How to Move From Casual Dating to Relationship

August 26, 2016

Find the best way to get commitment and move from casual dating to relationship. These tips will help to turn your hookup into a serious relationship.

move from casual dating to relationship

The experts in matters of dating agree that the lack of commitment is an evil of this time. More and more people are trapped in this ambiguous line that separates people when one asks for commitment.

Finally you're dating that guy you like and now want to turn it to a serious relationship. When we started dating someone we really like, it is normal to think after a while if there is a possibility of a future together. You both meet regularly and text messages are sent almost throughout the day, but he has not yet introduced you to his group of friends or family. You cannot wait to bring the relationship to the next level! How to do it?

While there is no recipe that works equally with all men, there are some things you can do, while there are others that you should avoid! Here we reveal eight secrets that will help you formalize and move from casual dating to relationship.

You must be sure you really want him

Before making any moves, you must be sure you really want to be with that person. Do you have fun with him? Do you feel he can keep you happy? Do you think he is the perfect guy for you? Do you respect him? Here are some questions you can ask yourself. Be honest and after weighing all the questions, decide whether this is the guy with whom you would spend the rest of your life.

Bring up the subject subtly

There is a big difference between saying "I need to talk" and bringing it subtly. If you already spent several months together you want to know whether the guy is ready for commitment. Instead of having "the talk", you can ask that you want to meet his parents. There is no harm if he says no. It's a good way to display that you're willing to do something a little more formal.

Show him that you caring

Men like women who care for others. It is not necessary for you to become a volunteer for an NGO, but be sure to show your kind and caring side often. Have attitudes somewhat motherly and help those in need without expecting anything in return. Show that you are good with children and this will have an impact on his decision. A research published revealed that men are more serious and easily commit to women whom they find caring and loving.

Find moments of connection

Try to connect more with him with other dates. Restaurant, cinema and trendy bar are three options for the first time, when they are at the stage of knowing. However, if you want to move from casual dating to relationship, share other things that allow both of you to connect. For example, organize a trek that takes you away from the city, a cycling tour or a mini weekend jaunt. Why not? That way, he will start to have memories together and the bond will be strengthened.

Retain some mystery

Never show him that you are always available, be a little difficult for him. So he feels he has to "work hard" to conquer you. Don’t answer his text messages or his calls right away, let him wait and later tell that you were busy. But do not overdo it! If he asks you out on Friday, gently decline offer because you already have a commitment. So you stay at home watching a series and suggest him to plan something for Saturday. This will help you maintain the chase and mystery for the guy. Be careful, because there is a thin line between being mysterious or appear disinterested. So when you're with him, be sure to be present at one hundred percent and make your every minute to be fun and exiting.

Keep enjoying

If he loves sports, but you prefer art, do not sit on the couch to watch the football game with him every weekend. Do not stop doing things that you enjoy, just to accompany him in his favorite activity. Men realize when you're not being yourself and not find it unattractive. Keep your own interests and show that your life can be extremely interesting, although different from yours. Yes, for some matches you can give him a company and also ask him for his time in things that interests you.

Ask him one day

After giving some hints and telling him subtly that you want a serious relationship, now the time has come to ask him directly. If you are interested in to move from casual dating to relationship, you have to speak with him. Obviously it is not easy to know what he really feels, but you should take that step. Sometimes, in order to move forward, relationships are required to enter the uncomfortable zone. Before talking with the guy, you have to be convinced that your questioning is not absurd; it is about your well-being.

Many women are afraid that as a result of her want for serious relationship, the man may get scared from commitment and run. Overcome fear of an unpleasant response and express what you feel. Don’t let your tone sound as a demand, but keep it in a positive way. You can say, for example: "I have a lot of fun when we are together, but to be able to continue, I need to know what our future is together". Don’t sound serious, instead talk in a casual way.

If you think he is the right man, he will ask for time but will not run away. And if he is the wrong, the best thing that can happen to you is he left. It is best that he leaves you now because there have been cases where the man has left a woman after having children because he was not serious. Instead of you and your children handling lots of pain later, it is best that you suffer some now and move on to find someone better.

A serious relationship involves commitment from a person. If this person wants some time to commit as he is not ready at present and wants more time then the premise is to enjoy the moment and try to remove fear of commitment inside him.

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