How To Overcome Fear Of Falling in Love

July 29, 2017

Find the right way to overcome the fear of falling in love with someone. These tips will help you identify the reason and thus treat your love phobia.

overcome fear of falling in love

The fear of falling in love is shared with many, whether it's past experiences, things that happened to you, or because you do not want to risk yourself for personal reasons. Fear is something you always feel as you peer into an abyss of possibilities. So if you're going to have that guy or girl in your life and want to overcome the fear of falling in love, then here are the tips you should follow.

Think about your current situation

Analyze why you are afraid. For example, some people come from a family where relationships are harmful, and they do not want to fall into that. Or they have recently left a relationship and do not want another. There is also a possibility that they have never had any relationship and fear because their friends share their negative experiences. Remove the motives and analyze the cause of this fear. Once you get to the root of this problem, you will be able to overcome the fear of falling in love quickly.

Check your self-esteem

Some people do not think they are worthy of love. Others love each other a lot, but they know that the preference of X person does not match their own (no, homo/hetero/asexual) or that falling in love would bring a general debacle. Lack of confidence to handle relationships is also a significant reason why many prefer not to fall in love.

Ask yourself if you want to take the risk

Fear comes from many factors: ignorance and another is knowing well what awaits you. So to overcome the fear of falling in love, you need to think about the happiness you will get living with them. If someone has told you the difficulties people have in relationships, it's true, but partners usually find a way to handle problems. If you have had a bad experience in the past, then remember that not all people are identical. Thinking positively about the situation will help you get rid of the fear of love and bring happiness to his life.

Imagine yourself single in next ten years

Would you regret not having fallen in love or being alone? Do you see yourself as the fantasy of the single woman surrounded by cats, or ditto male, furious and disgusting? Is there anything you want more than love? Valid answers include career, work, travel, independence, autonomy, following a lifestyle you like which are healthy, etc. If you think that falling in love will not help you achieve your goals, then a decision is to be made. Whether love or dreams or is there a way where you can balance both? If you love that guy/girl, then you won't regret having her in your life.

Don't be afraid to get vulnerable

Many of us live with the terror of being vulnerable. Since childhood, men are always told to hide their tears while women are meant to be perfect. The problem is that since childhood, we have been learning that being vulnerable is a sign of weakness; however, it is the opposite. It makes you strong as now you are free to express what you feel. The day you overcome the fear of being vulnerable, you will happily overcome the fear of love and life. Now, you don't have to listen to your inner voice, which stops you from being yourself and doing things that make you happy.

Accept what you feel

It is entirely true that love makes us feel alive and a lot happier in life. It gives them confidence and strength to deal with bad phases of life, but it also can make them sensitive to pain. So if you love the guy/girl, then go for it because falling in love again can make you remind of your past, but soon it will help you overcome the fear of pain in relationships.

We don't have the access in our system to control the way we feel for something or someone. So, when you are trying to avoid pain, you are minimizing the possibility of happiness, joy, and love in your life. Blocking emotions, whether it is love, pain, or fear, is one that makes us weak from the inside. So, to overcome this fear, you need to express what you feel, which will bring back happiness to your life.

Stop listening to your inner critic

Your inner voice is the one that fills your mind with statements that have made you develop this love phobia. Try to avoid such distractions else; they will hurt you in the future. These inner voices are the ones stopping you from loving someone and for your lower confidence. For example, you see a guy/girl, but your inner voice says not to because he/she may reject you or you are poor, fat, and ugly.

This inner critic will prevent you from enjoying your life to the fullest. It will stop you from approaching the girl you like. Once you stop listening to such voices, you will see that now you seem less nervous in any situation. It will help you discover your true self and have a loving partner in your life.

More Tips to over fear of falling in love

  1. Remember past experiences. Sometimes you follow a pattern of the people you are looking for, and it may not be healthy for you. Again a "bad boy", who will hurt you or a girl who just wants money to pay her bills. If this is the pattern you are following then definitely you are on the wrong track. Look for someone who might love you and not one who just wants to have fun with you. Once you find the right person there will be no fear of falling in love with him/her.
  2. Wait and watch. Sometimes what you perceive of someone is a false image, not their true being. Wait until he/she shows the thread (everybody has some) and ask yourself if it would have been worth it. Sometimes life has its own ideas, and they seldom agree with your plans.
  3. Spend more time with loved ones. Your friends and family provide support and are important pillars in people's lives. Sometimes falling in love can leave you at least for a while to these bonds. By the way, they can give you good advice.
  4. Face your fear. No, do not go and confess yourself right now. This can be a very good opportunity to improve yourself. Is it because of fear of compromise? To lose your individuality? To get hurt? Start there and work on it.

What not to do

Attack them (if they have no partner). Maybe the guy/girl does not know that you're afraid of falling in love with him or her, so it's not their fault. Yes, it hurts, but hurting that person because of the fear of falling in love with her will only lead to the wrong port. If you like to harass other people, then it is a bad sign. If you do not want it, there are better ways to keep the guy/girl from talking to you.

Seek professional help

Shut it up. Check with someone you trust or seek professional help. You may be missing out on things that are obvious to others, and telling someone else will make the load less heavy. Many people do not consider consulting a professional, which is a big mistake. They have the experience and know-how to help you deal with this situation and eventually overcome the fear of falling in love with someone.

Following these tips and tricks will help you get rid of love phobia, plus it will also help you become the real you. It will help you clear the forces which bring doubts to your mind about love and relationship. See, I know that the guy/girl you are in love with can also be like the previous one, but now you will have the ability to face things.

Now, you won't be scared of being in a relationship with another guy/girl that comes into your life. Start to change yourself from inside and stop listening to voices that bring down your confidence levels. Just feel and live your life on your terms, and this will never shut the doors of happiness in your life.

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