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How to Playfully Tease a Guy in a Flirty Way

Find the best way to playfully tease a guy you like in a flirty way. You can also use this tips for teasing the guy in person, over text, whatsapp or snapchat and make him attracted to you.

Playfully Tease a Guy

What is the one thing that compels a guy to ask you out and develop a relationship with you? It’s pretty simple if you think about it. It’s that you are fun to be around; you make him feel relaxed after a high pressured day. Guys love just to chill, relax and have fun; it’s the one reason why they like watching sports so much. And this makes having fun the gateway to a guy’s heart. You may know the phrase the guys use when they break up or need a break “It just got serious” or “I don’t want anything serious right now”.

In fact most guys don’t want anything serious anytime, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t want to date or be in a relationship with you. A guy just wants his relationship to be fun and not serious all the time, no one wants that. And the best way to achieve this is by playfully teasing a guy and making him fall in love. Such playful teasing makes a guy want to be in a relationship with you.

Use attraction to tease a guy

The easiest way of teasing and the start of any relationship is attraction. Using attraction you can playfully tease a guy easily. The only reason two people talk to each other is that they are attracted to each other on some level. Now what you have to do is use it to get to the next level. So here are some ways you can develop attraction and then use it to playfully tease a guy in a flirty way.

First Look

First look is all about appearances. It’s what a guy sees when you first walk into a room. Let’s be honest if you want a guy to be attracted to you then you can’t go out in sweat pants now, can you? So, yes first look is to tell you that you need to dress sexy, feel sexy and be confident to make the attraction work. Dress sexy, show some skin but not that much, and remember we are trying to tease him and not being easy. Have a proper hair style, put some makeup on but don’t go overboard with it and smell nice. Doing all this will get you the attention you deserve and the confidence you need to tease him. And confidence is the key to flirting playfully tease a guy.

Eye Contact

Teasing begins even before you think it does. Like I said, you are even teasing a guy by being there and looking all sexy. But what makes it even more interesting is when you make eye contact. Now it would be creepy if you keep staring at him constantly instead try making eye contact for a few seconds and then look away. Soon you will notice that he is doing the same thing and than its time to take to the next step.

Shy Smile

After making eye contact couple of time it’s time to use your smile to get things going. Know that guys hesitate a bit before approaching you. Even if you two have been making eye contact for an entire night he might not approach you. To avoid this kind of situation you need to use shy smile to put him over the edge. The way this works is after making an eye contact couple of times, you combine your third eye contact with a shy smile which lets him know that you are interested. This gives him enough confident to approach while leaving the ball in your court for the next step.

Body Language teasing

Body language is very important when trying to playfully tease a guy. Teasing in basic terms is to turn him on and body language helps you to do that without even saying a word. It assures him that you are interested and also lets you know how he feels. Like a girl playing with his hair or keys is a sign of flirting and a guy leaning forward a bit or moving his arms around a lot is an invitation sign. Now to tease him using this is to draw his attention to wherever you want. Say, if you want him to think about kissing you than while talking to him bite your lips just a tinge. This will make him look at your lips and that will lead to him thinking about kissing you. See how it works; now use it to get what you want.

Develop Connection with the guy

Now that he is attracted to you and you have his attention it’s time to make a proper connection. Making an emotional connection helps you to continue teasing him on deeper level and makes it fun to be around you. Some ways to achieve that are as follows.

Light Flirting

One of the best ways to develop a connection is to have a light flirting. This way you get a little banter going on and it makes it all the more fun to tease him. One thing I know about flirting is that after a hard day it makes all the more fun to have someone to banter with. It gives both parties a boost and a bit hope if I am being optimistic. So, get the ball rolling with light banter and make it interesting. Remember not to go into deep topics like politics, religion or family when going for light flirting.

Blush and Laugh

Blush and laughs lets the guy know that he is doing something right and it keeps him going. This way you get associated with laughter in a guys mind. So, anytime he thinks about you he thinks about having a good time and vice versa. Blush and laugh gets you that emotional connection you wanted and keeps you in his minds permanently. This also shows him that you have a good sense of humor which is always a plus when teasing.

Physical Barrier

Nothing teases a guy more than when a girl touches him for the first time. No I am not saying that kind of touching just a normal slightly innocent touch to break the physical barrier. When two people have not past their physical barrier part then things get tense after a while so it’s best you break the first touch in the first meeting. The simplest way to do it is when you are laughing at something he said. Just gently touch his arm while continue laughing. It’s the most common thing and it also gets you past the physical barrier smoothly.

Expectations from playful teasing

These are some things that are expected of both parties while attempting playful teasing. Remember playful teasing works so well because the guy and the girl hope to get something out of it. Starting from the least to the most here are some expectations from playful teasing.


The least you can do to tease a guy playfully is by giving him some compliment. But in any other way compliments is what makes teasing so fun. You show them some interest by complimenting while withholding back your actual feelings. You not only compliment them by your words but by everything you do in their presence. A blush and laugh is a good compliment where as folding your arms in defensive position would be a bad one.

Personal Space

When attempting playful teasing it is to be expected that a guy and a girl is going to be in your personal space a bit. Once you have gotten past the physical barrier then personal space is a matter of perspective. Where on one hand you have to invite the guy as a playful tease and on the other hand let him know his boundaries. Never let a guy do anything you are uncomfortable with and if that happens just tell him straight forward and when he apologizes let it go. You have to set your own boundaries and know when someone crosses it.


Intimacy is the ultimate goal of playfully teasing a guy. You don’t just want to be a tease because that get old pretty soon if a guy is not getting any intimacy from your part. Remember “Teasing is for Pleasing” and one should know when teasing ends and pleasing starts. At the very least stop teasing him if you are not interested in that way at all because then you are just being a tease and that’s not good for either one of you.

Make an Exit

Lastly, know how to make an exit without ruining the teasing part. Leaving him should be the last tease of the day and it’s also the one that would make him want to meet you again soon. Always remember to leave on a high note don’t wait for the conversation to die down. And if he says that he has to go then don’t stop him because that’s being clingy instead allowing him to go without any attempt to stop makes him think about you even more.

Teasing and flirting in a relationship is healthy as long as it is playful and not for some dubious reason. It doesn’t matter if you are single trying to mingle or in a relationship meeting people should be a fun experience and playful teasing does just that. Using the above ways you can playfully tease a guy in a flirty kind of way, but remember to have fun when doing it.

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