How to Propose a Girl for Marriage

June 15, 2017

Find some unique and romantic ideas to propose a girl for marriage. These tips and ideas will create a magical moment and make her accept your proposal.

You're in love with your girl and you've decided to ask her to marry you. But you do not want it to be something bland, but an unforgettable moment, and, above all, original and different, so that she realizes that you are not a guy like the others. Marriage requests always carry some risk, because no matter how much she has shown you her love, no one guarantees that she will accept a lifetime commitment. But surely, if you surprise her with any of these original ways of asking, it will be harder for her to resist.

Surely your girl might have imagined one and a thousand times how she will be asked to marry. Before the "yes, I will", that moment when the guy looks into their eyes and tells that he wants to spend his life with you is one of the happiest and most exciting moment in a girl’s life. So, to make it a special and memorable moment, here are some of the best ways to propose a girl for marriage.

Rent two jet skis

There is nothing like a new experience to unite more to a couple. You can rent two jet skis and go with her out to sea. When you are absolutely alone, away from the coast and surrounded by water, you take out the ring and propose her. At least you're sure she will not run! Jokes apart, but this is actually a great way to propose a girl for marriage and make it a memorable moment for her.

A romantic dinner

If your girl is a fan of romantic movies and novels then it is necessary for you to become that romantic hero for her. You need to propose this girl in a romantic way for her to experience the same feeling she used to read in these romantic novels. Try to be creative and come up with an original idea or use the old trick. This is to make a toast with champagne and when you go to drink find an engagement ring. You must have seen it in some movie, but this trick still works. She will appreciate your original work more, but if you are too stressed then go for the champagne. She will find it enchanting how you ask her because it will make her feel like the heroine of her own movie.

With a gigantic poster

Imagine using a large picture to propose a girl for marriage. You and your girlfriend go down the street walking, and suddenly you indicate her to look in one direction. And when she turns it is a huge poster with your name and your marriage proposal. Can you imagine the face that would remain? Of course, be prepared to be the center of attention because something like that does not go unnoticed by ordinary people.

During a basketball game

You better be sure of her answer if this is the option that you choose because otherwise the skid can be historical. You go to the center of the track, with the pavilion to pop out of public, and of course, the collaboration of the organizers. And there, in the middle of the court, you ask for marriage. If she accepts, the ovation will be thunderous and you will have a memory for a lifetime. But as she says “No” then you better get a ticket to some remote island because the mockery will last for years.

Dividing a sunset

If the above formula goes out of your budget, you can always choose to take her on the beach propose her. Be romantic and original! The atmosphere at that moment is absolutely magical, and is one of your best tricks to make sure you accept. Take her to a beach where the sunset is especially beautiful, and there, looking at the sea and with that reddish sky as background, tell her that you want to become the man of her life. She will not be able to resist!

Write it on the sand

Another possibility the beach offers is to write your marriage proposal in the sand in giant letters, and then take her for a walk along the shore until you get to the place where you wrote the message. Of course, you need to make sure it is a very little beach and that the tide will not erase what is written in the sand, so it requires some planning. If your proposal gets half washed away by the sea then it will be really disastrous for you. So, better plan before you select this option to propose a girl for marriage.

Take her on a trip

With this strategy you have almost guaranteed success, although obviously, it will not be cheap. Prepare an unforgettable trip, surprise her with airline tickets and enjoy to the maximum of your stay where you have chosen. Then, the moment you are better off, propose your girlfriend for marriage. There is just a small chance that she may reject you. With this trip and proposal you both will have an unforgettable memory of life with which together you can begin your life as a couple.

More ways to propose a girl for marriage

  1. With a flashmob.

    It is one of the most fashionable ways in recent years and women love it! It does not matter if she is a good dancer or not, as in many other fields, here the intention is what counts. Almost impossible to say no!

  2. At the cinema.

    You can create your own video and play it before the movie starts. In recent years many have improvised this idea to make it unique and movie theater can be a good excuse to ask for marriage.

  3. Projecting lights in a building.

    This might be a great surprise for your girlfriend and she will remember it life time. Imagine going down the street with your partner. It is night and the lights of the buildings are off, but suddenly, those of one of them go on strategically until you ask: Will you marry me?

  4. With the help of your pet.

    If your pet has a fundamental role in your lives, why do you also have it in your hand request? Putting the ring on your necklace is an ideal way to request marriage.

  5. With the help of your children.

    If you have had children, nothing better than asking them also to participate in this moment. It will be a precious memory for all!

  6. Balloons with messages.

    A loose of balloons that carry written the message, Will you marry me? It's a cool and romantic idea to ask for marriage. If the idea of flying does not convince you, fill a room in your house with balloons with this message for a special occasion.

Final advice to you

Choosing a formula or another will depend on many things: your pocket, your desire to attract attention or your romantic vein. But the important thing is that she will appreciate the gesture of having tried something original for a moment as special as it is to ask for marriage. If your relationship is strong enough and she truly loves you, any of these ways of asking her to marry you should be enough for her to give you a positive response.

Now that you have solved the problem of finding a precious and super original ideas to ask your girl for marriage, take the big step and celebrate a beautiful wedding.

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