How To Not Be Shy Around Guys

July 21, 2015

This tutorial is to teach girls how to not be shy around guys who are friends or one you like. These tips will help to overcome nervousness and make you less shy in front of guys.

Most guys and girls become very shy when they are around the opposite sex and especially in front of their crush. When your crush is in talking you become shy and your lip gets locked. You can’t imagine what to speak, your facial expression and body language changes. You become a different person, a girl overrun by nervousness. So in this tutorial you will learn the step by step trick to not be shy around guys. These tips will not only help you to be more confident, but will also help in attracting the guys or your crush towards you.

how to not be shy around guys

Let me tell you girls that the reason for your shyness is the pre belief that you are less than a guy in terms of looks, popularity or confidence. If you can consider yourself equal than there will be no nervousness around him. Looks plays a small part in attraction, but there are other several factors which are also responsible such as your confidence, conversations and how you present yourself in front of others. It is common that many girls who are average in looks are in relationship with hot guys. This is because they have that confidence and proper body language that compensates for their looks. So now learn these tips which will help you gain that confidence and learn the correct body language and conversations to not be shy around guys and make them fall for you.

Look the best

The initial step that will help you to be less shy around guys is make sure that you have dressed your best and at the same time you are comfortable in it. Wearing clean clothes, hair combed, a good perfume, some makeup and personal hygiene. It is important that you take a bath everyday and also the clothes that you are wearing are washed. Deodorant and perfumes are important to smell good. According to the experts, when a person dresses nicely then this helps him to subconsciously gain a higher confidence than normal. So dress nicely and remember that your comfort levels are also important because you are struggling with some outfit or sandals then this can be seen by the people around you.

Don’t set any beliefs or opinions

It is important to refrain from forming an opinion on yourself in personal prior to when you can get in touch with your crush. It is this belief that is lowering your confidence. If you refrain from judging yourself like he doesn’t like you, you don’t look beautiful and anything about your appearance then this will actually make you shy in front of guys. If you keep yourself relaxed and avoid judging yourself than this can help you in a positive way.

Prepare yourself in advance

There are two categories of shyness, in one you feel shy in front of every guy around you and in the second your shyness is only in front of your crush. If you shyness is only in front of your crush then this step will help you to be less shy around your guy. So first thing you need to do before meeting him is to prepare yourself for a conversation. Do some research and get to know some of the interests of your guy. Once you come to know about those interest or hobby, for example if he likes basketball then simply raise a question like do you like basketball? Now, once he says yes, then start with all the trending or current topics of that interest. This will help you feel less shy and nervous and will also help you impress that guy.

Make some guy friends

So suppose if you are shy in front of all the guys then making some guy friends will help you get some practice and gain confidence. Going out for parties or just hanging out with them will help you to understand what guys like. Maybe in the start you won’t feel comfortable, but as soon as you spend some weeks with them, you will feel more comfortable and finally not be shy around guys.

Body language

Various experts believe that the body language of a person plays a crucial role for attraction, power, denomination, seduction and aggressiveness. A right body language not only displays confidence, but it also responsible for how a person portrays you in their brain. So to be approachable and friendly it is necessary for you to smile whenever your guy is around. Also stand or sit straight and when you are in a conversation with him, look in his eyes often. Smiles and eye contacts are powerful tools of attraction and with little practice you will overcome shyness around guys. Keep yourself relaxed and as I told you that have something to talk always and you will never feel shy.

Go out and have fun

If you are a girl who just sits at home then she such girls find it very difficult to interact with people. So instead you should out for picnics, parties or any other plans with your friends and interact with people around you. At start you will find it difficult, but soon your shyness will leave you and you will feel more confident while talking to guys and girls around you.

Dating e-books for girls

Earlier such programs were only for guys, but after noticing the problem of the girls dating gurus spent time on the problem faced by girls in attracting men and developed this tutorial. This tutorial teaches you how to not be shy around guys, advanced conversation and body language skills, seduction without touching, attraction and then a how to make men commit to relationship. This tutorial teaches A to Z lessons which has helped many girls get noticed and attract their crush. It’s a paid e-book which you can read and get a detailed knowledge and to take a closer step to date the love of your life. Read the Attract Men coaching for Women.

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