to her whether or not you are paying attention to her. But if she is interested than it’s the only thing she would be thinking of, day and night. Now let’s see some ways to use jealousy in a constructive way.


Women are born competitive, it’s in their nature. Maybe not in the traditional sense always, but women love to win. If you don’t believe me then just look at the fashion industry. In fashion industry on one side you have males for whom all there is in formal are proper tuxedos. However, in the female side they have like thousands of different designs of dresses. As I said it’s in their nature to be the best at everything. If someone like you for instance deny them that than you get the upper hand and she may try hard to get your attention.


A key ingredient used to make a girl jealous is to play with their insecurities. If a girl knows she likes you then she will play hard to get because she can. Now suddenly if you stop paying that much attention to her and pay a fraction of your attention to some other girl then you have her on the ropes again. No one realizes what they have until they face losing it. This fear that she may lose you is all you need to turn the tables.


It doesn’t matter if you are friends who want more or if you have been dating for a while or if you have been in a long term relationship or married, sooner or later all relationship develops a pattern. They turn boring after a while which may lead to break up. One of the best ways to use jealousy is to spice things up in that boring routine and have some fun. Jealousy in this aspect keeps your partner on her toes along the way making your relationship never too dull.

How to make a girl Jealous?

Anytime you like a girl and she knows or has a clue then she starts to play hard to get. If you have a girlfriend or wife who is playing hard to please then using jealousy to create some mild tension is best. This way a girl knows that you care enough to please her, but you do have some options otherwise. Knowing how to use jealousy would help you even the scales a bit and would also make her more interested in you so as to fight for you. So, if you want your girl to fight for you then here some interesting way you can use jealousy.

Push and Pull

Push and pull is the oldest and most used technique used to make a girl jealous. Push and Pull works so well because this gives the girl a hint of what could be and then pull back at the last minute. Doing this gives her an insight of how good it could be and so when you start pulling back she starts getting jealous and starts working for your attention. All of us know that girls like to play hard to get, but sometimes it’s really fun to see her working hard to get you. And this can be achieved with push and pull method.

Change in Priority

A sudden change in priority can make a girl jealous easily and would boost her interest in you. Change in priority doesn’t actually means to neglect her completely, but hinting of it. If a girl has been following you around for couple of days and then she suddenly stops you are bound to notice. Just like that when you stop prioritizing her and show her that you have got something better to do. This is when jealousy ensues and gets the work done. Now even here you can’t be rude or say no to her all the time. Instead what you do it you tell her yes every once in every 3-5 times. This way she knows she is important, but right now she is close second. Then with a pinch of jealousy she starts to hard work to become your first priority again.

Use her Friends

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book. You know the trick where you talk to your girl’s friend a bit more than her, Yep! That’s the one. This can be done two ways. First is to talk to her friend in front of her like they are your friend and not hers. Second way is to talk about her friend with her. Either way you will get a rise out of her. Sometimes I even go one step further and tease her about it when she gets jealous and complains. When doing this you need to keep in mind not to go overboard. Don’t do it excessively like completely ignore her for entire evening. Just enough to get a reaction out of her and then shift your focus on her when she hassles for it couple of times.

Use her Imagination

Girls can get so easily jealous that sometimes you can just use her imaginations against her. One of the best opportunity to use this technique is when the girl asks you “What are your plans for the weekend?” and other similar type questions. This is where you can tell her how this certain girl recommended certain movie or restaurant and how fun it was and that you were thinking of doing that. Just remember you have to insinuate that you are thinking of going there with someone else and not her, but at the same time hinting that she is welcome to join if she wants. An interested girl will get jealous, but will try to hide it. This is where she stumbles to give you a proper answer presenting you a perfect opportunity to invite her with you.

What to avoid?

Jealousy is the green monster, you can poke it as much as you want, but you don’t want to wake it up. First thing first, when using these tricks to make a girl jealous never forget your goal. You want to make her jealous and getting in bed with the second girl is not the way. Getting in bed with the second girl won’t make her jealous, instead it will make her hate you. Lastly, don’t take it too far just enough to spice it up.

Wondering how you will know when to stop. Well for that you are going to have to read her body language along with her facial expressions. If she stops laughing or starts moving away from you then you have gone a bit far. It’s time to make her feel special like she deserves. Just don’t take it too far and always assure the girl that she is your first priority in the end. If you don’t then overtime it will stop being fun and start being annoying or worst she will start despising you.

Lastly, when you use jealousy it always spices your life, it creates sexual tension between the two of you. She may start noticing you more, laughing at your jokes, blushing when you flirt and things may even get a bit crazy in the bedroom. Remember everyone likes to have an adventurous life with a pinch of danger and excitement and using jealousy can get you that. Just use this tool wisely. And now go get your groove on.

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