How to Please a Man in Bed Step by Step

September 13, 2021

Find the best way to please a man in bed and make love to him with hands and mouth. These step-by-step tutorials will help to satisfy your husband in bed.

please a man in bed

Intimate relationships are significant in the life of the couple. Besides procreation, personal relationships tend to promote an exchange of very beneficial energy. In fact, without resort to dialogue, facilitate understanding between the spouses.

Differences in the opposite sex

Men and women must be alert for differences in feelings and expressions of their partner, even about intimate relationships. In the patriarchal society in which we live, sexuality and diagrams of female thinking are often based on how male sexuality is handled.

If you've set out your inner passion and want to surprise your partner to please him even more, pay attention to the advice that we show in this article. Given some specific things will get him crazy, and both of you will enjoy in bed. Learn the best tricks to please a man in bed step by step with these tips and tricks.

Watch your appearance

Many women, over time, start neglecting themselves. This is a big mistake. A woman needs to be kept well maintained, healthy, with an appearance that appeals to herself even to maintain good self-esteem. And it also costs you nothing to please the eyes of someone you love, do not you think?

Do not despise

When making love in bed, delete away your insecurities and put aside any negative thoughts you have on your body. Just show you are sure of yourself and see how pleasing him is such an easy task. Seek to eliminate insecurities of your thoughts like: "I'm overweight" or " He will not you like my body." Such ideas can significantly affect your intimate relationships.

As a woman, you must nurture yourself and never allow your mind to have thoughts you despise. A good tip is to highlight what you like about yourself to get their attention. Think about it, if you do not find yourself interesting, then will you satisfy your man. So, be confident about yourself to leave your man crazy about you.

Try to please

Observe what you like about the man and what he likes about you because this is very useful for the art of pleasing and is very pleasant for both. Then, take care of the details and tricks to enhance your pleasure, starting with small delights, like attention and affection throughout the day. This is an excellent weapon of seduction. A loving woman always serves her husband well.

Give your body and soul

While not breaking your moral and ethical principles, nothing should stop you in your time of delivery for your husband. So let your feelings flow and free yourself from unpleasant thoughts, negative emotions, or discomfort. The moment of privacy is to be lived and, above all, shared with the man you love.

I do not believe in providing recipes to perform in private. Each couple must find its harmony and tricks to please each other. But of course, the above tips can become very seductive actions that are beneficial to your partner's call.

Male sexuality

A man is more visual; usually, he is "delighted" instantly with what he sees. So much so that it usually can be controlled with a simple image of nudity. So it is not surprising that the porn industry has men as a primary objective. But it is essential to understand that pornography is not normal, but quite the opposite: it corresponds to the exploitation of which are managed and controlled by their weaknesses. It is also good to note that eroticism of men enhances body parts and minimal stops on emotional issues.

Men are excited mainly in the sense of sight, so you can take your charm and surprise him once with a set of sexy lingerie, sensual dance, a striptease, and all that you dare to show your inner feminine and seductive side. Varying sexual position and making love at new places is also an excellent way to please him and enjoy himself to the fullest. Therefore, a woman should see what her spouse likes and seek consensus within their tastes to build a relationship that is satisfactory to both.

Take the initiative

Being passionate and daring is something that men also highly value a woman in bed. So do not be afraid to take the initiative and surprise him as he is always the one who takes the first step in the subject of sex. If you adopt a dominant position and show yourself wanting to enjoy with him that intimate moment, undoubtedly it will be much more enjoyable for both.

Many women feel some embarrassment or shame in expressing their sexual desire. However, it is very healthy to discard your prejudices and learn to express your wishes. A common complaint of husbands is that wives never seek to take the initiative in marital relationships and often make excuses when they desire them. Notably, a healthy relationship is necessarily sustained, searched, and shared by both.

Men love to be seduced

Seduction is the key to pleasing a man in bed and making his pleasure reach unsuspected limits. To do this, before taking action, do not forget to delight yourself with some preliminary steps like by focusing on his main erogenous points. Note the following activities and leave him speechless:

Ears: Chew, lick or kiss his ear and gently let him feel your breath so close while stroking his hair. It is very provocative, and excitement starts to go further.
Neck: Alternating above giving kisses and erotic licking this area to show your desire and create the perfect prelude to what is to come.
Chest and abdomen: Massage caresses both chest and abdomen, alternating smoothness with more substantial pressure from your hands.
Crotch: The closer to the genital area is one of the main points you should stimulate, either with caresses, massages, kisses, or gentle licks. It will cause incredible pleasure to a man.

The hot spot of a man par excellence are their genitals, so after going through your body, it's time to put all your attention on your intimate area. In addition to massage it with your hands, varying the intensity of the movements, certainly what will eventually drive him crazy. Read our guide on how to make a man addicted to you for more information.

Full throttle love

Remember that to please a man in bed, you should also enjoy yourself with him. You can also lick and suck his penis, increase your pleasure by stimulating the glans (tip of the penis) and testicles. The pace is essential, so it is best to start gently and do it more complicated and faster when you see, and you're pretty excited. If you want to enjoy oral stimulation together, nothing better to do posture than 69. This will satisfy your man in bed, and both can enjoy it at the same time. You can try different sexual positions to give refreshment if you have been married for a long time.

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