How to Make a Guy Chase You

September 1, 2021

Find the best way to make a guy chase you and dream about you using male psychology. Use these tips in school or at work to get him to chase you like crazy.

You want to make a guy chase you either in your school or at your work and show him that you are the girl that can make his life happier. Be the girl that guys want, and he will keep running after you.

You are fed up running after a guy of your dreams, or you have found a guy attractive and want him to chase you. In this post, we will discuss all the different ways that can help you to make a guy chase you.

make a guy chase you

First you stop chasing him

This is the basic technique you can use at any phase of the relationship, whether you have just developed the attraction, are dating him, or are married. If you want to make a man chase you, then first stop chasing him and behaving like a doormat. When you stop running for him, there could be nothing happening for some days, and then your life will reverse the track, and he will be the one after you.

Fill your life with happiness

Men usually look for women that have a social circle, party, and at the same time pursue their dreams. Having a life filled with discovering your passion and interest will make you the woman every guy wants. So you either hang out with friends or do a painting show him because guys don’t like girls that are not living a meaningful life sitting at home or just roaming around.

Doing the things of your interest will turn you into an attractive person in front of him; hence live every moment of life with activities that can fill life with joy. The reason a guy looks for a happy woman is that she can make him happy, and also, researches have shown that a man is more likely to get attracted to a woman who laughs and smiles more than other women. So if you want to make a guy chase you, start exploring the things of your interest and keep on the beautiful smile.

Be a sexy woman

The meaning of sexy may differ from person to person; hence whatever you find sexy, go for it. From makeup to clothes, select the ones you like and not your friends. If you want to dress simple with less makeup, you can make sure you are comfortable in it, and it gives you some confidence. I advise you to wear nicely washed clothes with little makeup and well-styled hair.

Man visualizes things first, and hence it is essential to wear good clothes to develop some attraction. After he falls in love with you, he will like you in whatever you wear, but you need to put in some effort to make him chase you first. Finally, never do anything that is making you feel uncomfortable, give some extra attention to the way you look, and at the same time, it keeps you comfortable.

Develop some confidence

After the appearance of a woman, it is the confidence that a man finds most attractive. The confidence you have will give you a great personality, which will make any guy irresistible. Let him understand that you are not easy to get, and he will need to work hard to attract you. I have seen many girls in my college time that were beautiful, but they could not attract boys. This is because they were shy, and hence boys usually didn’t notice them. Having confidence makes guys see you, and at the same time, they get attracted to you.

Simple flirting works

Flirting is one of the most playful and effective ways to make a guy chase you. What flirting does is it helps a person to get more attention from the other person they are flirting with. Never say some strong flirt lines, keep it simple and then let your guy take the lead. Flirting is not just saying few lines; it is also about body language. Sometimes making eye contact with him, playfully tease, looking at him with a smile, and simply touching arms. Do all such things if you are about to attract the guy, but if you are in a relationship, you can do more items. These different ways of flirting will later make him think about you, and then he will start with all the other plans to impress you.

Show him the competition he is going to face

Just make sure that you are also having fun with other guys when he is around. It would help if you avoided that you should not tell him about hanging out with other guys. Don’t tell him; show him by interacting with other guys. Here you have to take some precautions like avoid too much interaction with a single guy and don’t ever appreciate the looks of his friends.

Doing these things will spoil the plan. Just show him that there are other guys around you, and he is not the only one. If you appear to be hard to get and other guys are looking for you, you will get highly attracted and come chasing to win your heart. Don’t act that you are very hard to get otherwise; you know the result; here is the point where many girls make mistakes and lose the chance to be with the guy of their dreams.

You don’t need to always be available

Here it would help if you played it safe, like sometimes not picking up his phone and replying to his texts. If he asks you out for a date in the evening, don’t say yes. Instead, you can say that you already have plans for the evening and we can go later. If you want a guy to chase you, you need to show him that there are so many exciting things in your life without him; as I told you, to play safe because always being unavailable can make him think you have no time for him. You should do this part of the plan just a few times a month. This is an excellent technique only if you can keep the balance of being busy and staying available for him.

Read our guide on how to make a guy miss you like crazy for some advanced tips to get into his mind.

More tips to make him chase you

  1. Demonstrates a certain air of admiration for him. Men like to be flattered, but if you do it with exaggeration, you will send the message that you are easy to get girl.
  2. To see that you are a socially happy person will be very attractive, to the point that he will want to be part of your circle. Believe me, he'll do chase you to get into it.
  3. Do not forget the sense of humor. Dare to send him funny messages, or images (on the Internet there is a lot of material to exploit). He is going to miss that light character that you have when you are not near.
  4. Frequently go out with other people. Surely after you do, he'll call you to know how it went. Above all, he will do this with the intention of sending you this signal: do not forget me, here I am.
  5. Be an independent woman. Not only should it be enough to know that you have a life without him, this man must also admire you. Pursue your dreams, give yourself time to do what you like and develop your abilities.
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