How to Tell Your Parents That You Have a Boyfriend

August 23, 2016

Find the best way to tell your parents that you have a boyfriend and love him. This will help to make your strict parents understand and accept the guy.

tell parents about boyfriend

You met an amazing guy and started liking. After learning a little more, you began dating and now he is your boyfriend. This is great news, but how you tell your parents? This is especially difficult if he is your first boyfriend and your dad is overprotective. All overprotective fathers thinks his daughter is very young to have a boyfriend, it's a fact! This is a big problem for girls living in India and other Asian countries. At some point your parents have to know, but before that happens maybe you should tell them there's a guy in your life.

One of the most important moments in life is finding true love. Having a loving boy is something very important in the life of each girl, but also that of your parents, because what they want is your happiness. If you have strict parents surely you're wondering "how to tell my parents that I have a boyfriend?" Especially if it's your first boyfriend. What for teenagers is a process of life, for dads can be difficult to accept. Although they are strict and overprotective, you need to take courage and share the news with them. It's not good to hide such things from our parents. In this article we will explain how to tell your parents that you have a boyfriend.

Whom you will say first

You might share better relation with one of your parents and it will be easier to tell him or her before. If this is the case, think what will you talk with mom or dad. If you feel that any of your parents is more complicated to talk about it, start by first talking to the other. Usually moms are more comprehensive than dads. Undoubtedly, she will understand you better and help you tell your dad you have a boyfriend. You'll see that everything will be easier! Be honest. It's okay to omit certain things but you should not lie about him, since later they will discover the truth.

Right time and place

Find the right time to talk to them when they are in a good mood and when they are not busy doing something else. If you often have dinner together, perhaps the best time to give them the news. Find a time of day when they are quiet at home, when your parents are not in hurry to go to work or are about to go to bed.
The site also matters. At home it would be best, because it is a place where there will be no interruptions and you can talk about your feelings towards the guy. Before you begin, it must have foreseen the possible answers you give. Your peace of mind is paramount. Much respect and no arrogance will be the key to success.

Start the conversation casually

Talk to them in an adult way, without shouting or quarrels, because that way it will be much worse. Start talking normally about how was your day, talk about your work, your friends, etc. You can share about your day too. It is recommended that the first contact is not directly about your boyfriend.

Tell your parents

Now it was time to take the bull by the horns and tell your parents that you have a boyfriend. You could start with "I met someone with whom I have been dating" or something. The way you say it should be relaxed and unaltered. To tell your parents that you have a boyfriend begins to have a calm talk without actually fighting or shouting while speaking to them. Explain that you're dating a guy you love.

Surely after this they will begin to ask you more about him/her. Tell them how much you love, how much you have fun with him and especially he makes you happy. It is certainly what appreciates most parents, because all they want is the happiness of their children. If your parents are strict then maybe they will shout at you, but stay calm and try to explain your point.

Answer their questions

It is normal for them to have many questions and you should be prepared to answer them. Tell them all about him and everything you know about him to create a good impression of your boyfriend. Answer them what they want to know like what is his profession or what he studies, what you liked about him, when you met him, among other details. Before speaking with them collect all the positive attributes of your boyfriend.

Do not talk about his negative side. There may be things about your boyfriend that your parents would not like and this is not the best time to bring them to light. Omit the negatives and focus on the positive to have a good first impression of him.

Don’t Panic

Do not be angry or panic if they do not accept the first attempt. If you show maturity maybe your parents will think better. You must make it clear that you do not seek full independence and will respect all limits that they will put. Also tell them that as a child you know how important you are to them, so did not want to hide about your boyfriend, something so important. If you do not lose your cool and talk maturely everything will be fine.

Telling your parents you have a boyfriend should not have to give fear. They love you and would do anything for you, because they are always thinking about your welfare. If they are upset with this news is because they think you are not at right age, you are not mature enough to take right decisions or this will affect your studies. Explain to them with love and they will understand.

Collecting the courage to break the news to your parents that you have a boyfriend can be very difficult, but if you follow our advice, the experience will be easier. Better tell parents you have a boyfriend rather than hiding because one day they will find out otherwise. If they ask you questions about the boy, answer them honestly. Share with them everything about the guy to make your parents already know who he is before meeting him. Do not be alarmed if your parents make rules, it is normal especially to not lower your performance in studies.

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