How To Stop Being The Nice Guy

Find the best ways to stop being the nice guy around women at school or work. With these tips develop the traits of a bad guy and still be good from heart.

stop being the nice guy

Women are more attracted to bad guys and now even you want to become one. To stop being the good guy is not a task as simple as it seems. It is not only about changing attitudes and behavior, but also overcome your image in the brains of people around you. Why some men find it hard to change, because they believe to be the good is being in the right side, although ironically not successful side. So do you want to become a bad guy? Clearly not, but certain values of both sides will allow you to reach a fair term: a man of character. Like any process changes in personality requires patience, discipline and above all accept the fact that your way of behaving with women at present is repelling instead of attracting them.

Do you know why women like bad guys? This is because they are not shy and know how to turn the surrounding into fun. They can flirt and seduce a woman and are risk takers. Women when around such guys love the thrill and hence they are more attracted to such guys. So you don’t need to become the guy who does bad things, but instead be the confident guy who can easily talk to girls and turn them crazy with your conversation skills.

Nice guy category

He is the man who is attractive to women and that not for being “a good man” (which is ideal) but for being “so good” that it does not generate trust and confidence in a woman, therefore dismisses him as a possible partner. Some of the qualities of a good guy are shared below. These qualities make such guys look weak, unconfident and submissive making the girls to eliminate their chances of being in relationship.

  1. One who is not firm against women. If he is weak taking his own stand then women consider him to be weak and with less confidence.
  2. A man who agrees to everything a woman says.
  3. Those who are led by women i.e. she makes most of the decisions.
  4. Put the girl on a pedestal. It is very typical that men with little success with the opposite sex to put a woman on a pedestal and especially only for its beauty.
  5. Those who have no respect among his friends.

These tips below will show you how to stop being the nice guy and attract the girl you love.

Mentality change

The first thing to do is cut all those sources that feed the idealization of women and the relationship as novels, romantic movies, melancholy music, poetry, etc. In all these things you can find the message that man who is behind the girl, is a very good guy and finally he ends leading the girl to his victorious arms. That is science fiction and which normally does not happen in real. One of the most famous and important part to take some qualities of a bad guy is to change your mental frameworks. For women the good guy is most of the time friend-zoned, while the seductive and more expressive is projected as a valuable and selective man.

Change your image

Now the second step is to change your image where you should be concern about your hairstyle, clothes, grooming and your body language. Appearance is a key at the beginning of the interaction along with eye contact element because the first impression you form will be from personality traits that communicates non-verbally. Whether you are good or bad guy, a woman will never get attracted to a man who does not shave, has no sense in wearing clothes, smells bad and displays a submissive body language. So it’s time that you bring a few changes in your lifestyle to look sexier to women.

Change your lifestyle

Another feature of bad guys is that he is a very conventional man. Ok, I do not say you have to get to smoking and drinking like crazy, but it is good to get out of the rigidity of the places that are typical in dating as cinemas and restaurants. Besides that, it is very important to find activities you and the women will be passionate about. If you’re talking to a girl and all you can say is about study and work like any other guy, you’ll be far from generating attraction. But if instead you talk about the sports you play, your travels, your hobbies etc. are going to make a difference.

Also consider to make more friends and increase your social circle. The group you hangout with has a huge influence on individuals. Hence, stop being the nice guy as it is best that you be more socially active to meet new women and increase your chances to date a woman. Apart from this, try to make your life fun by going on adventures trips and vacations. This will show that you are not home sick and like adventures and exploring the world.

Change your behavior with women

The above tips are part of domestic game and are also elements that can work on your own, but altering your normal behavior with women is a factor whose progress can improve the way women think about you. The way you talk with women can help you stop being the nice guy in their brains. First try to create a nice and funny conversation with her where you are confident and the women is finding your presence interesting. Formal physical contact contacts are great. Arms around shoulder, waist, kiss on cheeks, hugs are great way to look like a confident guy. Just make it look casual.

Get used to go out as often as possible in order to accumulate experience and overcome the good guy symptoms such as shyness, nervousness and low confidence. Experience is what is needed to stop being the nice guy and become a badass guy. The third thing is your attitude. It combines a slightly arrogant personality with a sense of humor and who people around you see as a leader.

By now you may have understood that bad guy never means you have to smoke and abuse people around you. Instead you just have to take some bad boy characteristic like lots of confidence, being mysterious, attractive body language and seductive personality. It is better that you are rejected by a girl on the first day rather than being in the friend zone for life. So stop showing the shy good guy and develop the above characteristics to attract and be irresistible to women.

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