How to Talk Dirty to a Guy

May 7, 2016

Find the right tricks to talk dirty to a guy in bed or over text. These tips and examples will help you understand how to talk dirty and turn a guy on.

talk dirty to a guy

Talking dirty is usually the best way to turn on a guy and make him want you even more. Dirty talking can be the one thing that gives you the leg up from all the other girls out there and that too in a way you have never imagined because one thing that every guy wants in a girl is that how good and pure she appears in public and how dirty and naughty she can be when she is with him, as it kind of makes them feel special. So, if you want that guy to be hooked on you then you can use these dirty talking techniques and tactics to do so and here are some pointer you need to learn on how to talk dirty to a guy.

Why dirty talking is important?

In order to use dirty talking, you first need to understand why dirty talking is so important and so here are some things you need to know about why dirty talking really works.

Firstly and most importantly dirty talking is a way to keep your man wondering about you. You see, dirty talking are not some direct quotes that works magically to turn your man on but are indirect, vague and subtle quotes or tricks to make your man wonder about what you really said and what you really meant because it is not that clear which makes him think about you all the time which in turns makes him want you even more.

Secondly, when you talk dirty to a guy it arouses him. It’s like having sex before really having sex; it’s a great to turn him on. So, naturally you can use it to make sexual activity even hotter and more steamy than usual and so I urge you to really consider using it to get a leg up in the dating pool.

And last but not least, dirty talking builds up sexual tension between you and your guy and makes him want to have sex even more than usual. You know sexual tension is most essential if you want to prevent your relationship from becoming a bore and to keep it more active and more intimate in every aspect, if you know what I mean.

Tricks to talk dirty to a guy effectively

One of the biggest misconceptions among people is that when you talk dirty it is the words or the phrases that have all the power but that is not the fact instead it is how you say the phrase is more important.

Let’s see an example, suppose you turn to your man and you are stinking and then you blow your nose or fart right in front of him and then say “I want you so bad, right now” then what do you think he will say? Or how will he react? Would he be turn on or just annoyed by you? Now we are going to say the same words but we are going to change the way of saying it.

First wear a nice lingerie or a nice top and skirt with a nice seductive fragrance and then when your man is home then you go hold him from behind and let him feel your body and then slowly whisper in his from behind “I want you so bad right now” and then give him a lasting kiss on the cheeks and then lead the way to the bedroom giving him and glancing smile and see what happens. So what do you think now, we did say the same thing both times but the way of saying it was different and hence it is not the words entirely but also the way you see it is important. Just use this example to help further your dirty talk and build up the sexual tension which will later result in great sex.

You see, just a bit of physical contact and sultry seductive voice can change the entire game even when you are in public just give him a light touch on his thigh under the table while you are sitting across your friends, you know, the more secretive it is the more he will want you but sometimes a guy is not in the mood and if he frisk you off the first time rudely then just stop and after the fact ask him about it.

When and where to talk dirty?

How you talk dirty also depends on when and where you are going to talk because when you are in bed together making love at that time talking dirty is all about blowing his brains out but when you are talking after sex at that time it’s all about making him feel good and secure by letting him know that he did good but before sex it’s all about the build up for sex to make the before experience as good as the during process. Here are some scenarios for you to consider:

Build Up:

This part is all about teasing your guy and building the pressure before making love and make him wonder about making love till he can’t anymore. The best way to buildup sexual tension is to give him something to look forward to and so you can use phrase like “I can’t wait till we are alone. I have a surprise for you”, “If we were at home right now, I would have made your night”, “Watching you right now is just turning me on” and phrases like that which would work for your man. You see buildup is the part where you leave your man hanging and give him something to think about all day long and you can even do this over text which I will explain in dirty texting part.

While Making Love:

This section will teach to talk dirty to a guy in bed. Dirty talking while making love includes two things viz. moaning and complimenting. Moaning is the part which serves as the root for dirty talking as this is where you get to know if your man likes it or not because some assholes do say to “Shut up” during sex and to them “Screw You” and for those who are interested in trying it would be best if you can get closer to your lover ears and then moan using sounds like “Mmmhm”, “Ohhh”, “Yes”, “Ahhh”. You know the normal voices that you do while having an orgasm try screaming the combination of moans like “Ohh! Yes, right there” and “Yeah baby” and the kind of things which would make him think that he is doing good.

And secondly, about the complimenting, this is where you get to instruct him if he is not doing a great job but in a way that doesn’t hurt his ego and get the job done at the same time. This is not that hard to do because once you are moaning properly in his ear and the occasional sigh will get him comfortable enough for you to tell him the way you want it like try saying words like “Yes, right there”, “Keep doing it”, “Don’t stop”, “Faster”, “Deeper” and lastly “I am going to cum” and then you can repeat the moaning, the sigh and other words from this step till you get what you need.

After Affect:

After you have done it and you are still in his arms you need to compliment him about his performance and tell him how good you feel just being there right now. And so in the after affect we use sentences like “It felt great doing it again, missed you this whole week”, “I love it when you dominate me”, “I love it when you get on top of me” and once these compliment train is over and if you want to cuddle or something then you can try saying “I like how good it feel to just lay in your arms afterwards” or use these kind of sentence including the word “afterwards” just so he gets the message properly.

Dirty Texting to a guy

Before the mobile phones and texting and stuff it was hard to buildup sexual tension as it can only be done when two people are face to face but in today’s technology it is quite easier to buildup sexual tension via texting or shall we say it sexting. I mean you could meet a stranger online and have so much sexual tension buildup that when you meet all you want to do is the deed and in order to achieve that successfully. Here are some tips to talk dirty to a guy over text.

  1. Try starting with something simple like “Wish you were here right now” and see where he takes the conversation and then you can get into flirty and sexy details.
  2. Generally a guy would ask “Why?” and then some flirty comment with a smiley face no matter what the response it you tell him “Would have made your day” and a winky emoticon.
  3. After that you can take the conversation any where you want and if you want him to get horny then go ahead and ask him “What is he wearing right now” and when he replies send this “(whatever he is wearing) Mmmh uhmm” with a tongue out emoticon.
  4. And this step should only be followed if you are absolutely sure about the guy, which is to send him dirty picture and always try not to include your face and body in the same photo. Be careful about this and use this only if necessary because you don’t need this you can turn him just by using texts.

Now, I have told you all about dirty talking and now all you have to do is figure out which way works for you the best for some it is cursing others like role playing. Some people are also in BDSM but that is for another time and for now try to see which way works for you and be overly cautious about dirty texting because some people can take it the wrong way and remember to try your dirty talking in front of the mirror before getting out there. So, thank you and get your freak on.

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